Monday, January 28, 2008

No Surprise Here

A brief AmericanThinker piece reports a broken plot on Spain by AlQueda. The punchline of course is what most on the right plainly understand, and about which few on the left, particularly the Dem candidates, have the slightest clue: dealing with terrorists. Why would they again attack Spain after Spain withdrew its troops from Iraq?


ELAshley said...

Because Islam isn't about sovereignty or peace. It's about conquest. Oh, sure, Islam means 'Submission' but the only submission they recognize is the submission of sovereign nations to the will of Islam.

Timothy said...

Yes, I agree. They are not seeking peace, but domination. The same the those on the left are seeking, domination. To the unregenerate mind, it's the only solution to man's ills. Trusting in or turning to a sovereign God never enters the equation, because in their minds, they are god.

Les said...

Way to lump the left (me) in with the likes of militant Islam, Timothy. No, really - I'm not offended. Not at all. Seriously.

" their minds, they are god."

What does that even mean?

blamin said...


I don’t know for sure, but when one makes a statement about “the left” and you take offence to that statement…maybe you’re not really as “left” as you believe.

OK, we can talk so-called media portrayed extremism as defining what’s conveniently thought of as Dem or Repub, but even though I disagree with much you say, I’m thinking your not quite from the libweenie mold that most Democrat voters are from.

Of course you could come back with the tried and true “well, right wingers believe…”….. (insert media inspired conservative caricature here)

" their minds, they are god."

What does that even mean?

Let me answer the oh so obvious question.

Because there is no God, because it is incumbent upon ourselves to be god…. Do you see where this is leading? When we rely on ourselves to set the boundaries, those same boundaries are subject to ever-changing views and viewpoints as to our ever-changing views of ourselves. Does that make sense? Like I said, I’m no wordsmith, but I have a point.

What damn good is an “accepted truth” if it’s grounded on mans most current popular belief? Les, you can believe with all your soul that “this or that” current belief is the most correct, most righteous, most “correct” belief, but in the end human nature is going to take over. What good is a truism if it is subject to change with the ever-changing winds of man? It’s no longer a truism is it? Does history mean nothing?

Yes, ridhteous men like yourself can get together and prescribe how society “should” act, but how will society survive after you’re gone? Society needs the permanent, that which has been shown to outlast and reaffirm all the history lessons of mankind.

I know that some will poo-paa any mention of a greater power; we’re so smug with our recent advances in science, so assured of our intelligence, so drunk with the advances of our own outstandishness (is that a word?) We Are God!

Blah, blah, blah, you get the point.

Mark said...

Because Spain naively supposes that when they capitulated to the Muslims, they were then safe. Not realizing that there is no negotiating with Terrorists, they relaxed their vigilance.

Les said...

Once again, Art, I apologize for completely running yet another one of your threads off topic, but I gotta respond to our old friend blamin.

"...maybe you’re not really as 'left' as you believe."

Let's check that out, shall we?

1. I think abortion should be legal.
2. I think gay marriage should be legal.
3. I think drugs should be legal.
4. I don't think taxes are evil.
5. I don't agree with the Iraq War.
6. I think prostitution should be legal.
7. I believe in a clear separation of church and state.
8. I think George Bush has a shadier past than his supporters are willing to admit.
9. I completely respect the atheist point of view.
10. I support the ACLU.
11. I admire Karl Marx.
12. I think the Constitution is a living document.
13. I believe in nuance.
14. I support safe sex education.
15. I'm an environmentalist.
16. I vote Democrat.
17. I think Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly are total pricks.
18. I agree when Ron Paul says our foreign policy plays a part in Islamic anti-American violence.
19. I don't fear big government.
20. I'm not a fan of states' rights.

What's your first impression upon reading my views on those 20 topics, blamin? At first glance, it sounds like I fit the liberal mold you guys loathe so much, doesn't it? Well, let me qualify each statement, then you be the judge:

1. I also wouldn't want my girlfriend/wife/whatever to get one. I'm not a fan.
2. Don't be surprised if I cringe a little inside when I think about the honeymoon. I'm straight - what do you expect? At the same time, don't be surprised that the idea of Roseanne and Tom Arnold gettin' it on made me puke a little in my mouth.
3. Just like I think cigarettes, alcohol, fast food, prescription meds, and all other vices in our culture should remain legal. Can't take away peoples' freedom to destroy themselves.
4. If people spent more time involving themselves with important things like HOW we allocate our massive tax revenue and less time worrying about Britney's next public breakdown, there'd be less abuse of the system and programs for people of every stripe would get a piece of the pie. Taxes aren't the problem - people are.
5. I support the annihilation of terrorists, however brutal and bloody it may be. Kill 'em all.
6. I wouldn't touch a whore with a ten foot pole. Gross.
7. I have no problem with the free practice of religion in one's private life, and the state has no right - EVER - to impede upon that.
8. I don't think one's past should automatically disqualify said person from leadership.
9. I believe in God. I also acknowledge it would be arrogance of the highest order to believe I have a monopoly on the truth. My beliefs are MY beliefs.
10. I don't BLINDLY support the ACLU.
11. I also realize Marx's theories - as well as Marx himself - were imperfect. Perfection is not a requirement of genius.
12. The Constitution also gave us a concrete foundation of principles upon which to build - AND remodel - this great nation of ours.
13. I also believe in absolutes (I think I just heard Art's head explode). Murder? Evil. Rape? Evil. Robbery? Evil. Pedophilia? Evil. And so on, and so on...
14. Obviously, I think abstinence is best for young people. Get involved, parents. That's your job.
15. Industrial progress is inevitable, and we all know it. That, however, doesn't mean we can't each do our part to look after good ol' mother earth. After all, isn't that what God told Adam to do?
16. But I'm no Yellow Dog. Sometimes I vote third party. Why? Because, in my view, some variation of parliamentarianism is better than the god-awful two party system.
17. I also thoroughly enjoy listening to them, which means they've accomplished what they've set out to do.
18. But it's not the ONLY part. There's a HUGE difference between a Muslim diplomat rationally arguing his concerns about our foreign policy and a Muslim terrorist bringing down buildings. One deserves an ear, the other deserves the firing squad.
19. I fear little electorates. A government - specifically, a democratic government - is only as powerful as the public allows it to be. Pay attention to your leaders, people.
20. I think the cons of states' rights outweigh the pros. I'm so sick of candidates dodging tough questions by saying it should be "up to the states". Please. Take a stand already. In addition, I think states have a tendency to create more middlemen than necessary. Look at Katrina.

So now what do you think? Personally, I think my ideology is most similar to that of a libertarian. My biggest issues when it comes to politics? Equality and personal freedom.


blamin said...


That was my first impression upon reading your comment You’re more of a libertarian than liberal.

Isn’t it funny (curious not ha, ha) that you’ve been pigeon holed into a liberal label.

I’d like to take a look at just one of your propositions (I could comment on all) number 4. “I don’t think taxes are evil” The question begs to be asked… do you believe that conservatives think “taxes are evil”? Just because we may question how some are spent? Just because we believe a helping hand doesn’t mean a ride for life?

I saw a study, where 74% of people thought they are smarter than the average person. We know that’s a statistical impossibility, but, clever folks use that misperception to their benefit. Here you have the mindset of the leaders of our political parties. “You’re smarter than everyone else (an appeal to your ego), so elect us because we’re the smartest (an appeal to your need to be “taken care” of)”. It’s been a term over-used but most seem to want a mommy to lead our country.

I’d rather you just leave me the hell alone! If I’m doing nothing to hurt others, then mind your own damn business!!!

I don’t want a Mommy; I want a Father, a leader, a strong person capable of making hard and extremely difficult decisions.

Do you believe that Democrats or Republicans are the party that will allow you to “be all you can be?”

They both certainly have their problems. Dems claim the Reps have overstepped their bounds in the name of national security. Reps claim the Dems have overstepped their bounds in just about every aspect of our lives.

So… how do you lean? Clinton, Obama, McCain, or Romney? Which candidate more closely “mirrors” your personal beliefs?

Parklife said...

Just had to point this out...

"You’re more of a libertarian than liberal."

Are we more similar than portrayed by extremists radio / TV / media? Seems most people do want to be left alone. But, to simplify it like that just doesn't happen. Nearly everything we vote on touches somebody else.

"74% of people thought they are smarter than the average person."

Not to nit-pick or anything, but I dont think the word "average" is fully understood here.

As for Spain, it seems this back page news. The only new development being that the informant turned over information. The suggestion here that Spain has no idea how to deal with terrorism could not be further from the ETA. It is interesting how Spain deals with potential informants. I dont hear stories of Spain holding people underwater or shipping them off to Syria or any other revolting action. Yet, they were able to carry out security / police work successfully. It appears they know very well how to deal with terrorism and how to deal with informants.

For some countries, fighting extremism comes in the form of having an ocean separating us from them, high wages for immigrants and promoting a secular society.

Marshall Art said...

"For some countries, fighting extremism comes in the form of having an ocean separating us from them, high wages for immigrants and promoting a secular society."

Which countries are these? High wages for immigrants? Based on what, exactly? And how would that prevent terrorist activity? Promoting a secular society? How well do you really think that'll go down the gullets of the people we're fighting? These are silly.

The point of the piece is quite plain: Spain pulling out of Iraq did nothing to prevent further action by terrorists. Was this further punishment for having gone into Iraq in the first place? Not likely. Spain is a target of radical Islamic fundies since they believe it belongs to them.

Les said...

"...a liberal label."

I have no problem with that whatsoever. I label myself liberal all the time. Why? Because I'm a liberal and proud of it.

Parklife said...

"Which countries are these?"

Not to be sarcastic or anything.. but.. Have you looked around in your backyard?

Marshall Art said...


'splain yourself, dude.

Parklife said...

I'm not real interested in pissing anybody off. Call it a new leaf.

Some things strike me as outside what I believe to be true. I simply did not see the capture of a terrorist as a new development for Spain.

Marshall Art said...

"I simply did not see the capture of a terrorist as a new development for Spain."

So you're saying this happens all the time in Spain? Then that kind of supports the notion that pulling out of Iraq has no bearing on who or when terrorists will attack.

Parklife said...

Kinda does.

I hope this means we agree on something.

Marshall Art said...

Sounds like it. Why not flesh this out a bit? If you're saying that Spain's response to the attack on them before their last election made no difference to the terrorists, then are you saying that a withdrawal from Iraq is not the way for us to go?

Parklife said...

I think I'm coming at this from a different perspective. That said, I do think there are differences between the US and Spain. Not only is location a major factor, but income seems to be very real. It just seems difficult to mobilize a fanatical Muslim base when people are out buying HD TVs... err.. so to speak.

Another sad part is that I love Spain. Its a wonderful country with a beautiful (if not sometimes horrific) history. Part of which is captured by the painter Goya. This past weekend we took the opportunity to see his "Los Caprichos" series at the San Jose museum of Art. It really is amazing how little has changed since his etchings in 1799. Perhaps the most well known piece in this is "The sleep of reason produces monsters". Anyway, its worth a google if you get a chance. I guess the reason for mentioning this is that history seems to play like a broken record. To suppose that we live outside of this loop may just be our ego getting the best of us.