Monday, June 06, 2011

End the War?

Recently, there was a report about a host of "world leaders" who came together to call for an end to the "War On Drugs" because of what a failure it supposedly has been. There are those who feel that since efforts to lower drug use have failed (despite reports of fewer people using--not saying they're accurate, only that they exist), well we should just throw in the towel and not waste the money fighting this losing battle. Mostly left-wingers support this move.

At the same time, there are those on the right who speak disparagingly about the "War On Poverty". They feel the money spent on this struggle is also a waste.

There are other such wars, such as wars on "obesity" and "illiteracy". In each case, there are those who feel that we are losing or that we are wasting the money. In short, they want to quit. Give up. Wave the white flag.

The pattern here is evident in real war. Since Viet Nam (though the attitude has always existed to some extent throughout history), there are those for whom the costs of engagement rise to a level of great discomfort.

How did this happen? At what point did our national spine weaken so badly that no struggle is worth the effort to overcome? Was it the same time rules of engagement have changed so much as to make any effort almost futile?

Let's set aside real war and speak of those metaphorical wars mentioned first. Take the war on drugs. Without getting into whether or not any or all drugs should be legalized or de-criminalized, how should we respond to any call to end such a "war"? Seems to me that such calls are misguided. The drugs in question are illegal. They cause harm. The people who manufacture and market them cause even greater harm. The industry syphons money from the economy and puts it in the hands of very bad people, leaving behind fewer dollars to fix the problems caused by the use of the drugs. Ending the war will only alter the dynamic slightly. The bad guys will still engage in illegal activity in order to earn their living. That's what they do. The drug users will still use drugs, but do it more openly and likely more often. In short, there will be no tangible improvement of life in the country due to withdrawing our forces from the battlefield.

But the attitude that's behind this call is what is most troubling. QUIT! That's what is being suggested. Quit because it's hard! People are going to do drugs anyway, they say. There's nothing we can do about it.

Well. Here's another war that's hard! The "War On Crime". We've been waging this war for centuries. It has not abated. Let's call it a draw and go home. People will engage in criminal acts anyway. What's the use? We could use that money spent on law enforcement elsewhere.

Obviously, just as in real wars, the trouble is not the cause, but how we go about fighting. Generally speaking, recreational drugs are harmful, dangerous and a threat to the well being of our citizenry, especially children. The war must go on until victory is achieved. For victory is the only exit strategy worth mentioning. How to we measure victory? Just as in real war, when the enemy is defeated, totally, unconditionally and with extreme prejudice.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Pride in Weakness

As some of you may know, June is the month our idiot-in-chief designated "Gay Pride Month". It's the one month of the year when the sexually confused and/or corrupted can celebrate their giving in to their deviant desires.

The rest of us are supposed to celebrate "diversity" and whatever contributions such people have made to society. Aside from adding to the general moral decline by forcing their perversion on the culture, demanding that good people pretend along with them that how they choose to get their sexual jollies should be viewed as morally benign and equal to that which takes place within the context of a real marriage, I don't see how their proclivities matter in any other contributions any of them may have made. Ellen DeGeneres is funny regardless of the fact that she is a lesbian. Her "coming out" is only an unnecessary distraction and frankly, I never needed to know it.

Few did. Those struggling with their own urges have not been served well by her coming out, or by any other celebrity doing so, as they now have a bad role model held up as a good one, so that they feel validated by giving in as well. It's no different than a favorite movie star being exposed as a smoker, or a favorite athlete know to cuss, or a rock star doing drugs or groupies. The fans will follow suit either in practice or approval. Those who already feel compelled toward such behaviors will feel there is no social objection to their own jump in the swamp.

So maybe we need a month to celebrate other bad behaviors as well. After all, liars have impacted our culture, haven't they? (Think liberals) So many lie as if compelled to. They were likely born that way. Greedy people have built empires that employ millions and the power hungry have held public office. Do they not also count toward our "rich diversity", as if diversity is a plus?

My state, the Pathetic People's Republic of Illinois, just passed a civil union law. Happy homos and lesbos have lined up to get their faux-marriage certified by the state because you know, there was no other possible way in which to change hospital policies and inheritance laws. Gov. Quinn knows how to celebrate Sexual Pervsion Pride Month.

So get out there and decorate your homes with rainbow banners and adorn you GLBT Tree with ornaments of the season. The United States of America now celebrates deviancy every year. What a country!