Saturday, August 01, 2020


So, I gave him another chance.  feo allowed comments and he deleted the first one I posted without an honest response.  Instead, he chose to make his typical bullshit assertions with no supporting evidence.  He claims he's interested in "reasoned" dialogue.  He is not.  He's done.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Cancelling Is All The Left Has.

What is it about the left that they can't bear to hear opposing points of view?  Why is it do they close themselves off rather than engage when those opposing points of view are offered in earnest and sincerity?  It seems more than clear that the leftist finds free speech problematic.  Free speech means they will at times hear that which displeases them. 

What displeases them most is that which they cannot truly oppose truthfully.  This is what the "cancel culture" truly is...the stifling of truth.  Regardless of the medium, when the left fails to make their case...when it fails to overcome the weight of that which exposes them...they run and hide, or in the parlance of today, they "cancel" the opposition.  Conservative expression is constantly under assault by those who run social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others.  Leftist news organizations, such as CNN and MSNBC present only "conservative" voices that align with their own, routinely hiring "NeverTrumpers" to parrot their own anti-Trump message, while never truly providing a seat for those who are truly conservative and can defend Trump's policies.  And why would they?  They can't overcome.

This "cancel culture" extends to the blogs as well, and we see that with our own Bobbsey Twins.  One doesn't allow for comments at all, because he doesn't possess the ability to debate like an adult anyway.  The other provides so long as one abides his every changing set of rules.  But step over the line that was never drawn in the beginning, and one is banished for the slightest infraction...not because the "crime" is so terrible, but because it provides the lefty host with the excuse he needs to avoid confronting that which he cannot overcome.  The worst part is his own hypocrisy as he engages in the very crimes he pretends are worthy of silencing his opponents. 

And it's not a new thing.  I've dealt with bloggers banning me for my opinions before.  It's quite routine.  And if it's not me being banned from theirs, they will flee mine as if they've been so horribly insulted, generally ignoring how insulting they've been by the manner in which they've attacked me more so than my position or argument. 

Canceling, stifling, ignoring, running away...these are common from the left and it demonstrates that they are not interested in changing hearts and minds that are strongly convicted in opposing beiefs.  They simply prefer to force compliance. 
The conservative offers the chance to convince and persuade.  He has no reason to fear being open to debate, because the conservative knows he wins regardless of the outcome.  If the conservative wins the debate, he's brought about understanding to the opponent that is a benefit to the opponents.  If the conservative loses a debate, understanding has been delivered to him and is a benefit to him by his enlightenment.

But the leftist isn't concerned with truth, but only what he wants truth to be.  You will comply with his invented truth or you will be silenced.  It's as simple as that and such an attitude benefits no one.

There's more I wanted to say on this subject, and the link that follows is something about which I meant to mention:

The above refers to Yahoo and their current comment policy, which is, no more least for the foreseeable future.  Instead there's a "survey" to help them "serve you better".  If you had any familiarity with Yahoo and their "journalism", you'd know that they play fast and loose with the facts, as well as not being shy about injecting their own leftist points of view.  The result is a plethora of entertaining comments that are decidedly conservative in tone, to say the least.  Certainly they had their share of supporting comments, but in dealing with the articles that drew my attention, let's just say they didn't go over well.  (AOL is just the opposite.  Their commenters are incredibly leftist and mostly sufferers of TDS.  I've had a few comments denied for reasons I couldn't figure out.) 

Now, there are no comments while they, I would assume, try to figure out how to limit right-wingers from exposing their idiocy.  Again, lefties canceling because they're cowards.

I would also be remiss if I didn't mention the problem of job loss over issues that run contrary to the leftist dogma.  Frank Turek lost a gig over some homosexual seeing his non-job related blog posts supporting true marriage.  Brendan Eich resigned from Mozilla after pressure following his donation in support of California's Prop 8.  Craig James was fired by Fox Sports over similar opposition.  Going back further, Guillermo Gonzalez lost a tenure position because he expressed a belief in Intelligent Design.  Chuck Todd banned climate "deniers" from expressing their positions on Meet The Press.  Tim Allen's "Last Man Standing" was literally cancelled despite it's top ratings because of it's conservative character.  The same with Rosanne Barr.  Pretty much any conservative expression will get you fired, dismissed, "cancelled".  The left has no spine for dealing with opposing points of view. 

In the meantime, Rush Limbaugh allows more time to left-wing callers to his show than he does those who agree with him, and Michael Medved pretty much doesn't take calls from those who agree, constantly inviting opponents to give it their best shot.  And even Steven Crowder has invited left-wingers on his show...some more than once...and even does "Change My Mind" episodes where he picks a topic and invites people on the street to convince him of an opposing viewpoint.

The left doesn't care if you agree or not.  They only demand compliance.  They don't have the spine to defend their positions.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Not The Enemy??

Dan Trabue likes to wet himself over President Trump's depiction of the press as the "enemy of the people".  I've already given plenty of examples in my posts here, a>, and here.  One would think that should be enough to make the case, but Dan still brings it up as if there's no way the phrase is in any way true at all.  It's idiotic given the plethora of misquotes, mistakes and misrepresentations of Trump's words and actions by the press.

Here's the latest example that showed up in my Facebook feed.  There have been others in recent months (the hydroxychloroquine nonsense is a good example) which have grown the list of lies about the president.  That's really ironic given how Dan likes to talk about how Trump lies all the time, even pointing to numbers by some running list of "lies" by WaPo! 

In any case, it never stops and Dan's excuse making for the press...that they make mistakes sometimes and other such just Dan lying, too.  He does that.  A lot. 

If any new examples rear their ugly heads...they no doubt will, given the dishonorable nature of the leftist media these days, I'll be posting them here for a while.  If I come across any from recent weeks, I'll add them, too. 

A media that purposely in the examples above, especially the new one..., that fails to do their due diligence in getting all the facts right before going to press, that fails to correct their "errors" when them and more likely by others..., that ignores more important stories, fails to ask more important questions...this is a media, a press, which is an enemy of the people. 


Well...that  didn't take long...

Here's more

Friday, July 10, 2020

The Conversation: The Lefties Avoided It. What A Surprise.

The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.  -L.P. Hartley

This is likely my last post in this series.  It seems quite clear that the Bobbsey Twins do not truly wish to have "the Conversation" after all.  When Eric Holder called America "a Nation of Cowards" with regard to dealing with racial issues, he clearly was speaking of himself and the left half of the nation.  I have yet to hear of either of the two clowns regarding the "voices" I presented in posts of this series.  Dan claims we're only interested in those who validate our opinions, while lacking the courage to accept that our opinions are informed by those voices he finds less than compelling, despite their basis in fact and evidence.  "Hard data", evidently, is only important when it serves the lefty's purpose, not when it exposes the stupidity and falseness of the lefty position.

feo, on the other hand, prefers to engage in his typical practice of trying to post wholly off-topic comments where his claim of better understanding has an open forum for providing useful info and insights...except that he really doesn't have any.  Indeed, I have to stretch to include anything he says, but mostly because I'm compelled..."provoked" might be a better address some of the goofy things he says that has any connection at all to the point of the post on the table.  *sigh*

So what I will do now is address the "words of wisdom" from one Caroline Randall Williams that have given both Dan and feo (as well as leftists in general) quite the tingle in their nether regions. 

Frankly, I find her words less than wise.  Rather, I find them overwrought and overly dramatic.  Imagine referring to one's skin as "rape-colored"!  Good gosh, can we all have a pity party together!!!  This woman speaks of "airbrushing" the past, as if the honoring of Confederates with statues and memorials...and allowing them to remain...ignores the sins of the past.  But her essay is the opposite side of that very same coin...she is highlighting the worst as if it was all some constant horror story.  This is not at all to diminish a damned thing about the conditions suffered by the average slave.  Absolutely not.  But to take pains to make it worse than it was, as if it wasn't bad enough without doing so, is far worse than pretending "it wasn't all that bad".  It's as if that period in history can't be discussed without mentioning the worst aspects of it...that indeed one MUST mention the worst aspects of it or by golly, you're "whitewashing" slavery!!  Nonsense. 

The very same people who hold this essay in such great esteem are also likely to be among those who accept the Thomas Jefferson/Sally Hemings story as true.  Yet, there is no evidence that supports it, and a great deal that makes the very notion pure fantasy.  Could this be the case with Edmund Pettus?  How can we confirm the story?  She claims DNA testing confirms she has white blood.  She doesn't say it's the blood of Edmund Pettus.  She just believes what great-grandfather Will believed...or claimed.  So do those who descended from Hemings believe their family history despite what evidence exists in conflict with that history.

But what of the more serious charge of rape?  The concept is that the no slave has any real consent so any sexual relations between slave and master is rape.  That's pretty convenient for the sob story Williams wishes to convey.  "Take pity on me.  I'm the result of rape."  But is it true?  How can it be confirmed with any certainty?  Personally, I have no skin in the game, so it really doesn't matter to me if it is true or not.  But if it's going to be put forth as true, it's a serious charge that requires more than hearsay.  What if great-great-granny saw sex with her master as a possible means to better treatment?  Well, just how were they treated exactly?  There are stories of Robert E. Lee being a very harsh master, to the degree that supposedly other slave holders thought he was unnecessarily strict.  Was this true of Pettus (if he was indeed the sex partner)? 

In my brief search to determine just what kind of slave owner Pettus was, I found some interesting things about his influence on the town of Selma and his work in making it thrive.  He was instrumental in Selma being known as a haven for blacks fleeing the Klan.  The point here is not that Pettus didn't rape or even have sexual intercourse with Williams' ancestor.  It's that there is nothing beyond their family history that I could find that indicates it ever took place.  Now, 150 years later, Williams insists her belief is true regardless of the lack of documentation of any kind. 

Williams goes on to ask who would dare insist she celebrate those who enslaved her ancestors?  I don't know than anyone would, is or intends to, nor do I believe that most people who prefer the memorials remain are "celebrating" them, either.  It seems an odd thing to suppose.  I don't necessarily celebrate Lincoln as much as remember who he was and what he did and what what he did meant for this country.  It's the same for most of the Confederate memorials.  Despite what they're positions were on slavery, those positions aren't the be all and end all of their lives.  Not all of what each of them did for their states is solely tied to any pro-slavery position they held as if there was nothing else.  Clearly, Pettus did more.  The same is true for most of them.  What did Williams do that we should regard her as a monument to anything, as if there are no monuments or memorials of greater value than her skin color?   These things aren't hidden from public access.  

In doing a quick research on Williams, I cam across this blog article noteworthy for also deferring to more scholarly research than merely family history.  Again, this doesn't mean Williams' story is absolutely false, but it again paints a picture that her lamentations would deflect objective observers from noticing.  (An interesting aside, I just saw a video wherein actor Don Cheadle finds that he was descended from slaves owned by an Indian tribe.  His ancestors were never owned by white people.  It can be found on YouTube.  I didn't think to save it when I came across it.)

There are some of us who wish to preserve history for our honest and objective edification.  There are others who would use history to push an agenda.  Williams is of this latter group, as are our two buffoonish fake Christians lefties and as are most of the black voices to whom they would have us lend an ear.   Worse, they would have us join them in referencing history to appease demands of a grievance group rather than to simply learn from it so as not to repeat it...hard to do when pulling down references to it is enabled by the spineless left. 

Thus, it is the left who is truly the cowards regarding this issue of race relations.  They look at history in an exploitative manner, as they look to exploit wherever doing so furthers their ideology.  And if the two fakes want to have a conversation, they'll have to provide the open forum in which to do so at their own blogs.  They've failed to prove they want such a thing having been given the open forum here. 

Sunday, July 05, 2020

More Conversation: Possibly The Best Voice Out There

Independence Day just ended.  It is now the 5th.  Back to the conversation the left doesn't really want to have.  As we're told by "progressive" white guys to listen to black voices, and then admonished for only listening to conservative voices, as if we haven't heard the others, it seems clear that it is the "progressives" that have no interest in hearing all black voices out there.  In a previous post, I've provided a number of really solid black voices, most of which actually have substance and evidence carried and delivered by their voices.  Here, I am posting another from one of the best.  For Thomas Sowell, facts and evidence are paramount when it comes to suggesting "fixes" to what ails the black community.  This is a guy who knows marxism, having been a marxist himself in his younger days.  Now, at 90, he can make a leftist look stupid with very little effort, knowing them better than he knows himself, and of course, knowing the facts.

Among the problems plaguing the black community is education deficiency.  The left insists more money is the problem.  That's because the left is stupid.  Sowell's latest book, considered by himself as the most important of all the many he's written, is about charter schools and how the leftists that have run the education system in this country for decades have failed the minority student by ignoring the real needs in favor of spending other people's money...mostly on themselves. 

If the two champions of the black community, Dan and feo the false priest, truly care about black lives, they need to watch intently this video from start to finish and then buy Sowell's book, and definitely more of them.  They have no clue.  Sowell will provide them:

I have no doubt they won't bother.  They prefer platitudes.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Continuing The Conversation: The Challenge

Over at Dan's blog, he challenged me to speak about Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance.  He got his panties in a wad after I stated that Hughes' poem, like MLK JR's speech of a previous post, were not relevant to the situation of race relations today.  I stand by that while he and his troll do nothing to defend the contrary opinion.  Like most on their side of the divide today, any disagreement, question, critique or objection to anything said by, or in defense of, the black community is racist. 

In any case, I decided to take up the challenge he laid before me in the comments section following the post in question.  Because Dan is not an honorable boy and can't be trusted to actually engage on an intellectual level (or what passes for one in his fevered imaginings), I must also post my response to him here.  Between the two of us, we haven't much of a blog following.  But by posting my response here, everyone will know that I did my part.  Should he choose not to engage, I will have further reason to believe his kids were most likely the result of a sperm donation because he clearly has no balls.  So what follows is my response, and despite it wasn't exactly how I wanted my next post to go, it does cover some of what I wanted to say in it.


The Harlem Renaissance was a time when black and white Americans alike “discovered” the vibrancy and uniqueness of black art, music, and especially, literature.  Large numbers of black artists could earn their livings and be critically acknowledged in their fields.  The distinction of black cultural heritage and its manifestation was in vogue during this period.  There was a strong communist influence among the Black intelligensia in this area (though it certainly wasn't unheard of in America in general at that time---Woodrow Wilson was a far left "progressive" after all).  And along with the proliferation of the N.A.A.C.P.  and the Urban League (begun in the 1910's), there was also a proliferation of licentiousness, with cabarets for homosexuals and transvestites common in its nightlife (which no doubt attracts Dan even more). 

"Good God have mercy on your poor, pitiful damned soul."

You shouldn't pray to the God for Whom you have no true devotion, and certainly not after presuming you can do His job.

But from the above arrogance, you go on to make your demands, as if they change the point.  Nonetheless, here we go:

"THEN, apologize for your various comments and maybe you can comment here and try to offer something rational, rather than something ignorant."

Until you find spine enough to demonstrate in what way my comments are ignorant or irrational...which means something more than simply asserting such because you don't like and can't counter what I say...then my comments are neither. 

"Their words ARE relevant. Of course. Just ask and listen to black people and other rational people."

Again, just saying someone agrees with you doesn't make it so.  An actual argument in defense of the proposition might.  Give it a try.  My argument is coming below. 

"That you want to pretend that their words are not still relevant because racism has been "solved" and things are all better now, does not make it so."

Not in the least an accurate reflection of anything I've ever said, here or elsehwere. 

"I'll give you ONE chance to give a review on the whole poem and tell me what you think it means."

It's no mystery.  In nutshell, it's simply saying what others have said and continue to say, which is that the ideals of American...the intention of what America was meant to be...haven't been realized.  Not at all a unique sentiment.  Most anyone can say it and not be wrong, except by doing so it demands a perfection the speaker himself hasn't attained, either.  But of course, despite Hughers mostly speaking as a black man, the poem doesn't speak only on behalf of the black community.  Like the typical leftist...and he was a socialist for sure, if not a full on communist...he was a social justice warrior and speaks for that cause with this poem.  Again, no mystery here.

"Why is this poem still so relevant and powerful today?"

This question is problematic.  It assumes I find it either.  I'm not sure you could find a majority of black people today even know who the guy is, much less know of this particular poem.  Certainly YOU find it both, yet you have to ignore the many advances in race relations (and other areas of American life) in order for it to be "still so relevant".  I'm sure you have no problem doing that.  Powerful and relevant for whom?   I mean besides yourself and other socialists?  The America of today is not the America of Hughes' time.  The conditions for the black community is not at all the same now as then.  I doubt that Hughes, like King, would not wonder what the hell the typical black activist is whining about.

"What makes it a classic poem?"

Again, "classic" to whom?  Certainly to social justice warriors, poets, perhaps and no doubt those among the leftist black variety.  But like those who influenced him as a writer and poet, his preference for "speaking normally" or in the character of the average person made him stand out and accessable.  It spoke to the conditions of the time from the perspective of a black leftist. 

"Do you think that it was ever a relevant poem, or was Hughes way off in his assessment of US history?"

Most poems are relevant to somebody.  This one was likely relevant to other leftists of his day more than to others who weren't leftists.  Like similar works of all eras, it was certainly worthless to those who took a rosier view of life and/or America...that is, those who are honest enough to acknowledge American isn't perfect, but still honestly recognize what it was meant to be, was at the time, and what it can be.  The thing is, here was a guy who lived during a time when racism was far more prevalent and blatant, and he earned his living doing what he loved to do.  Yet, poems like this are his whining about how bad a place American is.  He had none of the MANY advantages available to black people today, and STILL succeeded tremendously...writing poems!!! (among other things of course)  That would suggest his assessment, as indicated by this poem, is a bit off.

" Show me that you're not coming from a place of ignorance on Hughes..."

It's typical that you regard disagreement with you as "coming from a place of ignorance", as if you're opinions and position come from a place of great wisdom.  You don't feel the need to back up that attitude because that would take effort and and actual argument that is coherent and fact-based.  You want to believe that I've never heard of the guy simply because I don't hold him in the same high regard as you, especially in your bulshit pro-BLM, "Art's a racist" mode.   The fact is that I wouldn't need to know who he was to have an opinion of his work and whether or not it is relevant to today.  Unlike you, I can defend my opinion.

"...on what basis would we consider your crazy hunches that it's no longer relevant to be relevant?"

On the basis I mentioned already.  The conditions now are far improved over what the conditions were back in the days of either Hughes or King.  Of this there is no debate.  What lies at the heart of current whining is the false excuse of "racism", not a true "systemic" racism or even the blatant, widespread racism of their time.  If this were not true, how can test scores for black students of Harlem in the 1930 be equal to and sometime better than whites of nearby schools?  How could most black children be familiar with their fathers, since they were still living at home with Ma?  How could the out-of-wedlock childbirth rate be better than whites?  Yet today, none of this is the case in an America with FAR less racism (most whites bending over backwards to avoid having anyone think they're racist), equal opportunity laws, affirmative action, welfare up the wahzoo, and a host of other "legs up" available BECAUSE one is black.  And you want to tell me this poem is still relevant today?  That the King speech you posted is still relevant today?  Tell me how.

Now go ahead and delete this you pathetic, lying coward.  It's far easier than "listening" or having a conversation you pretend to want to have with those who reject the BLM, white guilt, white privilege bullshit narrative. 

Friday, June 12, 2020

Continuing The Conversation

Self-loathing, white-guilt, fake Christians like feo and Dan Trabue tell us we need to "listen to black voices".  What they mean, of course, even while denying it, is that we should listen to those black voices they find personally compelling...voices that not only move them personally, but validate their own far left notions about race in America.  They say this as if we haven't been listening for decades...since the time of Martin Luther King Jr. we've been listening.  There's been so much listening since that time that a host of policies have been implemented to address the concerns listed by those voices.  And still it's not enough.  It will never be enough for some, for some like to pretend they're furthering King's work, while in reality they share in the responsibility for the conditions about which contemporary "black voices" now refer.

I will be getting into some of King's words another time.  Words the above mentioned fakes have presented to make their white-guilt, pseudo-privileged, pseudo-sanctimonious arguments.  But for now, I am presenting a number of black voices that do not buy into what the fakes and their fake black leaders are selling.  They have better in mind for the black race and have stats and facts to back up their positions...something we never get from those to whom the two fakes insist we must listen.  What follows requires time, because most of what I've chosen is more than a few minutes long.  Close to an hour for a couple, a bit more or less for others.  Yet what you'll hear is a perspective that the fakes dismiss as "outliers", which isn't necessarily untrue.  But these "outliers" aren't speaking from emotion and myth and indoctrination handed down from a time when things should have been far worse but yet from which so many transcended nonetheless, leaving the majority of "voices" from today without excuse...because things are so much better.  Take the time if you really want to prove you care, lefty fakes.  Facts, truth and reality changed a few of those that are highlighted below.  In no particular order, I begin:

Talk about a guy who was down with the narrative!

This next person is quite young as of the time of this interview.  He says a few things that make me believe he's still on his journey, but he's clearly very intelligent and may alter those points of concern.  Overall, I dig him.

The kids really need to listen to this black voice.  He's speaking to them!

The great Walter Williams also had his journey from leftist to intelligent.  The first two cover some of the same things, but are both worth the time for those who claim it's important to listen to black voices...and actually mean it.

It wouldn't be right to not include something by the great Thomas Sowell, a black voice that, like Williams, even black people need to hear and study.

The following I added because the interviewer could be Dan or the troll.  He's trying hard to get Washington to validate his white-guilt perceptions of the black struggle.  Denzel won't have any of it.

Some more from Denzel and others

Larry Elder on Ice Cube

-----This last one brings up an interesting question, one I've heard expressed a couple of times recently:  for all the black celebrities and politicians,  and all the "white privileged", white-guilt celebrities and politicians, how many of them live within the black communities where all the systemic racism is plaguing the people?  None of them do.  At best, they go in and pass out handouts of one form or another, (with some trying to actually mentor kids now and then...however that looks to them) but they all continue to support the same type of politicians who have done nothing for the last fifty years or more to actually improve things.-----

But I digress.  The voices above differ from those to whom Dan would have us listen by actually having real evidence and data to support their changes of heart.  They are truly "woke" in a way the asshats only pretend to be, and it's brought them hatred from those who find the truth to be inconvenient.  These people would have the voices Dan and feo find compelling to bring forth their evidence for what they believe and insist we believe, too.  It never happens.

And here's something else that won't happen.  Neither of the fakes...Dan and the troll...will watch these videos and bring forth anything that will truly contradict what these brilliant voices say.