Friday, March 18, 2016

Agenda Lies 10: Nothing to Worry About

There is an insane push by the activists of the agenda that does not exist to force laws that require opening women/s rest rooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms and the like to men who "self-identify" as women.  We are supposed to put aside the feelings of actual women on this matter and subordinate them to the demands of sexually perverse men.  We are told that there is nothing to worry about, women should just deal with it, because, after all, these men are women, too, and as such there is nothing about which any woman or girl should be alarmed. 

Oh, no.  There are separate stalls in restrooms and some locker rooms.  As there men are really women, they have no desire to do anything other than relieve themselves or change their clothes or try on clothes that won't look good on them no matter what because they aren't really women.  The real women will just have to accept that not all women look like women, and some really, really look like men, but if they say they're women, then by golly, they must be.  What could possibly go wrong?

Well...this link, and the video within it gives us examples of just what could go wrong.  They are EXACTLY examples of the very fears women, and their menfolk, have expressed, and what normal, honest people could easily foresee.  The link is an article by the incredible Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute, and outfit that gives hope that Illinois isn't totally the leftist hellhole it has been trying to become for most of its existence. 

One particular story in the video (and there might be another, as the vid is a bit long----watch it all anyway) concerns a creep who in the guise of a woman attacked a woman at a women's shelter, the very place women at risk go to escape creeps who have or wish to attack them.

Of all the insane items on the LGBT agenda, it is hard to argue against this demand being the most insane.  I pity the scumbag who comes out of a women's restroom before my wife or daughter does.  I would consider his having been in there at the same time as a sex crime, with my womenfolk being the victims.  They don't belong in there, and the rest of us normal people have no obligation to acquiesce to their mental instability.  They can find all the enabling they need in an institution under the care of a serious mental health care provider.

Agenda Lies Opposed: Hope For The Culture Still Exists

It appears that not every major medical association has bought into the nonsensical "gender identity" narrative.  The
American College of Pediatricians apparently cares more about the welfare of America's children than they do the feelings, sensitivities and ideologies of the "trans" community.  Good for them, and better for the kids. 
For honest people not deluded by false rhetoric or cowed by the fascistic actions of the LGBT agenda activists, what is obvious is confirmed by the College.  For the "gender confused", it is not the body that's the problem.  Sensible people have been saying "Duh!" to that statement of fact for years.  And to refer to enabling as child abuse's about time.  It's as long overdue as was the admission that what has been happening to Christians by muslims is "genocidal". 

Our young have been inundated with all manner of immorality for quite some time.  It is a blessing that things are not far worse than they are now, though it's hard to imagine it could be much worse.  For some, it would have to be far worse before that some would begin to acknowledge what is so obvious. 

The enabling of the confused child by the radical sex activists, as well as their encouraging of children to "experiment" with their sexuality has indeed caused great harm.  Parents who are justifiably alarmed when their children "come out" are vilified and demonized if they don't accept totally the direction their children are heading, when the proper course of action is to encourage kids to refrain from indulging their compulsions in this area, and to guide them and reassure them until such time as they are adults and fully capable. 

As most kids will simply pass through this phase, it is abhorrent that anyone would dare demand that parents acquiesce to the child, rather than remind the child that they are obliged to acquiesce to their parents.  Too often we are told tales of children victimized by their parents because they "self-identified" as being of the sex opposite what their chromosomes prove they are.  We never hear the parents' side of the story.  But parents are right to care enough about their children to risk the wrath of the child.  Of course the kid will rebel.  They will say the parents are cruel.  These stories are put forth by enablers who care for the LGBT cause, not the welfare of the kids. 

We need more medical professionals "coming out" in favor of the truth about these things.  No more "tolerance" that puts kids at risk. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

R.I.P. Antonin

It is with great sadness that I learned that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away.  I am saddened for him, naturally.  But worse is my sadness for our country to have lost such a great member of the Court, one who truly understands the Constitution and how and when it applies. 

We now have the threat of stupidity forced upon the nation to a greater degree than it has thus far been imposed.  Obama, the Idiot-in-Chief, the empty suit, the bane of our nation's existence, will no doubt select another brain-dead leftist to pervert the Constitution in the furtherance of leftist ideology.  I don't know if there are enough Senators wise enough to do the right thing in terms of who they are willing to confirm.  There should be no attempt to posture themselves as anything but committed to the most Constitutionally literate and devoted candidate for the appointment.  No more Sotomayors.  No more Ginsburgs.  No more Kennedys.  No more Breyers.  No more Kagans. 

We need another Scalia, another Thomas, another Alito.  At the very least, another no worse than Roberts.

We won't likely get one.  We'll get another idiot with an agenda far removed from that of the duty of a Supreme Court Justice. 

The passing of Antonin Scalia is a true American Tragedy for both the loss of possibly the wisest Justice we've seen since his appointment on September 26, 1986, as well as for the horror that will follow given who Obama will nominate to replace him. 

We are so screwed.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

"De-Friended" Again!!

I don't know what it is about the left.  They are incredibly over-sensitive.

All sorts of stuff gets posted on Facebook.  Aside from that which speaks to personal events in the lives of those on one's friends list, there are many things related to the political.  One fellow seems to do nothing but post things from a conservative perspective.  I often wonder where he gets it all and how much time he spends posting it.  Naturally, listing hard to starboard as I do, I click the "Like" button on most of them.

But another dude posts things of a decidedly leftist nature.  Some of them provoke from me a response because, being of a leftist bent, they are so stupid and false.  I then go on to explain why.

This dude is someone who, for a time, was a band-mate.  His regular band is one of which I am a big fan.  I look forward to an opportunity to again be entertained by his band.  This dude, who I'll call "Rick", since that's his name, has recently taken his leave of me, Facebook-wise, due to a particularly goofy post to which I responded.  It was an idiotic quote from the idiotic Noam Chomsky.  To paraphrase (since I can't seem to find the post in question for some reason), "Everyone's talking about doing something about terrorism.  It's simple:  don't participate in terrorism."

Yeah.  That sounds profound to the left-leaning individual.  Shame on those who participated in terrorism by being victims of it!

So I contributed my two cents.  Such idiotic comments provoke responses from me more vitriolic than what is usual.  The result?  Rick was insulted.  Not long after, I found I was "de-friended".  That's too bad.  It was very recently when we both agreed that dialogue was important, and here he is cutting it off because he felt insulted.

Insulted.  The irony is strong with this one.  It apparently never occurred to him that his posts might be insulting to those the memes intend to insult.  One of his postings stated, "I think, therefore I am not a Republican."  Yeah.  Nothing insulting about that!  But this is typical of the leftist, whether the leftist realizes it or not.  They so often do that which they accuse the other of doing.  They so often ARE what they accuse the other of being.

Most importantly, however, is the fact that the dialogue is now suspended, if not ended.  Yet it remains open here, and I invite Rick, and his band-mate Jon (especially Jon) and his former band-mate Phil to  feel free to respond to anything they might find provokes them to do so here.  I welcome it as I always have.  I sincerely hope they do.  I sincerely fear they won't.  It's been at least a week since I've appealed to Rick and Jon without response.  Leftists always run away. (Except for Dan Trabue).

Friday, January 09, 2015

What About Shellfish?

Another great response to the "Shellfish Argument" that supporters of the Agenda That Does Not Exist continue to believe is a game-changer.  Hat tip to Wintery Knight.

Friday, December 05, 2014

A Must Read

This is an incredibly comprehensive summary of the Biblical teaching on marriage for all Christians who might be tempted to believe there are Biblical justifications for supporting alternative definitions.  How nice it would be if such people could provide Scriptural references to support their position as Stan has done here.  Don't hold your breath.  Well done, Stan.

Friday, November 07, 2014

We've Won! Now What?

Not really a huge surprise, as it is not uncommon that the opposition party picks up seats in the midterm election of a president's second term in office.  Nonetheless, it is great news to know that both idiots, Reid and Pelosi, are not sitting in the big chairs.  But what happens now? 

Hopefully, we'll see some real changes of meaning and worth.  At the least, compromises that push a more sound agenda forward.  The Weekly Standard has a good article entitled, "A Constitutional Congress?  How the legislative branch can resume its rightful role."  It outlines a five-step plan for this goal:

1.  Relieve the recently relinquished borrowing, taxing and spending authorities
2.  Re-institute the spending power
3.  Regulate the regulators
4.  Censure unconstitutional executive acts
5.  Acknowledge executive strengths

In short, do your job and don't give up authority to the other branches.  There's three for a reason and returning each to its own duties re-establishes the proper checks and balance dynamics our government is supposed to have.

I'd like to see the new Senate majority leader dispense with the blocking of proposals and let the body debate the issues like it should.  I'd like to see the Speaker of the House insist that all bills be studied and debated before passage.  No more of this "we'll have to pass the bill to see what's in it" crap. 

I'd also like to see the rejection of the notion that social issues are of less concern than any other.  They are not and are inextricably linked. 

I'd really like to see the notion of "Comprehensive 'whatever' reform" rejected once and for all and the particulars of a general issue resolved one at a time.  Like immigration, for example.  Sealing the borders is a separate issue from the matter of how and how many enter the country.  And of course, look at that massive and massively idiotic Obamacare bill.  Thousands of pages its supporters still have not read.  It entails many separate issues that would have been better resolved if each had separate focus.  For example, allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines would have gone a long way toward decreasing costs to the consumer due to increased competition and this did not require an huge "comprehensive" bill to make a tangible impact.

In general, I most definitely want to see the Republican majority act like conservatives they insist they are, but in doing so, make the case in a way that more people understand the clear benefits of supporting more conservative agendas.  This is the best way to maintain control of both Houses.  I believe that this great victory is not a mandate for conservative philosophy as much as a rejection of the current administration.  Again, this is a common thing this deep into a two-term president's time in office.  We can't just be Democrat lite, but must act like conservatives until the positive effects that conservative policies will indeed bring are clearly felt by the nation.  Let's all be vigilant in holding the new majority party accountable.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Based on recent discussions at other blogs, I am offering the opportunity for anyone to pick a topic on which they'd like to focus for the purpose of determining why I believe as I do.  In responding, I will not ask any question of my own toward the questioner intending to determine his position, but only to have a question clarified in order to more clearly articulate my position.  Here are some qualifications:

1.  Should anyone take up the challenge, I reserve the right to pick from amongst multiple topics, which topic I will address. 

2.  If there appears to be multiple "votes" for any particular topic, I might use that as the determining factor, while still reserving the right to choose. 

3.  I reserve the right to determine any topic suggested to be inane and idiotic, simply because it strikes me thus.  I will allow for brief arguments in response to my rejection, should I post a reason for rejecting it.

4.  I WILL delete or mock any attempted abuse of this opportunity.  I am sticking my neck out here and would like to believe that risk will be respected. 

5.  In responding to questions, I may call for relevance.  It would save time if the relevance for a question is provided at the same time a question is asked, though it doesn't mean that relevance will be perceived in such a manner that I feel compelled to respond.  Likely, I'll simply ask for more explanation.

This is all pretty much how I would like all discussions to run as pertains the seeking of understanding.  But as recent discussions have shown, going back and forth often results in tangents, diversions, equivocating and outright dodging of questions. If I restrain my own desire to question my interrogator, it is my hope that I can exhaust any line of questioning on any given topic to the extent that I have a complete and firm position on it. 

Anybody up for this?