Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Are The Democrats Embarrassed, Yet?

The title of this post is in direct response to Dan's post Is The GOP Embarrassed, Yet?.  In it, he refers to both Donald Trump and former judge Roy Moore, who just won a primary election in Alabama for the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions.  Dan spews his usual hateful vitriol against Trump and provides the same for Moore.  He hates Moore because Moore is an actual Christian who knows and understands both Scripture and the U.S. Constitution as they were intended to be known and understood.  Doing so makes him vile and reprehensible in Dan's world.

And of course, Trump's evil personified as well as mentally unfit for office, because Dan saw a book by a couple dozen shrinks of unknown political persuasion who said so.  (Of course, saying homosexuality is wrong because the Bible says so is delusional.)

But here's the thing.  I am embarrassed that the GOP couldn't promote a solid conservative properly to avoid the ascendancy of Donald Trump.  It had an excellent alternative in Ted Cruz, but he wasn't establishment enough.  That's embarrassing.  The GOP wanted someone more McCain-like, because that worked out so well with McCain.  It never understood that McCain didn't stand a chance until he selected Sarah Palin as his running mate.  But she, too, isn't establishment enough to garner the support of a Mitch McConnell.

So it's embarrassing that a party with control, of all three of the movers and shakers, the House, Senate and presidency, can't get something as asinine and destructive as the Affordable Care Act repealed outright, or even replaced.  Indeed, it's embarrassing to me personally that the GOP wouldn't even try to make the case that total repeal alone was not only justified, but beneficial.  They allowed the lying left to insist that people will die and let them do it without response.  No.  They clearly didn't want ACA repealed, even though they had the votes to do it in 2015, lacking only the president's signature to make it so.  Having obtained that, they bailed on the idea in favor of ACA-light.  That's embarrassing.

And it's embarrassing that the GOP can't cobble together enough of the plethora of facts on any of the social issues of the day and produce a compelling argument for the sake of righteousness and the soul and character of our nation.  One would think it would be a relatively easy task given the indisputable nature of the facts that support conservative notions of virtue and morality.   But the GOP is too spineless in the face of BS allegations of racism, discrimination, misogyny and a host of other lies used by the left to appeal to the emotion, rather than to whatever mind exists in the heads of Dem voters.

But here's the thing.  Embarrassment only afflicts those who have a conscience.  For those who feel no shame, who reject the concept of guilt, except where it can be used to force compliance by those with said conscience, there is no embarrassment.  Yet there is plenty for which the left in general, and the Democratic Party and its supporters should feel great shame.  I'll be posting on that incredibly long list soon, though I doubt I'll be able to take the time and space for a complete list.  It'll just be too long.  A complete list is unnecessary to make the point.  Stay tuned.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Sorry. Guns Still Aren't The Problem.

The recent tragedy in Vegas has resulted, so very unfortunately, with the same old, same old.  The left are out insisting on "common sense" gun control as the means by which we can rid mankind of the kind of evil that resulted in so many dead and injured.  But as McVeigh and 19 muslims proved, there are many ways for madmen to kill lots of people.  So it ain't guns.  Never was and never will be.  Taking them from the rest of us only puts more people at risk with less hope of rescue.

We hear again about "gun show loopholes", which do not truly exist as they are described by know-nothings.  And to the extent that gun shows have ever been tied to crime is only due to so-called "straw purchasing", which is already illegal.  It isn't possible to make what is illegal more illegal. 

Someone on Facebook mentioned preventing the mentally ill from having guns, as if that hasn't been addressed already as well.  The true issue here is one of civil rights and when one is certified as being mentally ill and therefore prohibited from possessing firearms.  It isn't a simple thing to make such determinations, and certainly, as with no-fly lists, there would certainly be those who are wrongly regarded to be among those with whatever degree is decided upon to deny a person his Constitutional right to bear arms. 

Speaking of which, more than one person has suggested that anyone on a no-fly list should be denied.  But again, there have been many cases where someone is wrongly added to that list, and now, as if being wrongly denied the ability to travel by plane wouldn't be bad enough, a person would lose his right to self-defense, too. 

Of course the big thing now is bump stocks...a devise that allows a semi-automatic rifle to fire multiple rounds quickly, almost like a fully automatic weapon.  They've been approved for sale because they don't actually convert such weapons to full auto, and few people even knew they existed before the Vegas tragedy.  It even appears as if the NRA is willing to stand down on this particular issue and allow the knee-jerk control freaks to outlaw them.  This doesn't deal with the issue of just how simple it would be to make a homemade version that would work just as well as the store bought, but such people never think beyond the self-serving politics in which they're engaging. 

(And that means, no, I don't think they really care about saving lives.  I think they care about appearing to care about saving lives, or they'd deal with the real issue....which ain't guns.)

And then there's the question of "need", or more precisely, lefties whining that they don't see any need for anyone to have an automatic weapon, a semi-automatic weapon, an AR15 style weapon (because they look scary) and in this case, a need for bump stocks that allow one to fire their weapon like it's a Tommy-gun.  The better question here is, who are these people to suggest they can impose their idea of "need" upon another as if they know each other person's personal situation.  I recall the riots after the Rodney King verdict where Korean store owners were on the roofs of their businesses with guns protecting their property.  I'd wager their need was real and legitimate.  But "need" is irrelevant.  It's called, the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Needs.

What's more, this whole gun-control thing smacks of bad parenting, where all the kids suffer because of the misbehavior of one sibling.  I hate that, and I hate it more on the adult level where it is even more common.  With this issue, it is especially heinous as it puts people at risk, just to politically posture one's self as "doing something".

But then, guns ain't the problem, anyway.  Never were and never will be.  In the meantime, I'm posting links to a few relevant articles and vids.  They address this topic well.  Take the time.

IF the above two don't hook you up, try this one...the article where I found them:

One more thing:  "silencers".  I thought this had been thoroughly debunked, but perhaps not.  I've seen a few vids that compare guns with and without suppressors.  In these vids, it is clear that the guns are still loud, just not so loud that damage to the ear is a problem, though many would still use ear protection.  In other countries, it's considered bad form not to suppress one's rifle when hunting or target shooting. 

But then I decided to google words to the effect "gun silencers that actually silence guns" and came upon some vids that perhaps suggest there's more to the story. 

One vid showed a fully automatic weapon (I won't mention the type here---cuz I didn't write it down and don't want to take the time to find it again) that was remarkably "silenced" by it's fully integrated suppressor (part of the gun).  The mechanics of the weapon made a bit of a racket, but had the Vegas shooter such a weapon thirty-two stories up, perhaps more would have been shot before they could tell where the bullets originated.  Of course, buying a fully automatic weapon is incredibly difficult and most licensed dealers can't sell them anyway.

Another presented a pistol with an integrated suppressor that was also rather quiet.  It was made by a company that is actually in the business of making suppressors for a variety of products and decided to try their hand at designing a pistol.  That is, they're not actually a firearms manufacturer outside this particular pistol. 

Yet another showed a guy adding multiple suppressors in order to see if he could get it "Hollywood" quiet.  That is, like all the silenced weapons in the movies that gun-control nuts think are representative of the real world.  This guy had about five screwed on to the end of his pistol's barrel and it was rather an awkward piece at that point.  While it was really quiet, he removed one of them so it would be more practical. 

All three of these weapons were very pricey.  The automatic in the first example is probably over ten grand, and I'm guessing much more.  Both pistols start around $1200.00.  They may be considerably more as well...I'm going from memory here. 

Still and all, guns aren't the problem. 

Sunday, October 01, 2017

No, I Meant YOU Should Embrace Grace, Not Me!

Just a quick post here to highlight curious practice of deleting legitimate comments by one who has complained about ill treatment after having been blocked from commenting at the blogs of Stan, Neil, Glenn, Mark and I don't know how many others.  Oh, how he whined when references to his positions were posted at any of these blogs!  Now, after having been accused of supporting and defending rapists, he deletes my comments posted to clarify my position and question how his charges expresses the spirit of "embrace grace"...a term he is quick to use at other blogs where his weak arguments are appropriately derided for being as weak and dishonest as they are. 

You'll note that at this here blog, I only delete comments that are no more than personal attacks, either upon myself or worse, my other of the only rules for engaging here that I have.  Even then, if such comments contain actual substance, I tend to copy such comments, delete them, but then re-post them with the childish vitriol either deleted or re-worded in brackets (this happens now and then when feo posts something that, for him, has just a bit of substance or something for which a response seems appropriate---a rarity).
Some would ask, why bother?  There are two reasons:

1.  I enjoy regular discourse a bit deeper than small talk.

2.  I much enjoy discourse with those who have opposing points of view.  And with those with invented religions to which they attach the word "Christian", there is much to discuss.

It's too bad, but leftists are notorious for running away...surrendering without actually conceding defeat.  Deleting comments is one manifestation of this trait.  And even if any of my comments are truly lacking in substance (as feo's routinely is), deleting them leaves one forced to take the word of he who deleted them...and that's a risky proposition, given the less than honest reasons given for deleting them in the first place.  I say, let others back you up by joining in and criticizing what I said.

I once deleted a comment of Mark's because I thought it was over the line in terms of crudeness.  His point could easily have been expressed differently to get the same thought across.  From that point, his deleted comment was referenced falsely by the person at issue here, and from that point I found it more practical to leave even the crude comments stand, so as to let people expose themselves as well as to let others respond if they felt like it.  And of course, to respond to what was actually said, not like Dan who responded as if Mark said something he never said.

I've mentioned all of the above in one way or another on more than one occasion.  I try to practice what I least here at my blog.  Dan does not.  When he runs up against that which he cannot counter, he quits, pretends he never saw it, accuses the commenter of bad behavior or he deletes.  And he certainly fails to ever "embrace grace"...whatever the hell that was ever supposed to mean.

Friday, September 15, 2017

For Hiram

Hiram is an occasional visitor to Dan Trabue's comedy blog.  He interjected a comment referencing an alleged "Catholic conservative" who writes tweets, columns and books and asked for insights on what I believe was   this article mainly, though I could be wrong.  If I am wrong, and Hiram was more concerned with something else written by this guy, I trust he will let me know and I'll do another post.  In the meantime, I'm going with this one because it seemed to relate to the topic of the thread in which his request appeared.  So...

Michael Coren is typical of the "progressive" Christian, based on what the linked article implies.  He apparently has written a number of books, with the latest being entitled "Epiphany: A Christians' Change of Heart Over Same-Sex Marriage".  The article in question speaks of a "proposal by Trinity Western University of Langley, B.C., to establish a law school."  The issue revolves around a conflict between Canadian law which supports the travesty of SSM and the right of a religious school to impose standards upon its students...the disregard for which can lead to expulsion.  This is the typical conflict imposed by all states or nations that choose to support a behavior long considered immoral and abnormal.  In the good old U.S. of A., our Constitution acknowledges our right to express our faith as we see fit in all we do.  Such legal impositions such as state recognition of sexual immorality naturally causes hardship for people of faith and reason and naturally pits "rights" against each other.

Such is the case with Trinity, as they seek to maintain standards of conduct among their students, faculty and employees.  It is their right to do so and as these standards are up front, open and easily found out by all who seek to spot among their community, the whine that they are "denying" or "discriminating" if homosexuality is akin to race or ludicrous.

But worse, the hatred for those who uphold long held and time-tested standards of morality and virtue extends to the hiring of those who acquire their law degree through this university.  The problem is that British Columbia will, like Ontario, deny law licenses to graduates of Trinity's law program, simply because the school has moral expectations for their students!  It's not like graduates are obliged to ignore the law simply because they signed onto a covenant.  But just like in the case of Amy Coney Barrett, somehow leftists, and this Coren dude, can't believe that a Christian can uphold the law if it conflicts with their religious beliefs.  In the case of BC and Ontario, apparently, they aren't even going to take the chance, as idiotic as the notion might be. 

So what of Coren?  Early in the piece he makes the cheesy and woefully deceitful argument (though typical of the "progressive" Christian) that after His resurrection, Christ "went on again to not address sex, abortion, contraception, pornography or any of the other topics that seem to so obsess the Christian right. Odd, that."  Not odd at all, given three very significant factors:

1.  Christ was known to uphold the commandments of the Father, encouraging obedience to them, including those regarding human sexuality, which prohibits various immoral expressions of it.  What this doofus refers to as "obsession" (another typical argument and equally false) is actually concern with the obsession of the immoral that has led to laws that codify immorality.  As sexual immorality is harmful to body, mind and soul, decent Christians are justified in opposing it where proponents seek to legitimize it.

2.  Jewish law in the time of Christ resulted in sexual immorality not being as common as it otherwise might have been, and the punishment for being guilty of engaging in homosexual behavior was death, so it wasn't prevalent in Jewish least not that anyone has ever proven.  Why would Jesus spend time speaking on that which was not a problem for the targets of His preaching at the time?

3.  It is said by John (I believe) that there is much that Christ said and did that he did not record in his gospel.  To suggest that Christ NEVER broached the subject of homosexuality is an assertion without basis. 

Again, Coren assume Christians can't do the job because of their faith.  He says Trinity is inconsistent in their policy:

"The question is whether those future graduates should then be permitted to work as lawyers within the public square, to participate in a legal and social framework where the equality of LGBTQ people is the law — a fundamental human right. Trinity’s advocates respond by claiming the covenant is about protecting the sanctity of marriage, not homophobia. That’s a rather disingenuous claim, to say the least. What if a heterosexual student had a sexual relationship while enrolled at the college?"

An actual journalist, or an actual Christian concerned with truth and facts would have the answer to that question before writing an article about the case.  In Illinois, Wheaton college has a similar covenant incoming students are contractually expected to abide.  It is my understanding that ANY sexual immorality results in the same consequences.  I would assume Trinity is the same, but I'm not opposed to what has been stated about their covenant...Coren is.  If he wishes to portray them as wacky, interview someone from the school who is solidly familiar with the covenant in question.  Doing so may even have resulted in making his article unnecessary.  Having all the facts can do that.

But it seems that Coren believes that one cannot live one way and abide and defend the law at the same time.  One might be led to believe that there is absolutely no law that any Canadian lawyer finds objectionable.  It's absurd and unjustly derogatory toward Christians who do not pervert the Word of God to suit their personal preferences and Dan and feo.

Then Coren goes all in.

"Prejudice is what it is, by the way, and I’m sick and tired of people trying to use and abuse Christianity to justify their own baser feelings. Homosexuality is hardly mentioned in the Bible. Jesus doesn’t refer to it at all. The Old Testament never mentions lesbianism, the story of Sodom is more about rejecting the stranger than gay sex … and let’s just say that David and Jonathan might have had a tough time becoming law students at Trinity Western.
Frankly, scripture is vague on the issue. But sex and sexuality simply do not figure large in the Bible story, particularly when Christ becomes its centre."

Like all false Christians, Coren believes that discriminating against bad behaviors is anti-Christian, as if Christ never spoke about human behaviors.  This is what Coren regards as "baser feelings".
---He also suggests that how much something is mentioned matters to whether or not it is moral or immoral.  A single, solitary "Thou shalt not" is sufficient to all true Christians who seek to live a life pleasing to God.  It doesn't require reiteration every other page throughout the entirety of Scripture.  As I've demonstrated to Dan over the years on more than one occasion (because for him, reiteration is required, though never sufficient for edification), even pro-homosexual scholars and theologians acknowledge the clear and unmistakable prohibition of homosexual behavior in any context or scenario in which it might take place.  It is always an abomination, detestable, sinful and forbidden.

---The OT doesn't need to mention lesbianism.  As "progressive" Christians are quick to remind us, the ancient Hebrews were a patriarchal culture.  They counted their population by the number of adult men, not by how many men, women AND children there were.  What applied to men was (at least) equally applicable to women.  If a man was prohibited from lying with a male as one would with a female, there's no way a woman could lie with a female as one would with a male.

---The story of Sodom is NOT about rejecting the stranger as the men of Sodom were absolutely NOT looking to reject the two strangers Lot was protecting.  The homosexual aspect of the tale describes just how wicked the people of Sodom were, that they would welcome strangers by having homosexual sex with them.  If anyone was being rejected, it was the men of Sodom in their intentions to welcome the visitors in their customary manner.  I'm being only partially snarky here.  They didn't get pissed and attempt to force their will until after they were refused by Lot.

---Nothing is more desperate than the homosexual attempt to portray the David/Jonathan friendship as homosexual.  The activist/enabler is so corrupt as to accuse them of vile and detestable desires just to pretend there is Biblical precedent for their own.

Scripture is not "vague" at all on the subject of sexual immorality in general and certainly not with regard to homosexuality behavior.  God forbids it because it is detestable, and even mandates capital punishment until the sacrifice of Christ on the cross paid for that sin as well.

Coren is not a Christian any more than are feo or Dan.  They all worship a god of their own making who has only a loose similarity to the God of the Bible.  It is not conservative Christians who drive people away.  It is the sin nature of those who find the moral teachings of Christianity inconvenient that does it.  

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Is the G.O.P racist?

It ain't a trick question.  It's an irrational but widely held belief by those who oppose the GOP.  There is no real, true, honest (sorry for the redundancy) basis for the belief, but it proliferates.  Purposely.  It's a good lie to tell because it puts center-right people on the defensive and distracts from shortcomings of the left as the center-right wastes time explaining reality and/or distancing themselves from whatever provoked the charge in any given circumstance.

Here's Dan Trabue commenting on the subject in the comments section attached to a recent post of his from August 26, 2017 at 10:11 PM:

"WHEN it already appears that you are a party of racists, WHEN there is a literal history of you all being on the wrong side of racism, WHEN your presidential candidate repeatedly played to/appealed to racists, THEN you damn well better make a showy, outward public protest of the racists in your midst.

And that is why you all are viewed as the party of racists and racist supporters."

The following is an even more egregious example of this blatant falsehood that Dan perpetuates.  It is the lie that provokes this post:

"Not implying anything.

I'm saying:

1. The GOP has a racism problem. They are perceived by many to be harboring racists. This is just a point of fact.

2. The GOP's racism problem didn't arise from nothing. It's based on real world events and words from conservative types.

3. There ARE racists in the GOP/right wing, point of fact. Yes, it's also true that there are racists in the DNC/left wing, but not to the point that it's as big a problem as with the Right. We don't know how large the numbers of racists/nazis/scumbag types there are in the GOP, but it appears to be a significant number. Trump could not have won without the votes of racists/"alt-right"/nazis.

4. We warned you all (indeed, many conservatives warned us all) that Trump was invoking racist language and empowering racist groups back when he was campaigning. It was obvious enough/clear enough that many conservatives noted it.

5. And those warnings went unheeded, and now we have a president who has made nazis/KKK-types/racists feel comfortable and emboldened to crawl out from under their rocks. The nazis/racists will tell you that they have been emboldened by Trump and that "wing" of the conservative movement.

So, while we don't know the number of racists/nazis/white supremacists in the party, they are having their day and their way with the Trump presidency. The GOP/Right Wing is in a crisis because of this maniac and is not doing enough to stop it.

Disagree all you want, the data is there. I just hope enough of the Good Conservatives grow some spines and start taking courageous steps to (non-violently) end this fiasco.

In the meantime, we on the Left will keep fighting racists and nazis, it's kind of what we do. I just hope you all can swallow your pride and join us at some point. Redeem yourselves.


August 27, 2017 at 11:54 PM"

Sorry to have posted such a large chunk of his steaming pile, but it needs to be addressed.  But before I do, I have one more from Dan that I feel is relevant.  Speaking of those like himself, and ostensibly the progressive left in general, Dan, presumably with a straight face types:

"We hate lies, we hate racism, we hate gross stupidity/ignorance in places of great authority."
This is not at all true, as lies are essential to much of what the left, and Dan, promotes.  As regular readers (such as they may be) know, I've an ongoing series called "Agenda Lies" that speaks to just one issue championed by the left which details all the lies that led to an unconstitutional Supreme Court ruling.  The stupidity of the left is also blatant and obvious regarding that issue, and no more so than the stupidity of believing the rest of us are stupid enough to buy into the lies of those who promoted the "agenda that doesn't exist".  That stupidity/ignorance was also on display in every center-left politician who supported that agenda and the achievement of its goals. 

But here we're dealing with a different issue...race...and the supposed hatred of racism by the left is laughable considering the history of the Democratic Party, even until quite recently.  Heck, the support for Affirmative Action requires a level of racism in the belief that a particular race requires government help to achieve.  On that subject alone, the center-right population demonstrates far less racial preference in its position that no race is such that government assistance is necessary for those of that race to succeed in life, any more than for our own selves.   So that's just for starters.  Let us carry on beginning with the first quote from old Danny-boy.

---To whom does it appear that the GOP is a party of racists?  Why, to those who oppose the party, of course.  To those who intend that people perceive them as such.  It doesn't actually have that appearance, since it is a party of racists at all, and honest people do not perceive it that way.  How could they when it's not true.

---In what way does "literal history" portray the GOP as being on the wrong side of racism?  I can think of no such evidence, and Dan has not bothered to provide any.  He's free to do so here, and I'll enjoy a good laugh when he does.

---Now here comes the really funny part:  Dan insists, as do other nutjob lefties, that candidate Trump "repeatedly played to/appealed to racists".   It's the really funny part because as a business man, I can't see that Trump would be concerned about appealing to a portion of the population that is tinier than the LGBT community...and that's really tiny.  The fact is that by running on a platform of immigration reform and enforcement in the manner that he did, the left willfully chose to interpret that as racist or anti-immigrant.  That is, protecting our people and borders is said by the left to be a sign of much the same way as protecting the lives of people not yet born to be proof of misogyny.  That's called "lying". 

---Daniel then goes on to say that the GOP "damn well better make a showy, outward public protest of the racists in your midst."  Well, let's see...we've already rejected David Duke, but he's been a member of five different parties and will likely jump ship again when it best seems beneficial for him to do so.  Aside from him, who else is there?  Most racists in American history have been Democrats, with Robert Byrd being the most notorious of recent times.  Most of the Confederate officers, whose statues the left now wants to tear down, were themselves Dems honored with those statues by Democrats.  But then there's Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton...oh, wait!   They're all black people!  What am I saying?  Black people can't be racist!  At least that's what they tell us, and the white people on the left will never point out the racist speech of any of these people.  (Meanwhile, here on the plantation, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Mia Love, Larry Elder, Tim Scott are all self-loathing house n***ers...according to the left)

Let's look at Trabue's list from his second comment:

1.  The only racism problem the GOP has is lefties and deluded minorities accusing the GOP of racism without any proof to back it up.  It's like insisting Dan's a goat regardless of the reality.   That such buffoons insist on perceiving the GOP in this way cannot be helped.  Liars lie.

2.  It's true.  The GOP's "racism problem" did not arise from nothing.  But Dan lies again.  It arose from willful distortions of what may have been said by certain GOP politicians.  As I said, liars lie.

3.  Dan believes it's a "point of fact" that there are racists in the GOP.  If he's referring to party members, specifically elected officials, he'll need to name them and provide evidence of their racism.  Whether or not there are racist voters who routinely vote for Republicans I would not dispute.  But then again, how can one tell without polling data of some kind, or simply such voters openly proclaiming their racism.  Remember...we cannot, and should not, give credence to the claims of those who oppose the GOP for such statistics as they are given to making every statement "code" for racism as it suits them to do so.

But Dan believes there are "a significant number" of racists in the GOP, though he gives no clue as to how he's support the charge.  Given that there is not a significant number of racists in the nation (that is, klansmen or neo-nazis---the best estimates seem to be no more than a few hundred thousand total), it seems not a little deceitful to suggest there could possibly be a significant number within the GOP.  It's a baseless assertion and a desperate hope to distract from the fact of racism in the Democrat Party.   Indeed, as I've pointed out with my own small list, it's a far bigger problem for Dems.  They just aren't honest enough to admit it.  Dan certainly isn't.

4.  Dan has a very mentally dysfunctional notion of what constitutes conservatism, and more so what constitutes a conservative.  To him, anyone puts an (R) behind his own name just has to be a rock solid conservative.  This is crap, as actual conservatives have long had a problem with the GOP for preferring wishy-washy Republicans over true conservatives.  Just check out the "love" those like Mitch McConnell have for those like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.  He prefers "establishment" Republicans, not Cruz or Lee.

And again, Dan prefers to regard Trump's unpolished references to those like immigrants and refugees as racist, when honest people see Trump's meaning through his inarticulate expression.  Dan wants Trump to be racist.  And for the left in general, there's no way that a white person is not racist.  That's the law.  So it's not that Trump actually intends to use racist language or seeks to inflame racist's simply that the left asserts such things in their hatred of non-leftist politicians.  (The irony here being that Trump is really less conservative than he is liberal)

5.  It's not Trump who has made racists feel comfortable.  It's the left who has done that.  I have a post in mind to address that in more detail, but in general, Trump's existence in the political arena is the result of leftist policies and politically correct BS with which the left has so horribly bored us.  This nonsense has left many feeling that despite their calls for consideration for the feelings of "protected" groups, it is just fine and dandy to say any nasty thing that comes to mind if the target is white, Christian and or conservative.  Given all the crap about "white privilege", it's hard to believe that among those fed up with this leftist PC attitude that racists wouldn't be among them.  For Trump to act with disregard for such PC considerations, only to have the left pretend said disregard means he's purposely seeking to attract racists to his cause is idiotic and willfully deceitful.  But that's who the left is: idiotic and willfully deceitful.

Dan believes that racism is a problem for the GOP.  He offers no data while claiming data exists to prove his premise.  Yet, lefties like Dan ignore the racist activity of the left and the Democratic Party in American history against which the right and the GOP had always been a foe...and still is.  The left has been accusing the GOP of racism for a long time...projecting it's called.  The "racism problem" of the right is in fact no more than the accusation of racism by the left, and the gullibility of those who've bought into it.  Dan can no more prove the GOP is racist than he can prove the Democratic Party isn't.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Dan Is Such A Brave Boy

...then Dan says to me,

I said one chance, Marshall.

"One chance and one chance alone, Marshall. Do you agree that neo-nazis and KKK members and their comrades have lost the opportunity to be treated seriously, respectfully or to be met with anything but contempt?"

THAT is the point of the post.

Do you understand that this is the point of the post?

Do you agree with the point of the post?"

I can't put into words the comedic effect of condescension from someone of Dan's questionable character.   The reason for this hubris stems from my original comment after reading his post from Aug.13 called RESIST (yes, it was in caps and bold print, because he's serious, dammit!).  He finishes his post beginning with this line:

"Good and moral people must always stand opposed to oppressors."

...and that was what prompted my initial comment, which reads as follows:

And that's why I stand firmly opposed to abortionists and those who enable them. The horror and oppression of one group of selfish, anti-science monsters against the most vulnerable and innocent of our kind must be opposed at all costs, and those who stand with the very people who seek to legitimize the practice (the lion's share of the Democratic Party, for example) are heinous for doing so.

"It's like all these conservatives who try to mock those who value tolerance for being intolerant towards some. But who are we being intolerant towards? The intolerant."

This is a lie. You are being intolerant against people who are intolerant of immoral sexual practices and against the support (legal, social, pseudo-religious) of those practices in all its forms. you think you'll ever address intolerance by black groups any time soon, or are you just opposed to intolerance by "white boys"? Just wonderin'."

Dan doesn't get the connection.  So, in his arrogance he condescends and demands an answer to a question I really shouldn't have to answer.  But I did.  He just didn't like it the answer I gave and deleted it.

You see, the problem is that this post of Dan's constitutes the definition of low hanging fruit.  Indeed, the fruit no longer hangs but was lying there on the ground next to where Dan was sitting, rotting half eaten.  He just picked it up and apparently feels just so noble and courageous for saying the obvious.  My goodness, how righteous he is!  HE OPPOSES NAZIS AND THE KKK!!!!  He's a pip!

There's so much wrong with his post and his many inane comments that followed in response to both Craig and myself.  And my initial response provides a few:

1.  Dan is an oppressor himself, and an oppressor of the most vile kind.  He is an abortion supporter, recently claiming (sincerely or for effect---it doesn't matter, really) that he no longer finds abortion to be immoral.  Here's some perspective from a 2013 article.  Dan wants to get all self-righteous about neo-nazis and klansmen while defending that which has killed far more people than all white supremacists in the history of this nation.  He wants to posture himself as among the "good and moral people" of America.  Clearly my initial comment indicates that I clearly do oppose oppressors beyond just the Klan and neo-nazis.

2.  He lied about conservatives being intolerant.  It's what the progressives do...because they don't understand conservatism at all, and because they need to demonize others in order to appear to be the morally superior faction while promoting immorality.  But while those bozos are intolerant of conservatives and Bible-believing Christians, we're intolerant of behaviors that are displeasing to Christians are supposed to be.

3.  Dan takes great joy in referring to the Charlottesville protesters as "white boys".  I've never heard him refer to any of those stoked so highly by BLM rhetoric that they assassinated or attempted to assassinate cops.  I've never seen him reference those perpetrators as "black boys".  What's more, my link referenced three black hate groups.  But Dan chooses to lie and say I'm comparing neo-nazis and the Klan to "black folks".  Obviously he didn't have the integrity to even click on my links.  I was not referencing "black folks".  I was referencing hate groups.  Groups that have been out there for some time, some of which call for the killing of whites and Jews.  Even Bobby Seale, a famous founding member of the original Black Panthers, calls the New Black Panther organization "a black racist hate group."

As if that wasn't enough, we have the shooting of a GOP Congressman by a Bernie Sanders supporter.  Don't recall Dan writing a post to decry the shooter in the foul terms he reserves for white supremacists.   And he gives Antifa and BLM a pass for their violent behavior because their violence is justified in fighting the "white boys".  Except the "Unite The Right" protesters had a permit to be where they were and there is no known evidence I've seen that suggest their intention was to do more than protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue.  The other lefties, in greater numbers, chose to confront these people, and some of them came armed as well as did some of the white nationalists. 

As to that, I've been trying to find anything that points to just who began the trouble in Charlottesville that led to the death of Heather Heyer. This LA Times piece was one that I chose because it gave a list of witness testimonies that help to answer that question.  I find it relevant given Dan's choice to believe that it was all the white nationalists.  But there are a couple left-wing testimonies that cite the Antifa people as the true instigators.  And that's important, because actual Americans understand the the freedom to assemble and protest is a right even scumbags have.  Dan believes the Klan lost the right to be treated seriously or with respect.  Dan also has a problem with Scripture as he apparently does with the Constitution.  One isn't required to like what these people represent, but so long as they're peaceably assembled, they have the right to be assembled without other scumbags interfering. 

There are two more points that need to be addressed as regards Dan's idiotic grandstanding:

1.  Bad people are also sometimes susceptible to good ideas.  That doesn't mean that the person with the good idea is seeking to attract support of the bad people.  It also doesn't mean that the person with the good idea needs to tell the bad people to take a hike just so buffoons like Dan aren't confused about the quality of the person with the good idea.

2.  The "alt-right", white nationalists and jerks like the Klan and neo-nazis are NOT "right-wing".  I recently read a piece by someone suggesting conservatives need to reject the term "right-wing", in part because of how many lefty chuckleheads abuse the term to demonize their intellectually superior opponents.  These sorry groups do NOT align with the principles of either constitutional conservatism or the American way/ideals.  They are far more comparable to Dan and his leftist/progressive/socialist/fascist circus of clowns.  Indeed, Dan said the Antifa people aren't nazis.  Well...yes.  They are.  They are two sides of the same worthless coin. 

There's really much more I'd like to say about this nonsensical perspective of Dan's.  It's held by many, even by some on the right.  It's have to wait till next time.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bad Time For A Movie Like This

With Friday's newspaper comes the entertainment section, in which new movies are reviewed.  This week, Kathryn Bigelow's new movie "Detroit" debuts.  It is called by movie critic Dan Gire, a "docudrama", which means it's a dramatic depiction of actual events surrounding the Detroit race riots of 1967. 

I'm not intending to comment on Gire's slanted view of this movie...slanted in the sense that it regards this depiction to be the unvarnished truth rendered in an absolutely objective manner without regard to personal biases.  Whether police brutality was suffered by the black community in greater degree than by others (like hippies) is not a concern here (though they most assuredly were).  Whether or not the police overreacted to the response of the black community after a police raid on an illegal event (possibly, though "overreaction" to an entire community looting, burning and assaulting would be difficult to measure) is also not a concern.  Whether or not blacks overreacted to the police raid of said illegal event (Yes.  They most certainly did.), or were in any way justified in doing so (No.  They most certainly were not.  No one would be.), is as well another story.

No.  Here, my concern is with the making of the film and the timing of its release.  I don't know when this film was conceived, nor when production of it began.  The best I can determine at this point was that it wasn't all that long ago given Bigelow's announcement in early 2016 that she intends to collaborate with Mark Boal on the film.  She's been a busy woman in recent years and sometimes these things can take quite some time to get from one's initial inspiration to actual release for public consumption.

Bigelow, in one interview, stated she felt it time to enter into discussions involving race relations.  I don't know where she's been, but it seems to me that she's somewhat late to the party on that score given that Eric Holder chided us in 2009 for being "a nation of cowards" with regard to such discussions.  The thing is, not only are many of us willing and eager to get into such discussions, many of us are willing to be absolutely honest about it, including discussing the topic from a wide variety of angles.  Some of those angles are those others would prefer not be discussed. 

For the purpose of this post, the point has to do with what impact a film like this will have on such discussions, as well as on the climate of race relations as it now stands.  This assumes the film is entirely accurate and honest as to the events of those riots in 1967.  That's in question given that some don't even want to use the term "riots" in favor of a more noble "rebellion". 

Recent years have shown that arguing that all lives matter, in response to chants that black lives do, is itself a racist comment to some.  Exposing the numbers regarding who's doing what and in what percentages also results in outcry, as the truth interferes with a narrative by which some benefit.  I would suggest that this film will only make things worse in that regard.  It will validate some false opinions with which truth, facts and evidence are inconvenient.  It will be used to justify more attacks on cops, as if the attitudes of most people today remain unchanged from 50 years ago...which is blatant nonsense.

I don't think the movie will tell us anything we didn't already know, except perhaps that the riots actually took place.  The young may not be aware.  But will they be enlightened, or further indoctrinated?  I don't know, but I don't think incendiary films like this are the way to bring it to their attention. 

I hope we hear of no violence tied to any presentation of this film.  And should dialogue take place as a result, I hope it's all positive and of a type that relieves tension between the races instead of increasing it.  It remains to be seen.


Just watched Steven Crowder's review of this film and it lends credence to my fears...not that it came as a surprise.  Here's the YouTube link: