Friday, June 24, 2016

By The Numbers

The above is a short film put out by the Clarion Project about the actual numbers of those who claim to be "moderate" muslims versus the entirety if islam.  It demonstrates what many have been saying for some time with regards the notion that "not all" are extremists or jihadists or even in agreement with those who are.  It speaks to the incredible task of finding those among the muslim population who are actually more like us than not in terms of rejecting the vile and barbaric beliefs and practices that in recent days have resulted in the murder of 50 people in a club in Orlando, FL. 

There was a recent post by leftist looney Dan T regarding what he hailed as a historic event to which someone from his church (if I recall correctly) was a part.  This conference saw itself as one that is "doing something" to end the violence associated with the teachings of islam...teachings which many claim are not truly the teachings of the "prophet" at all.

Dan also has done much trash talking about Donald Trump and his call to halt immigration and the flow of refugees from countries with muslim majorities...countries known to have a large radical muslim population or are under radical muslim control.  This suggestion has also been put forth by people like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, and between the three of them the suggestion shows far more concern for the welfare of the American people than anything proposed or implemented by the current administration and those of his party seeking to step in when he thankfully steps out. 

And about that... a curious thing.   In 2009, the Obama administration did exactly that which is proposed by those three with regard to halting the flow of refugees from, I believe, Syria.  Don't recall too many lefties whining about that being un-American, as if allowing just anyone into the country is what America, or immigration for that matter, is all about. 

Immigration policy is not for the immigrant.  It's for the host nation who allows immigration.  It's for OUR benefit that we CHOOSE to let anyone into the country at all.  It is NOT anti-American to deny entry to anyone for any reason whatsoever.  Nor is it "unChristian" to totally seal off our borders until such time that we, based on reasons that make sense to our own national security and the benefit and general welfare of our own people, choose to open them up. 

It has been the fashion to label Trump as racist for his stance on immigration and border control.  That is, it has been the fashion of the typical center-right hating liberal (not that Donnie is a conservative or anything) to so label anyone who dares suggest we take a step back until such time as we can secure those borders, improve the efficiency of our vetting process and find those who have overstayed their visas.  That isn't racism at all, regardless of who it is we want to more thoroughly scrutinize.  It's called "protecting our own people". 

The boneheads who have failed to prevent terror attacks in this country (since Obama first became president) speak of needles in haystacks as regards finding the small percentage of scumbags willing and eager to perpetrate more Orlando crimes.  FBI Director Comey has even suggested some of the hay becomes needles.  Dan, Obama and other leftist pinheads want to bring in more hay and hope for the best.  They think our refusal to do so would incite more muslims to radicalize.  What a joke!  They don't need an excuse.  They are already successful at recruiting and inciting and influencing the stupid to do what they insist they intend to do to the world. 

The numbers are too great.  Talk percentages of the total all you like and it doesn't change the fact that the numbers are too great.  Unfortunately, the numbers of idiots who think like Dan and Obama are great as well.  We need conservatives (read: smart people, courageous people, leaders) in positions of authority in this country.  All we have right now is Trump, but on this issue, he is correct and Hillary, Bernie and the Idiot-In-Chief don't even understand the situation...AND THEY HAVE ALL THE INFO THAT SHOULD INFORM THEM!!! 

Loretta Lynch, who has no business speaking to the friends and families of the Pulse shooting (that's not her job), said something stupid about fighting terrorists with love.  This administration is killing their lame notions of how to deal with the issue of terrorism.  They want it to be about guns.  With this latest crime they want it to be about homophobia.  They don't have the brains, the honesty, the integrity to properly deal with the issue and thus protect the people they are sworn to protect. 

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Toto, I've A Feeling We're Not In Kansas Any More.

What a sad time.  Coming to the end of an eight year period of idiocy by a guy poorly pretending to be a president, and what have we got?  The choice between bad and worse and the inability to decide which is which.  I am on record as insisting it is the duty of every American to vote...for every Christian to vote...that not voting is a vote for the worst of evils on the ballot (assuming more than two)...and that one cannot complain about the state of affairs when one did nothing to influence the direction of the state. 

So now what do I do? 

Assuming there's still a chance ol' Bernie can win the Democratic nomination, there's no way on God's green earth that I would ever vote for a socialist...especially one as goofy as this guy.  And Hillary?  Are you freaking kidding me?  At best she's four more years of Barry O! 

Then there's the Trumpster.  We know what kind of hell hole we'll be in with either Bernie or Hillary.  Of that there's no doubt.  They simply CAN'T improve our situation.  But Donnie-boy is an unknown.  That is to say, we really don't know what he'll do given the fact that he hasn't given us a whole lot about which we can feel certain.  I'm not talking about getting things done, but about exactly what he'll try to get done.  He's walked back a lot of things he's asserted he will do. 

I'm concerned about the guy's character, frankly, and despite what some who are said to know him well say, it's hard to feel good about a strip-club owner.  There's also his lack of concern for private property rights.  And we're just supposed to believe him that things will be better with him in charge, when a little insight as to how he intends to accomplish what he promises would go a long way toward instilling some confidence in those like myself who are not impressed with his "political incorrectness". 

That alone is a big deal to me.  There's rejecting political correctness, and then there's being an ass.  There is no need to be the latter when claiming to favor the former.  In speaking to Megyn Kelly, he said he likely wouldn't be where he is if he hadn't acted and talked like he did.  I don't doubt it for a minute.  But being a clown is not what we need in a president, as Barry has proven.  (Indeed, pretending for a moment that he's actually conservative, he's the conservative Barry O, and his supporters are very much like Barry's were...and just as foolish.)

He also told Kelly that if he fails to win the White House, he would regard his campaign as having been a great waste of time.  Two problems with this gem:  1.  He didn't use the word "failure" in regards know...FAILING to win the presidency, and 2.  Striving to serve the nation as its president, but failing to be elected is not a waste of time if one is truly concerned with doing the job I the first place.  His comments indicate an "it's all about me" attitude, which seems to be totally Trump.

And that's another problem.  Many insist that he will surround himself with really good people.  I would hope so.  But my fear is that he will not abide their counsel.  He regards himself highly.  He's a legend in his own mind.  Will he truly take guidance from more expert people? 

I could go on and on about all the things that make him a horrible choice.  As disappointed as I was with the American people for Obama, both with those who supported him as well as those who didn't vote because of all the lame reasons for not voting, I am even more disappointed now.  We had a guy who really knows the Constitution and has proven that he is more concerned with it being followed than he is with making friends, and people think Trump spouting off about immigration makes him more worthy of their votes.  It didn't then and doesn't now, but now we have a harder choice (Cruz was the no-brainer choice, meaning too many have proven they have no brain). 

We have a harder choice, but we have no choice but to cast a vote for this low-life scumbag (I'm following his lead in my word choices here).  To allow a Clinton/Sanders win is to support what they will do to us.  That simply can't be allowed to happen.  It's too late to go third party and while I'd like to write in Cruz, that's really no different than going third party without some real confidence that a majority will do the same. 

I'm going to have to hold my nose (tightly) and vote for Trump.  I don't want to.  But fools have tied my hands.  I have to vote for the guy who didn't attract enough attention in the primaries to quickly force out those who eventually stayed in the race too long.  Most of the right-wing didn't want him.  I still don't.


I recently heard Mark Levin talking about SCOTUS appointments and those on Trump's list of possibilities.  Mark knows these things well and his opinion of the list is favorable for the most part, Levin knowing many of them on the list.  So Trump's choice(s) could make voting for him worth it.  What else he might do and/or accomplish will remain to be seen.  And I'm nervous as hell about it.