Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh, This Is Rich!

Our new Commander-in-Chief is quite a guy. You just gotta love his priorities. I just can't believe people actually voted for this guy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Couldn't Agree More

Another fine piece from the racist and poorly written AmericanThinker.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Last Task

The following are part of my final remarks as Church Council President of my church:

"...from 2 Corinthians: “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common?” With this tract in mind, I want to encourage everyone to give serious consideration to seceding from the United Church of Christ, to exist as a solely separate community church, which we pretty much are anyway, or even aligning with a more Biblically sound denomination. For my part, there is much that is wrong with the views of the UCC, but none so heretical as their support of homosexuality and gay marriage. I’m not going to go into details at this time except to say that since becoming a member and learning of the UCC’s position on this issue, I’ve studied it extensively and find no leg upon which they can firmly stand. They are wrong. Period. But, seceding is a serious matter and entails serious thought. So, think of what benefits we possess by our alignment with the UCC. What real difference to us would it make to break away, as over 200 congregations have done over this issue. I am not forgetting the possibility of negative consequences for Rev. M--- or Bob W--- and those are important considerations. I don’t expect this discussion to move quickly, as it likely shouldn’t. But I am convinced it is a discussion in which we need to engage ourselves. It matters as far as developing mission statements and how we present ourselves to the greater community and how we present ourselves as children of God. I haven’t thought much beyond merely broaching the subject. I have a few vague ideas about how to pursue this discussion. But for now, I’m merely planting the seed and hoping each of you consider it seriously, speaking amongst yourselves in whatever groups naturally occur and in time, we’ll see where it goes."

With that, and a congregational recitation of the Lord's Prayer, our annual meeting was adjourned and I stepped down as President (me and George Bush). Two terms lasting six years, while being Chairman of the Board of Elders most of that time. I will miss certain aspects, such as having a turn as Lay Leader for Sunday services, and of course certain aspects I'll be glad be rid of, such as petty complaints one shouldn't expect in a Christian setting. (Rev. M--- and Bob W--- are our pastor and another elder who is enroute to ordination.)

But the subject of leaving the UCC has been something I had been wanting to address for some time. The feeling would ebb and flow with events both personal and otherwise, but the UCC has a way of reminding one why they are worth leaving. After the Prop 8 was successfully and righteously adopted in California, I had learned that the UCC had spent church funds advertising in several "gay" publications showing support for defeating the measure. Now, say what you will about the morality or immorality of homosexual behavior, or say what you will about those who support their agenda, but to spend the money of people for whom the issue is so contentious goes beyond hubris. The UCC is a tool of the homosexual activists. Their position is, as I have said in my final remarks and elsewhere, counter-Biblical, and among the many other UCC positions with which I disagree, none are so blatantly so.

So, I've made my pitch. We'll see how this shags out in the days and weeks to come.

Friday, January 23, 2009


A new addition to the blogroll, Only in Larryland. A personal friend and all around good conservative and Bear fan. Give him a read and enjoy.


From the racist and poorly written AmericanThinker comes this Kyle-Anne Shiver piece. Just awesome.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How I Spent Jan 20, 2009.

My day started with an early awakening (for a guy out of work) so as to meet with a periodontist to get an implant. (Could there be a better way to start the day?) The appointment was for 8AM and by 9 I was in la-la land. (Unlike lefties, when I sleep, I'm actually unconscious.) Roused at about 10 or so, I had just enough of my wits to understand that everything went better than expected and that the inauguration hadn't yet occurred. I had asked that they keep me under until it was over, and he laughed as if I was only kidding.

Nonetheless, the fetching Mrs. Marshall Art was dutifully waiting outside to chariot me home as I fearfully leaned upon a small nurse who helped me down the steps to the car. From there, I literally bounced in and out of sleepy-ville as my head bounced against the window all the way home. Staggering up the stairs (what a smooth buzz!), I quickly laid myself down and slept until about 5PM. So I managed to miss the swearing in and all, but after eating, I was unable to totally miss out on the drooling syncophants waxing breathlessly about how their lives are now fulfilled and they could die happily knowing they lived long enough to see the annointing of the Annointed One. Though the wife took me to pick up my car from the periodontist, and then a trip to the pharmacy, once I got home and settled in front of the tube, I could not change the channel fast enough but soon found my beloved but woeful Chicago Bulls to watch them lose a third winnable game in a row (they're now behind the Bucks of all things! First the election, now this!) As they again lost in the waning minutes, like the GOP grasping at liberal policies as if their base would follow, I searched for other distractions quickly scanning past more idiots breathlessly trying to explain why they were happy about the election of someone of whom they have absolutely no real knowledge. I finally came to the final hour of the fine Robert Duvall film Broken Trail (truly one of America's all-time great actors). This was followed (on AMC) with the great Magnificent Seven, during which I watched from my computer table, checking out the blogs during the less exciting parts and commercials. Finally, I went to bed.

It is now 9:50AM Chicago time and I still haven't slept. So I'll try for a couple or three hours, get up, clean up, eat dinner and go bowling. Hopefully I can get back on schedule.

BTW, I saved the collectable wrap-around special inaugural bird-cage liner from today's local paper so's I can read the address. As I understand it, within the first moments, Obama made an error such a smart, intelligent savior of the world should not have made. I missed it myself and it's a minor thing, but hey, I'm not the Annointed One. 10,000 points for whoever knows it. No points if you stumbled upon it as I did.

Another Reasoned Review

Just what I've been sayin'. Check it out.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reasoned Reviews Of The 43rd

Whilst checking out SisterToldjah's blog, I came across the following articles. As we wind down the last few days of the George W. Bush administration, we hear much about how the One will bring Eden back to the planet, after he erases all the evil and misery inflicted by the onerous Dubya. All the world will join together in song and love and understanding will flourish.

Adults, on the other hand, view the Bush presidency with more reasoned eyes and with intellectual honesty, judge his work based on reality, seeing both good and bad without naivete of the victims of BDS or the foggy perceptions of the Bush worshippers, of which I don't believe any ever existed.

So, I present from the Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes' list of what he considers the ten best achievements of the Bush administration. This is followed by Rich Lowry, from National Review Online who lists what he feels are ten mistakes George made. The third is also from the Weekly Standard by two guys who work in Berlin named Patrick Keller and Dustin Dehez. Together they look at 3 big things he got right with his foreign policy.

All three represent a clear-headed look at the last eight years. The usual suspects will provide the bloviating about war crimes and corruption. Enjoy.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Found On The Way To Something Else

While at Neil's, which took me to another blog I'm checking out, I came across this dude.

Hey, Mark. I think I've got it now. Thanks.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh The Shame!

I'm an embarrassment to Barack!

I only scored 16 on the Obama Test

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

MidEast Peace a Pipedream

A recent post celebrating an example of progress in Iraq morphed into a discussion about recent events in Gaza. This article illustrates what the main obstacle to peace truly is and thus, what needs to change, and drastically so, before a true lasting peace will ever come to pass. By extension, this change must take place if the non-Islamic world expects their own relationship with the Islamic world to also be a truly peaceful one. Because as long as Islam is influenced by those among them who believe the world must be ruled by Islamic law, because they believe Allah demands it, then the conflicts they have with Israel is only stage one and the rest of us will soon be in the crosshairs.

At this point I must clarify one point: I don't believe every Muslim is concerned with world domination or the total destruction of the Jews. I don't believe every Muslim hates Jews and there are likely those who are friends with Jews. But that's irrelevant. I don't know how I could ever tell with certainty without at least some personal relationship with a Muslim. It is not wrong for a Muslim to lie if the lie furthers the Islamic cause. And what are sleeper cells but Muslims acting like average members of society until they are called upon to unleash their own version of Islamic warfare? Their own religion means we stick our necks out farther than we would normally when we hold out a hand in friendship. Doesn't mean we shouldn't try. It just means we need to make sure we see both of their hands when we do.

So until they come to reject that part of their religion that teaches these hateful things, there are very few options available to us. We can't separate ourselves so that we never deal with each other. Both sides have resources the other needs. And Islamic teaching mandates that the whole world believes only in Allah and that Mohammed is his prophet. It tolerates nothing else. So separation would never last, either. And we can't just sit back and let Israel and Islam fight it out between themselves because of the same reason. We'd only be next on the list of conquests.

Fighting back is the only way. Supporting Israel in their defense of their country while attempting to support those within Islam willing to make the only changes that will lead to a real peace. It ain't gonna be easy no matter what. And those who speak out against the religious leaders of Islam do so with the knowledge that they've also placed a target on their own chests. I don't believe that Islam is a religion of peace. I just hope there are enough Muslims who want peace and that they have the courage to stand up for it.

And for those who believe Israel is targeting civilians in Gaza, scroll down a few articles from the one to which I've linked and you'll find a brief piece that trashes that notion rather well.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Separation My Eye

This fine article from the racist and poorly written explains a concept of which I've made similar concepts on various blogs, including this one. If one is honest, one can easily see how the stifling of religion in the public square has contributed to what the late Sen. Patrick Moynihan called, "defining deviancy down". Two recent incidents made the reading of this article all the more compelling.

The first was the receipt of a solicitation for donation to an outfit that is both pro-life and a promoter of chastity. (It seems the wife already discarded this into the recycling container and at this late hour I'm not up for digging it out. I'll update this post later if I can recover it. It's a most worthy cause.) In it's letter it described a behavior amongst teens called "sexting" wherein the kids take pix of themselves naked for attracting dates or just for exchange. It speaks of teens, particularly college girls, turning to prostitution as if it's just another job. It also speaks of statistics such as 1 in 4 kids having some form of VD.

The second was a piece I just saw on a news station speaking of a hazing incident involving girls from Glenbard North High School in the Chicago suburbs. It had to do with some kind of sports team wherein senior girls engaged in a very brutal and savage assault on junior girls. There was a keg of beer and eventually other students showed up, and kids being stupid, some video-taped the event. About a dozen senior girls were expelled, some junior girls suspended and several girls were taken to the hospital for serious injuries including a broken ankle, a severe gash on the head from being hit with a bucket, and other assorted fun. To view the tape was sickening.

I maintain and insist that the stifling of religion within the schools and in the public arena, but worst of all, within the homes of most of these kids, is at the heart of all of it. There has been nothing that has adequately replaced God in the lives of these kids and their parents. Is it any wonder that our culture is so warped? No one's looking for a theocracy here, but those who insist that it is soley up to the parents alone are generally those whose kids indulge in these behaviors, and often indulge in them themselves. Our country can no longer afford this crap. Everyone needs to grow up.

UPDATE: This article from Yahoo is relevant to this discussion. It speaks of Mississippi taking over as the state with the most teen births. It mentions all versions of why a rise in teen births has occurred and why it might be more in one state than the other. But the reason of culture is given only a mere mention. Of course culture is a far larger reason because it made it OK for these kids to have sex in the first place. I would have preferred that the article spoke to pregnancy rather than births, for I feel the stats would be more alarming. Also better would be some kind of national survey that indicates how many kids are engaging in any kind of sexual activity beyond mere kissin' and huggin'. That, too, would likely surprise.