Monday, June 30, 2008

Voting With The Nose Held Tightly

In a few discussions at other blogs, the subject of voting for "the lesser of two evils" came up. Naturally, in this upcoming November election, McCain is clearly the lesser of two evils. But the point made was that some just don't want to go that route anymore. One claimed to be "force-fed" McCain and doesn't much care to be.


My response was that I don't think we were so much force-fed McCain as much as suffering the ramifications of our own inactions. In 1994, Newt Gingrich led a conservative revival with the "Contract With America" and all was good. Since then, it seems that the general feeling has been one of complacency, that things will always be such with the right-wing side of things. This has obviously not been the case and the midterm elections certified it with the loss of Republican control in Congress. Some think it will get worse come November.

So what to do? Our job, as conservatives, Republicans, right-wingers, traditionalists, and people of faith has always been to be involved. To stay on top of the issues and to let our representatives know what we think about issues and their positions on them. Allowing the Obamanation to win won't prove anything to anyone except that we are bigger idiots than the left ever could possibly have conceived.

But should even that evidence of the coming Apocalypse occur, it is encumbent upon us all to get involved and stay there. Yeah, that means making time in our busy lives for staying abreast of current events, writing, calling, emailing our representatives constantly to TELL them what we expect of them. Politicians are needy creatures. They need our approval and they need our support. When a DOMA type bill comes up for consideration, we need to be on the horn letting our reps know they need to support it. Even if our rep is an idiot like Dick Durbin or Barak Obama, we need to continually let them know.

In fact, it's even more important if our rep is the guy for whom we didn't vote. Imagine being some goofy Democrat and getting nothing but calls and complaints from constituents. Imagine being constantly told that every move you make, or intend to make, is wrong or offensive or contrary to the will of the people. A Dem would fold like a lawn chair.

So we need to do this now. Our reps, whether we voted for them or not, our party, local chapters as well as national, to let them know what we expect, and also for giving kudos when we approve of their moves, we need to stay involved. We need real leaders. We need to show them what a leader looks like, so we don't have to hold our noses in order to defeat absolute bad choices like Obama, with a vote for a choice that just ain't good enough, like McCain.

In the meantime, hold it tightly and vote for McCain.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Don't Touch My Guns

I don't really have any guns. I just liked this article regarding the Second Amendment.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Good Reason To Vote Against Obama

With a hat tip to Neil over at 4SimpsonsBlog, I present this. The chick can sing. Check her out. Vote McCain. He's less crappy.


I just saw this and had to post it. Both a good parody and a good reminder of the type of company Barry keeps. In other words, more reasons. Hat tip to Sister Toldjah.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

More About "Obscene Profits"

Whilst lifting, sculpting my middle-aged body into the powerful force for good that it never really was, I like to peruse the wonderully written and logic intensive articles provided by the truly deep thinkers found in the many right-wing sites found on the world-wied web. This fine article found at AmericanThinker, a site that confuses the pseudo-intellectuals and reduces them to hanging their hats on dangling participles rather than disputing the points presented, would have been better attached to a post soon to fall into the archives for lack of space. Thus I present it here.

Needless to say, I agree with the sentiments contained therein, and wish to re-iterate my disgust with those politicians and their supporters who believe that there exists any right of the government to confiscate the profits of successful people or corporations. The left especially, though old Mickey concurs, chooses to demonize the successful and the wealthy in order to position themselves as saviors of the downtrodden, most of whom are fully capable of creating for themselves a successful life of whatever type they choose, if not for having been fed the B.S. of those who wish to avoid dealing honestly with real issues. Here, "Big Oil" is clearly being smeared as evil, when the greater culprits of high petrol prices in this country are those that are doing the accusing. At least McCain sees the bennies of nuclear power. But I fear he may no go far enough to reverse the unnecessarily burdensome restrictions and regulations that have done more to create this situation under which we all suffer. It will only get worse under Barry, because he's a complete idiot. There's supply and demand, and then there's government interference. The first requires politicians to stay the hell away. The second requires real courage and thoughtfulness to reverse to stand up to the real culprits, politicians and the lefty environmentalists.


I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the passing of Tim Russert, host of "Meet The Press". I haven't had much chance as I used to to watch the show, my church having no Saturday services, but occasionally I'd catch a re-broadcast on MSNBC. Though I agree with Hugh Hewitt, who commented that he didn't always bring his "A" game for lib/Dem guests, I also agree with him that Russert would be tenacious with any guest who failed to answer to his satisfaction when an issue discussed was deemed important enough to be so, and in those cases it didn't matter who the guest was. Also, he was obviously both extremely prepared as an interviewer as well as one who deeply enjoyed what he did. And he definitely seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Always a plus. The Sunday morning political talk won't be quite the same and they are diminished by the passing of Tim Russert. May he rest in God's Peace.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Changing Tunes

I really enjoyed this Ann Coulter column. She nails this perfectly. She also could have pointed out how the Dems have whined about Republicans disenfranchising voters, but their primary rules, with the "super delegates" make voting completely worthless within the Dumbocratic Party. People actually vote for these guys.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Best Reason To Vote Against Obama

As this piece illustrates, it is important that we elect McCain over Barry if only to have any chance at getting decent Supreme Court Justices when one or two of the lefty buffoons retire. This decision ranks as one of the most dangerous by the five fools in some time. We can't get a guarantee that Johnny will nominate a Roberts or Alito much less actually have them confirmed by the Dumbocratic majority, but there's no doubt that Barry will put forth a total idiot like Ginsberg and then we're screwed, because the idiot will be with us for too long, writing more stupid decisions like the one presented in the link. Remember: we've got crappy, and less crappy. Vote less crappy. Vote McCain.

That is a good bumper sticker.


I offer this article to give more insight into the stupid Supreme Court decision regarding habeus for Gitmo detainees.

Friday, June 06, 2008

World Opinion For Some Looney Leftists I Know

Here's a little something from that bastion of lies and poor writing skills, This pretty much ends the discussion in my favor right here, because as the left insists, world opinion is all important, it determines right from wrong, and it's the bar to which we must always rise. Or it could be that foreign news services don't know lies and poor writing skills when they see it. Or it could be that there are some around the world not as gullible and politically confused as Euro-trash and the American left.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another Great American Thinker

Michelle Malkin's column at points out yet another industry hauling in OBSCENE PROFITS!!! that hasn't gotten the venomous outrage and condescending scrutinity endured by the oil industry. Now, I pointed out the movie industry after reading of the money taken in from the Memorial Day weekend. That would be one weekend. But Michelle brings up another obvious, but very contemptable industry, the abortion industry, namely, Planned Parenthood. According to her data, our tax dollars comprise a third of their budget. That has to stop. There's quite enough morally challenged libs and feminists that can donate without taking my dough to whack infants.

On a side note, she mentions early on a quote from McCain regarding his distaste for OBSCENE PROFITS!!!, as if it's any of his business how much someone else makes. And who the hell is he to decide at what point profits become obscene? Pretty subjective, if you ask me. Just another tidbit illustrating Johnny's lib leanings. We gotta face it: Come November, we're screwed. But I still maintain he's less crappy than Barry.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Stating The Obvious

The always brilliant Thomas Sowell states the obvious in a piece that touches on two aspects of the Obama situation: his past performance vs his rhetoric, and his views on the real threats before us.

In the first part, Sowell discusses how Obama's soaring rhetoric is at the least, misleading when compared to what he has done in the past and with whom he has chosen to associate himself. Later, he wonders on Obama's understanding of terrorism and their ability and willingness to be destructive.

Indeed, these things have been discussed before, by both pundits like Sowell as well as by bloggers like myself. But it never hurts to continually cry out what should be so plain, but rarely is to his supporters.

It's kinda funny, in a pathetic and self-destructive way, that, like the Nicaraguans, who supported the communist Sandinistas after ridding themselves of the Somozas, the liberal left in this country, after decrying the Bush administration as some evil force in the world, are willing to throw in with someone who starts from a far worse place. As bad as they stupidly think Bush has been, they're willing to support a far worse choice than another Republican. Even if it could ever be conceded that the left is, uh, right, there's no way any sane person could see Obama as the answer.

You Kiddin' Me?

"I didn't anticipate my fairly conventional Christian faith being subject to such challenge and such scrutiny."

This recent Obama quote caught my attention. How is black liberation theology in any way conventional? If Trinity UCC was his first and only taste of Christianity, I guess I could understand and cut him some slack. But even then, if he had never taken a moment to look at other denominations, or even other UCC congregations, where does he get off using that term "fairly conventional"? How would he know? And if he did examine others, how could he not see the unique qualities of his chosen church? As insignificant as this is, and I'm sure certain left-leaning visitors would categorize it as such, it seems like he's either trying to convince the listener that his faith is like any other, or he is ignorant of how it differs from truly conventional Christianity.

Or perhaps he just doesn't realize that most people are concerned about the goofball that has preached to him for the last twenty years, and why he'd consider such a dude a mentor. It has really been about his judgement in continuing to support Wright's ministry, with all his hysterical anti-Amercian and race-baiting rhetoric. Now he thinks it's time to leave Trinity. Uh, uh, pal. It was time a long time ago. And you ain't foolin' nobody about why you're leavin'.