Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Good Day

Two way cool things happened today.

First, I received in the mail my brand new


t-shirt and bumper stickers. This was a great thing to find upon coming home from the grind.

The second thing was finding out how clean Milwaukee now is. This shouldn't be a surprise considering how well


Yes, my friends. It was a really good day!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Additions

I've added two new additions to the blog rolls.

Under Right Ones is Perri Nelson's Website. I've only recently started reading his stuff, but his comments at other blogs I found well reasoned. Right now he has a good post regarding Garfield's take on the oil crisis.

Under Left Ones is Democracy Lover. I've never read his blog, but we've been nasty to each other at other places. Lately, for no apparent reason, we've been rather civil with each other and he's invited me to look over a post of his, on which I've yet to comment.

With both of the above, I've placed them under the heading I thought was most appropriate for each regardless of how they might in fact label themselves. I think I've put them each in the proper place. Please give them a look.

For all those who have not had a formal introduction to my readers (such as they may be), "Sorry!". I've only just taken to doing this recently.

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

And excellent Ralph Peters piece for your consideration. Indeed, the same could be said for those who think diplomacy can change the hearts of despots intent on destroying their imagined enemies.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Support Yourself, PP!!!

I don't understand this at all. It's bad enough PP is getting an exemption for baby-killing. Why is my tax money going to support it, especially when the other two thirds of their income is staggering? There's nothing about their operation that is deserving of either.


What a great story! I wonder why, however, PP closed the gates on this truck. Did they feel it's presence would hurt profits?

Plain To See

I noticed this little article and saw that it summed up my own feelings on faith in the public square. I don't know too much about Jim DeMint other than the fact that he is always mentioned as one standing firmly for conservative principles. He echoes my thoughts with the following quote from the article:

"Before the 1960s, it was pretty clear that abortion was wrong, that sex outside of marriage was wrong, that unwed birth was wrong, and pornography, homosexuality – all this was considered wrong by the society," DeMint contends. "But government came in and turned right and wrong upside down."

I've made pretty much the same statement myself in discussions regarding the moral state of our culture. Now, I wouldn't say that government took the lead in this change for the worse, but they certainly sealed the deal, as it were, in much of it. The courts have done more to steer us in the wrong direction, but more than anything else, it was we the people who are mostly responsible. A segment of us decided that they did not want to deny themselves the pleasures of the flesh and as they were finding like-minded judicial support, the rest of us sat back and did nothing as they made their incremental progress toward the full moral decline the now afflicts our nation.

But look again at the list in the DeMint quote. Each of those items are directly related to sexuality and civilization's unwillingness to control their urges and keep sex in it's proper place. The only thing that really did a lot to keep such things in check was religion and the belief system of its adherents. Nevermind whether or not God's existence can be proven. Indeed, let us concede for a moment that He doesn't and still, nothing since the 60's has had nearly the positive influence on people regarding sexuality. In fact, without God in the public picture, society has chosen to elevate sexuality far above its proper place and sought ways to justify further disregard for the responsibility that should be attached to it. It has become soley a matter of self-gratification

And so we have inflated rates of STDs, particularly amongst younger and younger kids, an unforgivable amount of abortions, too many marriages that should never have taken place which end in divorce within the first decade, broken homes and families, and a push by a tiny but vocal group who demand their abnormal urges gain the acceptance of all society, even at the cost of the majority's Constitutional rights to express their faith. One can't help but believe this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of just how bad things will get as a consequence of religion, particularly the Judeo-Christian influence, being pushed out from any public considerations.

So we've pushed out God and replace Him with, what? Ourselves. Yeah, that's working out really well.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cool Vid

From a Frank Gaffney article at, this video to which he linked humorously illustrates the state of affairs with oil situation these days. I'm not one of those who believe the AGW whiners know much of anything useful, but I do believe it's time for drilling in this country right now. And what better reason than to reduce the amount of money flowing into countries that are less than friendly. Thus, I hope, but won't hold my breath, that Congress will follow the lead of President Bush and lift the restrictions on drilling. The time is now. Actually, the time was ten years ago, but what are ya gonna do?

Here's the Gaffney article. Check it out.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Absolute Gall!

I just had to post this travesty before calling it a night. To think that anyone would actually try this stunt is beyond me and to think that a judge would actually think there might be merit in this suit is a definite sign that the world is going to hell in a handbag. And some insist that there is no agenda, no attempt to silence Christians, no attacks or wars or attempts at forcing others to accept depravity as normal, good, just like anyone else.

If this goes to trial, I hope the defendants go for broke so that this jerk is exposed for the pathetic ass he is. It'll be more than a little interesting to see how this story progresses and I hope NewsMax stays on top of it.


I wasn't planning on bringing up this story, but as another display of gall, I felt it apropriate. It's becoming tiresome to hear charges of "hate" anytime someone opposes the homosexual agenda. But part of that agenda is to characterize opposition is such terms. It's unfortunate that some are falling for lies like this.

Good Bye Tony

Prayers for the passing of Tony Snow. Just like Russert, he seemed to be every bit the truly good guy that all those with whom he worked said he was. I enjoyed him on the radio, on Fox News and will miss him. Prayers for his family as well.

Back Home

Home from the trip and sorry it came to an end. Really enjoyed Charleston and all it had to offer history, culture and great-dining-wise. Despite the potential for hurricanes and earthquakes, I wouldn't mind living there. Hot, humid, but always breezy from winds off the ocean. Bertha was making waves, literally, but they weren't so bad the day we were at the beaches. Anyway, they say there's no place like home, but so what. There's no place like a lot of places and when the family is with you, what does it matter? So we're back to the real world and all that means. Sob.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy 4th!

I hope everyone has a safe 4th of July. Be careful with those firecrackers. Be careful with those hot dogs. I don't wanna hear of anyone blowing off their fingers! I'm skippin' town for the following week so I don't know if I'll have the chance to blog, or even want to. I'll be visiting historic Charleston and I can't wait. If you visit here while I'm gone, you'll have to clean your own mess. Later!

New Blog

I want to introduce you to a new addition to the "Right Ones" column. Shared Thoughts is Andrew Clarke's blog. He gives Marshall Art's an international flavor as he is based down under in Australia. Give him a read. It's good stuff. Welcome Andrew!