Monday, March 25, 2013

From the Cornucopia: A Lesson To Learn

As Geoffrey can tell you, I'm one of his biggest fans.  That might mostly be by default because it's quite possible he has fewer readers than I.  But his is one of the blogs I visit regularly for a host of reasons.  OK.  A "host of reasons" might be an overstatement, but certainly curiosity is one of them.

I get a lot of heat when I visit Geoffrey's blog.  He likes to say that I visit just to argue and he's not about to argue with me, that he doesn't need to explain himself and that I don't understand anything he writes anyway and on and on and on.  He also likes to say my comments are like a flaming bag of poop some kid leaves on someone's porch.  Ironically, I am often accused of being the hateful one by people like the intrepid Parklife. 

But recently, Geoffrey has posts on the subject of "God is love".  This one in particular I initially found quite hypocritical.  It doesn't jibe with his overall attitude when one considers his posts about members of the right-wing or his responses to my comments.  He's really a nasty-assed kinda guy. 

But that's what really got me.  Those posts of his against the nasty he feels justified in putting out on the world wide web.  And I got to thinking about the manner in which I often deal with particular visitors to this, my own blog. 

Now, I could defend myself, and I think quite well, in that I give back only what's been given.  I don't, for example, just jump down Parkie's throat except that he has proven incapable of posting a thoughtful comment of substance that provides something that could compel true reflection or consideration.  And Feodor also enjoys tainting every comment of his with condescension and derision and thus, I often leave a little for him as well, especially when his crap is directed to other visitors. 

And while I can also defend myself by repeating that I don't pretend to be one of Christ's twelve, I am more than a little concerned after re-reading Geoffrey's post and realizing that I might be as hypocritical as he is.  Sure, he's better at it than me, but degrees of asshat don't enter into it. 

I often feel that some people exist as a test.  God puts them in our lives so as to see if we really live His second greatest commandment.  We all have these people in our lives and usually in far greater numbers than we feel is fair.  It really is how we treat those who treat us poorly that matters.  And some of these people can be examples to us of how we should NOT treat those we don't like.  For this I owe Geoffrey thanks for the lesson learned.  May I be granted the strength to put it into practice.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Even More Goofiness--Cars More Regulated Than Guns?

The goofiness to which I referred was the last comment Parkie posted to the previous discussion.  This fool often makes cracks accusing me of never researching anything.  While that is an idiotic claim considering the many links in both my posts and comments, here and elsewhere, it is clear that he did no research before parroting the goofy claim that cars are more regulated than guns.  In response, I offer this insightful article.  Maybe regulating guns the same way we do cars is not such a bad idea after all.  Thanks Parkie!