Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Heathen Denier

I may not have a science degree. I may not understand all that can be found in a typical peer-reviewed paper. There is much with which I could not keep up in discussions with intellectuals well versed in global warming details. But I do know that intelligent people from many disciplines of science have serious problems with the man-made global warming alarmists. Here is yet another example. If Geoffrey can pocket his disdain for my distasteful manner, perhaps he and his friend would like to show how this piece is a piece of, uh, something distasteful. For me, I'll have to re-read it a few more times, what with my lack of scientific understanding and all.

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Mark said...

I understand about 1/100% of what that guy is saying, but it appears he is making the point, through physics, that I have made before by logic.

When I drop ice cubes into a glass of cola, and don't drink it, but allow the ice to melt until there is no ice remaining in the glass, there is no rise in the amount of liquid in the glass. In fact, the level of liquid goes down. If the melting of ice causes liquid levels to rise above the level they were at previously, why doesn't the same principle apply to my glass of soda?

Al Gore's theory doesn't hold any more water than that glass.