Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Test Post With Substance

I've been visiting blogs for quite awhile, and you can see when I started my own. In all that time I didn't know how to use hyper-links, and didn't care to try to learn on my own. So the Game, who is a teacher, taught me using, per my request, language a small child could understand. It has gotten me this far which is miles beyond where I had been. Next, I'll be learning how to make the titles of my posts a link to articles to be discussed in the comments section, as Game does at his blog which is listed among the blogs to the left (Right From The Right). I'm so excited.

So, I've linked to the article below, which is a review of a new Norman Podhoretz book. It looks like a book I'll be likely to purchase at some point, but the review contains enough from it for the purposes of discussion. Looks as though Podhoretz, a guy who's perspective I've always enjoyed and respected, has nailed it.



The Game said...

One more thing...
The words you want people to click on does not have to be the actual link address.
If I want people to click on "video of OJ getting arrested" I type that in my text, then highlight it, then when I click on the link box the address can go in there...if you like having your link be the actual link address that is fine, but I was just not sure if you wanted it that way or not.

Marshall Art said...

Thanks, Game. I'll do another test post and try it. I'm just tickled to get this far. Thanks again.

ELAshley said...

Linking is easier and more.... eye-appealing if you use this following template.

[I can't just type out the template and hope that it'll be visible.]


make this: <><>

Between them type the name of the link: <>Margaret Thatchers Hair<>

Click between the first pair of carrots and type: a href="" [exactly like I have it. Make sure you leave a space between the "a" and the "h"

Inside the second pair of carrots type: /a

Your link goes between the quotations in the first pair of carrots... like so:

a href=""

All of that goes inside the first pair of carrots.

/a goes inside the second pair of carrots

And between the two pairs goes the link title.

Easy. Though the explanation was not.....

The end result will look like this:
[after blogger converts the tags]

Margaret Thatchers Hair

Marshall Art said...

I appreciate the tip, Eric. I'll appreciate it even more if I actually do it right. Stay tuned.