Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year Anway.

A New Year is come and our hopes for better with it. The hope seems more desperate than usual. We have one more year of this administration and then what? No contender seems to stand out above the rest. The best from a conservative perspective are not leading the pack. And some poll numbers put one who is the worst of the bunch to appear to have a chance. Not happy with the front runners at all, but I can't see any of them being worse than the Loser-in-Chief they seek to usurp (with the possible exception of Ron Paul).

One would think it should be a slam dunk to have Obama expelled come November. So many people still out of work, with the percentages of out-of-work young and out-of-work minorities being especially high. Yet these are the people who voted for Barry in the first place. The rest of his supporters, the other fantasy-land dwellers who voted for an empty suit without any idea of who the guy was, will likely continue to support him as they believe he's actually made things better.

But hope exists because it must. To give up hope is to allow things to get worse. We can't let that happen as it is quite bad enough as it is.

So I'll continue to hope for the best. I'll continue to pray for God's influence to bring more people around.

Not much of a New Year's post. Can't help it.


Marshall Art said...

Now this is funny! Check out what some anonymous idiot tried to post here:

"just STFU jewboy

you can't write, and certainly can't think"

I can't imagine who would post such a comment, but the coward is just bright enough to do so without any indication of who his sorry ass is. What a brilliant individual, who, like one particular past visitor, accuses without any substantive support for his opinion.

"Jewboy". That's funny.

Anonymous said...

Dismal 1st day's page but certainly revitalizes the expression "Nowhere to go but up", aka, hope.

This just in -

"Empty Suits are the Washington Ways and Means Committee's latest fashion nuance theme, don't you know? It's true. One of their various and largely unknown responsibilities is oversight of the decorum of today's Congress. This includes the dress code and creation of suitable attire, with much effort regarded the poise and stature of our (current) governing body lest they appear to have stepped right out of the Sears catalog. Therefore, mandatory ensembles have been tastefully and considerately created and offered in C-style and R-style counterparts. They are issued in contemporary hues, are quite the rage and so very apropo to their sporting constituencies. They are given the names Conflict and Disgrace. These colors do run, however, so laundering instructions have been included on the tags."

And, in the words of (the great) Jar-Jar Binks: "My give up."

-Joe C.

Happy New Year all. *grumblllfussfigitijitspits*

Feodor said...

Two wars.

Tax cuts.

Over leveraged hedge funds built on the housing bubble.

None of that is Obama’s doing. But that things aren’t much worse when they were clearly headed that way… that’s what a Democratic administration has achieved in the face of an morally cheap obstructionist Republican minority holding its own party hostage.

And see what leaders your political imagination raises up? Stupidity and incompetence. And Romney - the rubber band man.

Happy New Year. It looks promising to me.

Marshall Art said...

"And see what leaders your political imagination raises up? Stupidity and incompetence."

Please, feo. You've got Barry O and his wooden dummy, Joe Biden. You've no room to speak of stupidity and incompetence (except in the "takes one to know one" realm).

Marshall Art said...

Joe C.,

Whence came that quote?

Perri Nelsonb said...

Hm.. IIRC it was Barney Frank, and the Dems that precipitated and accelerated the Housing Bubble.. Not that GHWB didn't contribute himself..

But NONE of the reforms in place now will do much to prevent a recurrence of the same, and in fact some of the same policies that led to the bubble are back in effect..

The housing bubble wasn't the only thing that led to the crash though. Outrageous fuel prices because of the actions of the 2006 Democrat led congress made people choose between transportation/heat and food or mortgage payments too. Old Barry was involved there.

The very notion that "we can't drill our way out of dependence on foreign oil" is ludicrous. You don't end dependence on a thing by increasing your consumption of it while cutting off your alternatives. Even if we couldn't eliminate it, we could reduce it by a whopping big percentage... and the competition would have reduced or kept prices low... but people like Barry "0" want to see $8.00 per gallon gas prices in the U.S. (his own words)... just not as rapidly as we saw $4.00 per gallon prices (again based on his own words). They want the ruination of our economy - but they want it to happen slowly enough that we don't notice.

Ethanol subsidies by big-government politicians on both sides of the aisle drove up food prices as well. Let's convert our food into a less efficient fuel and burn it... now there's an idea that sure helped the downtrodden at the expense of the - oh wait. It lined a few pockets at the expense of the downtrodden - like most so-called "Green" policies.

Come on Joe C. You can do better than that!

Oh... Happy New Year Art!

Anonymous said...

Marshall Art asks: "Joe C.,

Whence came that quote?"

It whenced from me might small noggin, it did. Me dearest apologies to the warren, though, for theirs is the bounce and meanderings of the aimlessly blind. Tis with great dismay I must take up me blunderbuss lest they nourish too ravenous of me garden. I would feed the world, don't you know, but it has been denied me. I've only privilege of me own dear woman and issue. I'll be grateful for that and no more, then.

On Politics again I have to quote Jar-Jar: "My tongue is tongue....

Just quit smoking and I'm fettered of fingers, flakey as a biscuit and I just can't get this brow unknitted. It's been all knotted up for, long has Barry been in the oval kitchen?

-Joe C