Sunday, January 22, 2012

Agenda Lies Update

The title of this post refer to the original, introductory Agenda Lies post, wherein I discussed the lie that there is no homosexual agenda. It seems that when I decide to leave the topic of homosexuality alone for awhile, something comes up that trumps that decision.

In this case, an email newsletter from Illinois Family Institute led to this site, and I just had to post on it. I'd like you, gentle reader, to note two things: first, look at the sub-title of the site. It appears that the homos that run this site are not aware that there is no homosexual agenda. They didn't get the memo from HomoCentral that no homosexual is to mention an agenda of any kind.

But it gets worse! The second thing of note is the text of the linked piece itself. Apparently these guys don't realize they are not supposed to actually say that they want to indoctrinate kids! What could they have possibly been doing to miss the edict against expressing this publicly? And check this out:

"Remember, Prop 8 passed along age lines with the very old voting largely in favor of it. The younger generation doesn’t fear homosexuality as much because they’re exposed to fags on TV, online, and at school."

This quote is important because I've often been told by enablers who visit here that our (that is, those of us who support REAL marriage and Scriptural notions of human sexuality) days are numbered and soon all the world will embrace the notion of homosexuality as normal and healthy as normal and healthy heterosexuality. They say the the world is changing and seeing things their way. But the quote demonstrates what my response has always been to such a claim, that any trend in favor of their depravity is the natural result of good men doing nothing. Each generation becomes more and more immoral because of the actions of the immoral among us now, and the lack of virtuous people standing against the agenda for immorality.

Is this site indicative of the general homosexual population? I have no idea. But I would wager it is so. One thing is certain: an agenda exists and always has existed. The site to which I've linked is only one piece of evidence, but it does show that which is not the least bit surprising.

I had been working on a different Agenda Lies piece, but I'm going to let it lie for now. I don't really want my blog to be totally focused on homosexual lies, but sometimes they just crop up and need to be addressed by someone. However, this blog will always tell the truth to counter those lies and stands ready to do so at the drop of a hat.


eMatters said...

Part of the agenda is denying there is an agenda.

I couldn't view the link because of my Internet filter, but the title speaks volumes:

Marshall Art said...


The gist of the article is accurately presented in the post. You can plainly see the title of the site. What it says under that is, "Free of an agenda. Except the gay one."

Marshall Art said...


Try again, but with less of what proves what a false priest you are.

Feodor said...

It’s enough for me that you read it - and can’t deal with it.

Jim said...

Well, this may be another one of those 250-300 post merry-go-round threads, but what the heck. It's fun (for awhile).

Of course there is a "gay agenda", but it's not what you say it is.

You say the gay agenda includes indoctrinating children into "gay-dom". And you think the reason for that is to sow the seeds of queerness among the youth to create a harvest of willing "queers" for the slavering "homos" to get their jollies on.

That about sum it up?

As far as indoctrinating kids is concerned the site says the following:

How about we accept that we want kids to think better about queers and then create ads—with tons of verifiable supporting evidence—that just plainly state that denying marriage equality ruins people’s lives?

I support that "agenda".

Marshall Art said...

Here's some of what feo thinks is too much for me to take (note the stupidity of one who claims training in the faith):

"Damn that agenda of tolerance! How dare St. Paul claim that the gospel of Jesus Christ extends to immoral, unnatural Gentiles!"

What feo so deceitfully is trying to claim, is that Paul anywhere encouraged the tolerating of sinful behavior. This is so unquestionably not so. "Immoral, unnatural Gentiles" would not be "tolerated" if they remained immoral and unnatural in their behavior. Indeed, Paul preaches casting out the unrepentant sinners. No one here fails to "tolerate" homosexuals who struggle with their sinful desires anymore than we fail to tolerate any other sinner who seeks to live according to the Will of God, though backsliding might occur.

What excellent examples of bad Christian understanding like feo would have us believe is that Paul, or even Jesus, would "tolerate" ongoing sinful behavior, preaching that engaging in said sinful behavior is not sinful because of the context in which it takes place or chuckleheads like feo daring to proclaim that He or Paul ever did or would do anything like that. I regret that the term "false priest" does not go nearly far enough to describe the level of heresy feo so proudly supports as faithfulness.

The rest of deleted post was a coarse slander regarding Evangelical voters of S. Carolina of they type so typical of leftists in general.

Marshall Art said...


"That about sum it up?"

No, liar, that doesn't sum it up at all. But to insist that a cultural tolerance for any behavior won't result in an increase in that behavior is worse than naivete. It's willful stupidity. Are you in cahoots with feo and Parkie to infest my blog with stupidity?

As this study showed, environment does indeed play a major role. And it really isn't so much how many kids turn to homosexuality, but that along with that rising percentage (regardless of the level to which it might rise) will come even more kids viewing the behavior as morally benign or worse, a moral good. As I said in the post, the percentage of young people who already do view it in that manner is largely the result of the culture not standing firmly for virtue in the first place. Morally corrupt people like yourself have had that effect and those of us who have not yet rejected truth and wisdom (not to mention God's clearly revealed Will on the subject of sexual immorality) need to remain vigilant against its further spread to the best of our abilities. Human nature being what it is, I suspect a losing battle ahead for the good guys until enough people have suffered from the "tolerance" of stupid people like yourself.

As to what you quoted is the agenda you support, it is crap. They speak of tons of evidence showing ruined lives for what? Not being given a marriage license by the state? Let's see some of that evidence. I know of many normal people whose marriage plans didn't work as they'd hope and their lives were hardly "ruined" by it. Sure, they felt pretty crappy for awhile, but they moved on like adults. Why do homosexuals have such difficulty handling life if they are just like us "except"? Why would their lives be "ruined" for lack of this fictitious "equity" to which they aren't truly entitled? They're still able to live together and pretend to be like normal people.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

For those who don't believe there is an agenda, all one has to do is read the book, "After the Ball." Written decades ago, it spells out the agenda - and they've accomplished most of what they were after. Same-sex fake marriage is the big one.

Marshall Art said...


I've mentioned that book many times. The current response is that it is only the opinions of the authors and they aren't representative of the entire community.

Frankly, I really don't believe most homosexuals make the claim that no agenda exists. It's just not an honest thing to say as every desire for legislative change constitutes an agenda, whether it is written down in a manifesto or not. What's more, one has to be totally blind or willfully shielding one's self from reality to pretend no such desires exist or are not pushed by various organizations and/or groups devoted to their "cause".

But, as one regular homosexual visitor of Dan's and Geoffrey's blogs, as well as Dan and Geoffrey themselves like to say there no such agenda, I like to refer to it as "the agenda that does not exist".

Feodor said...

You’re a flip flopper.

Marshall Art said...


Who is it that you think is flip-flopping and what did he say to make you think that is so?