Friday, March 13, 2009

No Statehood For Scumbags

This AmericanThinker article shows that not much has changed in the standard perceptions of the Israel/Palestinian conflict by members of left. If at all true, it shows that Hillary is shmoozing the bad guys to the detriment of the good guys. Yeah, that would be Israel as the good guys, no matter what one particular visitor to this site might choose to believe. For once, I'd like to see someone play hardball with the Palestinians, and let them know in no uncertain terms that they can expect nothing whatsoever from the United States until they drop their hatred of Israel, and act decisively in quashing any such sentiment within their own. I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone in our government, never mind which party, could in their right mind give any care for the Palestinians as long as their leaders maintain the status quo in regards to anti-Israeli sentiment.


Perri Nelson said...

Hmmph! And there when I read your headline, I thought you were talking about the unconstitutional "DC Voting Rights Act" passed by the Senate last week. But you were talking about a completely different sort of scumbag (i.e. other than U.S. politicians) not deserving Statehood.

They (the Palestinians) were offered a nation of their own a long time ago - and rejected the offer. They're no more deserving of a state now than they were then.

Marshall Art said...

Good point. In this day and age it is helpful to be more specific as to which group of scumbags one is highlighting.

As to the Pallies, I don't see as they have ever been deserving of their own state. They were never "Palestinians" per se, as there were other groups, the Jews included, who inhabited the area. Those whining now are Arabs of some sort, but were never offered to be part of any of the surrounding countries. Yet, while the five Arab nations were set to invade back in the 40's, the Jews had already invited those living in the New Israel to stay. They didn't. Now they pretend they were evicted. They weren't.

Mark said...

"the Jews had already invited those living in the New Israel to stay. They didn't. Now they pretend they were evicted. They weren't."

That's because they don't want part of the land. They want it all.

Ron said...

Good guys and bad guys are all in your head and set by which side and which tenets you happen to believe in. It's that whole reality thing and truth thing again that you seem to think is to esoteric to discuss.

Marshall Art said...

I don't know, Ron. I don't see much in the way of esoteric nuance with one side obsessed with the total annihilation of the other. If you want to play that lame "truth is relative" crap with such blatant hatred by the Pallies, take it elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you want to have a serious discussion of an incredibly serious situation, I'm game. (Not "Game", but "game" with a small "g".)