Monday, March 02, 2009

Don't It Feel A Bit Chilly?

This piece for American Thinker, that racist and poorly written site, demonstrates once again the folly of the AlGore sheep who insist that the science behind the global warming scare is beyond reproach. It seems that the opposite is true as we continue to hear more and more from GW sceptics. The punchline to this piece comes in the warning regarding the "cap and trade" angles being put forth in Washington, and other economy destroying proposals provoked by this fraudulent scare tactic we call, GLOBAL WARMING.

Even more to the point, articles like these show our liberal friends that we do not, in fact, have any problem whatsoever with science. We are not anti-science in any way. Far closer to the truth, is that we have a better understanding of the rightful place of science in our decision making process. To focus even more sharply, we are not intimidated by the word "science", as if it's use negates common sense, ethics or morality.

The scientific community is not without its politics. In fact, politics looms large within it. It is also held to religious standards by those who have no religion, and even by some who claim to be religious.

But none of this is news. We who truly pay attention know that science vacilates between one set of beliefs and another, always trying to refine it's position in order to get closer to the truth. As we are battered between rackets of "not good for you" across the net to "not bad for you", we are made dizzier by the topspin of each side convinced of their position. All the more reason to hold up and take a closer look when the alarmists scream that the end is near. All the more reason to NOT act until we have a clearer picture of reality.

As the article reminds us, our economy is way too messed up to further encumber it on the basis of mythical threats. All global warming related measures should be stricken from any spending packages immediately.


Anonymous said...

Well said. GW is a transparent power grab. They'll take $$ and power and relinquish it . . . never. After all, what is their exit strategy? Even if they could agree on a temperature to aim at they'd claim the volatility (you know, the thing we used to call the "weather") was too much or too little. And if their "target" isn't achieved then they'll use that as proof that they need even more power. Sort of like how Obama et al will claim we need even more government solutions when his economic plan delays the recovery and tanks the economy further.

Mark said...

We have approximately 6 inches of Global Warming on the ground outside right now. I had to turn the heat up this morning. My feet were cold.

It's on days like this I wish there was such a thing as Global warming. I don't like cold weather.

hashfanatic said...

"All global warming related measures should be stricken from any spending packages immediately..."

i believe this is actually unnecessary, conditions will soon dictate their disappearance, for us

no one's going to be wringing their hands about climate change, if gas hits four bucks a gallon by summer, seven to nine by year-end