Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hudson River Landing Animation---Kewl!


hashfanatic said...

those still freak me out, since i live on the outer edge of the right side of the picture, and that plane could have easily landed on my house :)

i'm grateful it didn't...

funny story...there is a pretty popular, upscale steak house, with a landing on the river...they were setting up for dinner at the time

a police launch pulled up to the open french doors on their patio, with some thoroughly frozen, wet passengers...the owners immediately declared them guests of the house for the evening, and more than a few made a beeline for the open bar, LOL!

they had towels and fresh clothes from the staff uniforms' supply...the authorities had to go in to talk to them, because they were reluctant to leave, LOL!

they found sully in a food court in the terminal on the opposite side of the river, sitting at a table by himself, sipping coffee...he said he needed a few moments to collect his thoughts!

great pilot, i do think he's getting too much exposure, though

Mark said...

That IS cool, Art. Great find!