Friday, June 06, 2008

World Opinion For Some Looney Leftists I Know

Here's a little something from that bastion of lies and poor writing skills, This pretty much ends the discussion in my favor right here, because as the left insists, world opinion is all important, it determines right from wrong, and it's the bar to which we must always rise. Or it could be that foreign news services don't know lies and poor writing skills when they see it. Or it could be that there are some around the world not as gullible and politically confused as Euro-trash and the American left.


BB-Idaho said...

yeah, if they're not with us- they're against us. Euro-trash?
..still fighting ol George III?

Doc said...

Um, I think the writer confused Indian hospitality and good manners, with being actually supportive. The Times, The Hindu, and The Deccan Herald- India's three main papers are extremely critical of the Bush administration. India Abroad, and India Today are both often quite left-leaning. While there is often a great deal of support in the Indian Christian community for Republicans, Other Indian immigrants have been fairly traditionally quite liberal. I believe that this is due to nostalgia for the socialized economy of the mother country, and living predominantly around large cities. I didn't have to dig far for an example-my first quick look at today's Times, front page, first article:
There are several outspoken backers of the conservative ideals, especially in family values. This makes for a lovely disconnect of those Indians ho have bought in to the idea of the evil Republicans hating all minorities. I recall one discussion I had over breakfast with my wife's aunt (She was born and raised in India, and is a Brahmin, as is the rest of my wife's fam.) She's a staunch democrat, and stated (while I was in the middle of drinking my OJ) "I think its a good idea to have kids praying in school."
Bottom line, I don't think this is a very accurate portrayal of the political feelings of Indians- in the US or over there.

Marshall Art said...


The real point of this post was in rebuttal to a couple of lefties, namely Dan and Geoffrey, who dismissed for the quality of writing and, I guess, because they don't want to believe anything that is written there. It came about when Geoffrey attempted to answer the challenge I made to use one the articles at AT regarding Obama, and the only one that was used wasn't even about Obama specifically. In any case, I thought what I presented here was an example of the respect that is actually given to AT by some from other countries despite how it is dismissed by those who suck up to the lefty agenda. I think that was the point of the linked piece as well.

ELAshley said...

Marshall, check out my latest post for another VERY WELL written, and soon to be vilified piece, from American Thinker.

Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

The person who wrote this little blurb of self-promotion (nothing wrong with that, mind you) uses the word "prouder". There is no such word. Correct usage would be "more proud".

Yes, I am the grammar police. I learned it from my dad, a retired English teacher.

Marshall Art said...

Busted! Give yourself a shiney star.

Doc said...

I get your point regarding the respect factor being given to the AT by the world press. I frankly don't care, either what they write is valuable or not, or whether the left cares about it or not. I'm sure "Air America" had some international respect, (Is Harry Belafonte still in America?) but I really didn't find it particularly valuable, or of high quality.
I would, however, state that one aspect of "quality of writing" would be getting the facts right. AT clearly doesn't do it in this article.

Marshall Art said...

Well, Doc, that's your opinion and you're welcome to it. Now the question for me is, who's anecdotal evidence should I place any value, yours or the commenters below the article? This is a problem I encounter both here and at other blogs, one's personal experience is supposed to have some kind of incredible weight for the readers. Why should it? The author of this article is relating items from his personal experience and research. I guess it's alright for you or people like Geoffrey and Dan to simply discount it without offering real counter evidence, but I'd prefer something more substantial.

Don't get me wrong, Doc. You've offered a bit more than I'm used to getting from others, and I appreciate it. But it's really a limited perspective as is anyone else's personal experiences. That's perfectly fine, and as I said, I appreciate such insights. But it doesn't do much to rebut the author's statements. It seems to me that some expect me to believe that the writers at this and other similar sites have no legitimate sources, never do research, never get checked out, are simply throwing crap against the wall hoping readers swallow what drips off. This isn't debate.

Now I won't say that there isn't criticism of Bush in even the most friendly foreign countries. He gets it from his own supporters as well, despite what the loonier lefties choose to believe. That doesn't mean the Indian population are automatically Dem supporters. I have problems with Bush myself, but the conservative philosophy stands on it's own as the better of the two views, liberalism being the other and greatly inferior perspective.

P.S. "Air America"? That's funny.

Doc said...

Don’t get me wrong, I find quality in many of the articles in the AT. But I often note a great deal of the opinion=fact type of statements that you describes.
For sure, I have given personal experience, as did the writer at the AT. If the author at the AT did research or have data on these statements, I did not see any referenced.
I’ll give some of my data:
The largest study of Asian American voters done by the AALDEF, looked at the “Indian-American” demographic and found that three-quarters were enrolled as Democrats, with only a small percentage as Republicans, (and a number of undecided).
A press release is here
Perhaps I’ve just read too many journal articles, and have gotten used to referenced sources.
BTW, Obama may have some challenges in the Indian-American Community, given that he blasted the Clinton’s ties to India and Indian-Americans. Here's a link to the article describing Obama’s apology.

Doc said...
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Doc said...

Ugh! Bad Microsoft! Sorry, I'm tech-impaired.
The first Reference is from the AALDEF Report and press release on the 2006 elections.

The second is an article by Lynn Sweet at the Sun-Times.

Erudite Redneck said...

Cool. We gopt damn close there to a tiff between a conservative (Doc) and MA!