Friday, June 13, 2008

Changing Tunes

I really enjoyed this Ann Coulter column. She nails this perfectly. She also could have pointed out how the Dems have whined about Republicans disenfranchising voters, but their primary rules, with the "super delegates" make voting completely worthless within the Dumbocratic Party. People actually vote for these guys.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that was nicely done. They are shameless in their inconsistency.

John said...

I know..what kind of weird nominating process. Specifically created to limit the choice of the masses. Odd, eh? And they dare to complain about the electoral college.

blamin said...

Ann has it figured out yet again!

I read with interest today that some states are considering tying their electoral votes to the popular vote, in an attempt to “call” the national election based on popular vote.

This country would not be if it weren’t for the “great compromise”. Screw the popular vote! My state signed on as a member of the US of A solely because of the great compromise, if current politicians/mediarites don’t like it…tough shit! To hell with a bunch of history challenged people that have no idea as to how this country came about. We have a contract – if it’s broken, then it’s no longer valid!

And to double hell with people that think current persons are “smarter” or “more informed” than past citizens, they aren’t!!! (Arrogant bastards!)