Saturday, September 03, 2011

I'm Bored With This Card

Every now and then, I come upon several articles and/or posts that are all touching on the same subject. This compels me to post on the subject. Recent events in the news have also had that effect, so I today I offer the following:

US Congressman Andre Carson, a Democrat from Indiana, recently stated that members of the Tea Party would love to see black Americans hanging on a tree.

US Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California, recently state that as far as she's concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell.

Ed Schultz, MSNBC blowhard, purposely chopped a speech by Rick Perry in order to use Perry's "black cloud" comment to accuse him of racism. Al Sharpton, another MSNBC braindead commentator and professional race-baiter, was said to have referred to that portion of the Perry speech in the same manner and with the same deceitful purpose as Schultz.

And not so long ago, we recall the group of people, members of the Congressional Black Caucus, making their way through a crowd of Tea Party people, and later saying they were victims of racial epithets hurled their way. Of course, even after Andrew Breitbart offered big bucks to anyone with proof of this, no proof was found.


The sad part is that this stuff is not new, has been going on for, like, ever, and there seems little reason to believe the left will dispense with such nonsense. Alphonzo Rachel has his own round up in the video below (but I don't know why it won't show the whole screen--should anyone have a tip, email me and I'll adjust it accordingly---in the meantime, you'll get his point just fine):

The real question is, why do black Americans fall for this? You can hear the supporters in the audience just diggin' the rhetoric. But it doesn't make any sense. As Zo indicates, these people speaking in this manner are the very same people who are responsible for the suffering of the black population in the first place. They are continually supported by the black community without that community ever benefiting by giving that support. The worst part is how stupid most of these black "leaders" are. Does anyone remember how in July of '03, US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, a Texas Democrat, stated that "All racial groups should be represented." in the naming of hurricanes. Really? Is this something that troubles the black community? If so, does it trouble them more than having an idiot like Lee, Waters, or Carson represent them?

It's enough to make one wonder if black people really do need the government to take care of them! If it's really true, and I'd like to believe it isn't, then perhaps the government should make sure they understand a few simple truths, such as which party has really been deserving of their support. This article, by Robert Rohlfing, posted at, should help to inform them.

There was supposed to be a change once Barry O'Babble was elected. The change to which I refer had to do with the whole racism issue. Here was an almost black guy elected to the most important position in the world, President of these United States of America, and it would show once and for all that we are truly united. But it hasn't worked out that way. People like those mentioned above, and even Obummer himself, have continued to play that race card. As this article, by Doug Edelman, and also posted at (because really, not all conservatives can be called intellectuals, but there are NO intellectual liberals, or they'd be conservative) illustrates nicely, to oppose Barry is to be a racist. No matter how stupid his policies or proposals might be, only racism is the reason he is opposed at all.

It seems clear that whatever racial divide still exists in this country is maintained by those who claim they want to see it bridged. Why those who seek true equality would continue to support such people defies explanation.


Anonymous said...

so since the tea party is a single issue organization centered around less government spending and these people say that racist.

to me it sounds far more racist to claim that unlike everyone else in the country, blacks cannot survive without government handouts.

Dan Trabue said...

why do black Americans fall for this? You can hear the supporters in the audience just diggin' the rhetoric. But it doesn't make any sense...

It's enough to make one wonder if black people really do need the government to take care of them!

And you all wonder why our black brothers and sisters tend to see you all as racist?

"But of course they would, just a bunch a dumb black folk don't know nothin' no better than to fall for the sneaky democraps and everything the aks for...," something like that your explanation, Marshall?

Marshall Art said...

"And you all wonder why our black brothers and sisters tend to see you all as racist?"

Not if they read stuff like my post in the half-assed manner you obviously did. There's no way anyone who reads the whole thing can come away believing our side is racist. Maybe you couldn't see Zo, but he's black. He's talking to "his people" here and trying to get them to understand those clowns to whom he was referring are the reasons for their troubles.

MY point, to which your highlighted comment above was in response, referred to people who follow the aforementioned clowns. They obviously DO need someone to help them if they continue to follow those who do them harm. But as I said, and what you ignored, was that I'd like to think that they don't need help at all. The problems it that they've been told they do, just like others who vote for Democrats. But no one is getting the business like the black community and if you checked any of the links I've provided, you'll see that's the truth.

So you can take your lip-service support for your black "brothers and sisters" and sing that tune elsewhere.

Marshall Art said...

As it is not 4AM, as it was when I last posted, I go back to Dan's comment and wonder why he didn't answer the question of the highlighted quote: why do black Americans fall for this?

That really is the question of the day. We're the ones accused of racism, by the aforementioned clowns and those like Dan, but we're not the ones crafting policies that insist blacks are incapable. THEIR OWN "LEADERS" ARE! We not the ones who created laws that treated them as second class citizens that must be segregated from the rest of us. THE PARTY MOST OF THEM SUPPORT DID!

Dan Trabue said...

I didn't answer it because it's a racist question, Marshall. I also would not have answered: "why are black folk so stupid?" or "why are black folk so violent?" and other racist questions.

Anonymous said...

Marshall your questions have been deemed racist by Dan the arbiter of rightness.

Marshall Art said...


There's absolutely nothing racist about it. First of all, the question doesn't suggest anything about ALL black Americans. It refers only to black Americans who support people like those in the video. I don't think that comprises the entirety of the American black population.

But the question is legitimate for the reasons provided by Zo and the linked articles. Indeed, it's the very question Zo himself asks. And the troubling part is that one can legitimately ask, why are black Americans who support such people, as those in the video, so stupid? The answer is easy: The Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson types of "black leaders" are the very people who have proposed and supported policies that have made it easy for an unfortunate segment of the black population to exist in ignorance and misery while being told the other party did it to them.

But I guess your white guilt won't let you see truth if every legitimate question from the right amounts to racism in your clouded eyes.

Parklife said...

"Marshall your questions have been deemed racist"

it is what it is

Marshall Art said...

"it is what it is"

Yes it is. It's an honest assessment of the facts. What it isn't is racist, and you, troll-boy, don't have either the spine or the intelligence to show how it might be.

Feodor said...

"why do black Americans fall for this? "

From “Call of Duty: The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee,” authored by J. Steven Wilkins, a book Michelle Bachmann read some years ago… and apparently absorbed whole cloth:

"Northerners were often shocked and offended by the familiarity that existed as a matter of course between the whites and blacks of the old South. This was one of the surprising and unintended consequences of slavery. Slavery, as it operated in the pervasively Christian society which was the old South, was not an adversarial relationship founded on racial animosity. In fact, it bred on the whole, not contempt, but, over time, mutual respect. This produced a mutual esteem of the sort that always results when men give themselves to a common cause….

The credit for this startling reality must go to the Christian faith."

Feodor said...

By the way, Wilkins is a former board member of a group that advocates secession of what used to constitute the confederacy in order to form a new and independent “League of the South."

Marshall Art said...

I'm not sure of the point you're trying to establish here, feo (what a surprise). I also don't see how it is a response to the question you highlight. There seems to me a great distinction between what Wilkins describes and the irrational attachment of modern black Americans to the Democratic Party and/or so-called "black leaders" as depicted in the video.

Indeed, what Wilkins describes aligns with what I've said before, that even in the system of American slavery, not all situations were "oppressive" in the sense of intense suffering on the part of slaves by their masters. It also diminishes the idea that slavery itself is the horrible-evil-every-time-just-because, as Dan believes, as opposed to what form of slavery or how it is applied (funny that---no mention of slavery as right or wrong in Scripture, but Dan opposes it in every form---none can be tolerated. Yet, homosexual behavior, with no mention of exceptions, is clearly prohibited and Dan pretends some manifestations are permissible. Consistency check!).

So, feo. I invite you to elaborate and explain (hopefully in English and not psuedo-intellectual babble) the relevance of your comments to the topic at hand.

Feodor said...

That you don't get it,, Marshall, would be the point. And that you favorably and agreeably read Wilkins, thinking that you do so in all integrity and intentions of honesty, these things bring down the judgment that is just.

Why do Black Americans fall for the Democratic party? They don't. Not as one bloc, not in unison, not at all in the same ways and definitely not without criticisms.

But when the alternative is to join - not vicious racists, not those whites who know hate and intend hate - but to join people like you, people who cannot hear the racist presuppositions in their well intentioned thinking, cannot feel the huge grinding of the lie in the way they think about American history - then they stick with the Democratic party. It's not that they find white Democrats so virtuous.

It's that they find people like you to be a far greater evil, a far more vital threat to the success and survival of black families, black life, a far larger eclipse of the God given glory of their blackness.

Marshall Art said...

Wow, feodor! That is some incredible fantasy! Where do you come up with this crap? The answer is self-evident. Crap can only come from inside you, expelled from that area where you both sit and store what you laughingly call a brain.

It's not that I don't get "it". It's that I don't get YOU or the quasi-thoughtful things you say. I asked for support for your last comment, something that would show relevance, hoping for some elaboration that would equal something tangible. Instead I got what I knew I would get. Crap. Would you like to try again and deliver something that is not your own fantastical imaginings? Something that is fact-based? Something that can be measured in terms of what reality and real life has brought forth?

Because all you've done is to present more baseless accusations regarding people like myself and the conservative side of life in general. If ANY black people see things as you do, it is not because it is true, but because they were told it's true by the very people Rachel rightly dismisses as having harmed the black community. You apparently didn't take any time to check out either of the links I've presented. The piece by Rohlfing is of particular relevance to the point, that the black Americans to whom I refer have been led astray, and the real culprits in the perpetuation of their suffering has been the very party they support. Go ahead and show it to all the blacks you know and challenge them to prove any of it false.

If you choose to re-read my post without your empty head way up your ass, you will find that blacks don't support the Dems as "one bloc". Zo Rachel alone is proof of that, but he is not hardly alone.

And YOU, you sorry fraud and fake, have NEVER been able to prove anything akin to "racist presuppositions in their well intentioned thinking", and certainly none from MY writings. What you do is pretend they exist so as to position yourself some kind of champion of the black cause. You're full of shit and pathetic. Exactly what lie do find in the thinking of conservative Americans, like me or anyone else, you incredibly false priest?

Marshall Art said...

And speaking of absolute fantasy, there's THIS drivel:

"It's that they find people like you to be a far greater evil, a far more vital threat to the success and survival of black families, black life, a far larger eclipse of the God given glory of their blackness."

In what way could they possibly find "people like me" to be a far greater evil than the party with so much evidence against them (see again Rohlfing's piece)?

How could they find us "a far more vital threat to the success and survival of black families", you incredible twit? NAME IT! Be specific! you sorry bag of falsehood.

And what the hell is "black life"? Where in any writing of any modern conservative thinker of ANY color do you hear of "white life", "black life", "oriental life" or anything other than a "good life" for all Americans you stupendous cretin? "God-given glory of their blackness"? You have freakin' GOT to be kidding me! And in what possible manner has that every been threatened by conservatives or the Republican Party? NAME IT, freak! Be specific, coward! I simply can't wait to hear what comedic gem you'll present next!

Al-Ozarka said...

Daniel-san and Feodork adore life on the liberal white Democrats, don't they?

John Barron said...

What I don't get is "the race card" is just so obvious.

The only ones who seem to introduce race into an issue are liberals. It is the last resort of the desperate. When there is no substance to an argument, "racist" replaces argumentation.

Al-Ozarka said...

Yes, John. Liberals were documented at Tea-Party events last year holding up racist signs trying to pose as genuine tea-partiers. But...when all was said and done, it was LIBERALS who were photographed and videoed holding those racist signs and using racist language...not conservatives.

Leftists...they're not too bright. Just loud.

John Barron said...

But even when it isn't liberals holding the sign in sabotage (obviously because tea party members dont do it, so it must be invented) and instead it is an individual tea party member, every time it is caught on video, large crowds of party members ALWAYS expell the racist from the rally.

The fact that it has to be invented (which, you are right has been documented) is evidence that racism is not as prevalent in the tea party as liberals would like the democrat voting public to believe.

Marshall Art said...

Welcome to John and Al-O, neither of whom I'm sure have visited before. If either of you have, then welcome back!

Feodor said...

God, Al, Marshall doesn’t remember you?

So it is with Tea Baggers. Out of sight, out of…, out of…., out of whatever it is they have going on where a mind usually functions.

Marshall Art said...

"God, Al, Marshall doesn’t remember you?"

First, I'm not surprised the false priest uses the Lord's name in vein.

Secondly, I didn't say I didn't remember him. I just don't recall if he's visited HERE.

Thirdly, you're a putz.

Feodor said...

Was I talking to you?

Marshall, has anyone ever mentioned to you how trite and feeble minds consistently make three point statements?

Marshall Art said...

"Was I talking to you?"

Who cares? If you want to have a private conversation with a visitor to this blog, email him. Otherwise, I can insert myself into any conversation that occurs in the comments section of my own blog. If you don't like that, pound sand.

"Marshall, has anyone ever mentioned to you how trite and feeble minds consistently make three point statements?"

1. No.
2. Never.
3. But it's quite clear a trite and feeble mind would suggest such a thing.
4. Putz.

Feodor said...

Hey, look! Who said you’d never change after learning what I can teach.