Sunday, September 18, 2011

Damn Bearss!

What a drag! After a fine showing in Week 1 against the Falcons, da Bearss drop one to the Saints. And they did so in just the manner I feared: O-line collapses. Cutler got hammered big time, as he did all last year. He was sacked, I think, six times, but was hit about 800 times. The death watch is on again. Will he survive another year without protection? A second starting lineman went down with an injury and that, as well as Cutler's questionable leadership skills does not bode well for the season. We've got the Pack next week and I know they're droolin' with anticipation as I type. In the meantime, all other division teams won, and da Bullss might not be seen for quite a while. Jeez! Cubs sucked all year. Sox tanked in the end. Chicago sports is very depressing right now.


Craig said...

Bears, you must mean Chiefs.

John Barron said...

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised to see my Bills running strong.


Last years championship game, versus the Packers.....was my last emotional meltdown with this organization. I simply want follow them. Why should a team, who's worth almost 2 billion dollars, give a damn about the fans? The Bears organization are like old school pimps! Pimps, put out their tainted whores, and men still go out to get some ass, even though it's bad. Same as the Bears.

The organization.... knows, that the fans here, are all talk, and will continue to spend enormous amounts of money to be at the games and wear their apparel.( At any cost) The Cubs organization is the same.

When you stop buying into the foolishness, and start hurting their pockets.......the organization will change, from top to bottom.

Marshall Art said...

Welcome, Brownhornet. As it happens, I only watch their games on TV. I do not buy sports apparel all that often, and most of what I have were bought for me and given to me as gifts.

Yet, while I agree that the owners are lacking, I don't necessarily think they don't care. Yeah, as business owners, profits are king, but as owners of a sports franchise, I have no doubt they know that winning teams means more profits. I just think they're stupid.

To some extent, I'd love to see the Bears (and Cubs) lose and dwell in the cellar of the standings until the owners make a drastic decision to either sell the team to one who wants to win and do what it takes to do so, OR, fire the entire coaching and scouting staff and hire those who know how to win.