Friday, January 08, 2010

Still XMas for the Bucks

Playing headupass basketball, the Bucks squander a 17 pt lead but survive thanks to incredibly poor free throw shooting by normally reliable Bulls free throw shooters. Half the misses, nay, a third of the missed FTs would have meant a win for the Bulls. These two teams are having similar years, fans never knowing which Bulls or Bucks team will show up. But for now bragging rights, such as they are with Cleveland miles ahead in the division, go north as the Cheeseland Bucks are now 2-1 in the season series against the beloved and better Chicago Bulls.

I hear the Hawks are doing quite well.


Mark said...

Professional Basketball is more reminiscent of a gang fight between the Bloods and the Crips than a sporting event.

I don't watch it anymore.

I won't watch it anymore.

Marshall Art said...

I don't see any difference between the NBA and the other major pro-sports. Perhaps the visibility of all those tats skew your opinion. There's good and bad througout all of the athletic population.