Saturday, January 16, 2010

Herd Thins Again As Les Bolts

In my last post, I published a comment wherein I appealed to Les to return to the debates as he is one who offers fairly good opposition. I said this while dealing with the famously goofy and notoriously prideful and arrogant Feodor, who fails so routinely in showing why he should be either prideful or arrogant.

But in the post entitled "Poor Baby", he once again bid me farewell. At first I thought nothing of it as he has done as much more than once in the past, only to continue lurking and dropping a comment here and there.

However, for some reason I decided to look him up on Facebook, where he is on my friends list. At least he was. It seems as if he's "de-friended" himself and I suspect it happened after a recent response to a recent comment of his. Kind of ironic him leaving since he's the reason I'm on FB in the first place.

I guess my little blog is beneath him now. Too boring, he says. We're not much more than people who think we're on a talk show. That's an interesting perspective. I kinda thought Marshall Art's was a place where people can discuss and debate topics and issues for which they had some passion. I also would have thought Les was sharp enough to see that. It's looking like the title of that post, "Poor Baby" is pretty darned appropriate for those who no longer care to engage.

Oh well. I'll continue to keep the welcome mat out, as all those who've vacated are still more than welcome to put in their two cents, engage in the fun and then leave like they've a real reason to take offense or to condescend. I fully understand those with whom I'm dealing.


Mark said...

I see no post entitled "Poor Baby".

Sorry I haven't been around of late. It's not that I bolted. It's just that now I have an actual 40 hour a week job, I'm tired a lot. I've gotten increasingly involved with Facebook, and consequently Farmville and Farmtown, and my wife has been feeling neglected.

None of which are good excuses, of course. Well, except for that last one. I'll try to visit more often.

Mark said...

Sorry. I thought you meant the "Poor Baby" post was your last post.

Never mind.

By the way, I did manage to find the time to post a new post. In case you stopped visiting because I haven't been posting regularly. Pop on in!