Monday, November 16, 2009

New Blog Added

Take a peak at a new blog I've added that focusses on how gun laws don't work. It's called, appropriately enough, "Gun Laws Don't Work". Actually, I've been meaning to put this up and it kinda fell by the wayside. But there it was in my favorites all along (I've got way too much stuff in my favorites---it's really long). So now it takes it's rightful place under "Right Ones", and that, too, is suitable as the sentiment is absolutely right. Such laws are stupid and dangerous to law abiding people everywhere, particularly in the inner cities, college campuses, and strangely enough, miltary bases.

I posted a comment under one the recent posts there which I'll rehash here. It seems that Barry O, while still pretending to be a state senator in Illinois, had supported a bill that would prohibit a self-defense plea for defendants who use a firearm to stop a ne'er do well if the action takes place in a town that had outlawed firearms. He's a great American, ain't he? What a putz. Yet, he had voted against another bill that would have called for captial punishment in cases where the defendant was found guilty of murdering someone for the benefit of his street gang. Just a couple more reasons in a very long list of reasons why people were complete idiots for voting for this guy. Barry O is the poster child for voter responsibility. He's what you get when you don't take the time to research your favorite candidate.

But I digress.

This new blog addition is an important addition for it's focus on the 2nd Amendment and our right to carry weapons to defend outselves. If we don't have the right to defend ourselves, our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is worthless. It can be taken away by any jerk with a bad attitude. It happens all the time, especially where the idiot party (that would be the Democrat Party) is in charge and bans either handguns or the right to carry them. Innocent people die because the fools play their games, pretending to be hard on crime by taking away the weapons of law-abiding people, leaving only the law-breakers and vultures with guns. It gives them the green light to do as they please, because no one will stop an thug with a gun. Yet all states with conceiled carry have lower crime rates. Gee. I wonder why?


Perri Nelson said...

Indeed, gun laws don't work. Criminals will not abide by them - as by their very nature they are not law abiding citizens. Therefore, they will not be deterred from obtaining and using weapons that are otherwise prohibited to law abiding people. Law abiding citizens on the other hand would tend to obey these laws - or become criminals themselves by defying the gun laws - again illustrating the futility of these laws.

The majority of law abiding citizens - in choosing to obey laws that place a restriction upon their gun rights would end up disarming themselves - in the face of armed aggression from the criminal elements. That's an open invitation to attack from someone that is now assured of little meaningful opposition.

The end result? Not only won't gun laws decrease gun violence - they'll ultimately result in an increase in crime in general - as the aggressors take advantage of unarmed victims.

Gun laws don't work - unless the goal is to promote crime and violence.

Jim said...

"that would be the Democrat Party"

There is no such thing as the "Democrat Party".

Marshall Art said...


Perri Nelson said...

Technically Jim is right, it's the "Democratic Party" - but then that's nitpicking about the wrong thing - it's a distraction from the point of the post and doesn't really add to the conversation.

Dan said...

I don't get it. Aren't there laws on the books against murder, at least for those who have escaped the womb? So what next, outlawing hands?

Craig said...


Thought I'd do this off topic comment here.

I was looking at the job postings at work last night and saw that Menards is has some management positions open in the Chicago area, if you are interested I'll give you store locations.

Marshall Art said...

Welcome, Dan. I don't believe you've visited before.

Marshall Art said...


I appreciate the offer. I'll look at anything at this point. I don't know if I'm qualified for what you've got, but one never knows.

Dan said...

Sure I have. Some people call me "Good Dan".

Craig said...


There are positions available at the following locations.

Cherry Valley
Melrose Park
Morton Grove

These are all assist mgr type positions. I'm not sure what kind of qualifications you need given some of the dept management types at our store. I'm just a part timer to make up for the great pay scale in the non profit/ministry world. It's not a bad place to work. I just happened to see the Chicago listings and thought you might be interested.