Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bulls 83 Bucks 81

For the eighth straight time, the Bucks come up short in the United Center against da Bulls. Picked up the action at the start of the fourth with the Bulls down a few. They tightened up the D and kept the Bucks to one and done, eventually taking the lead about the half way mark of the quarter. It was no looking back then.

Is it me, or did Luol put on some beef? He had a stellar game with 24 pts. and 20 boards, his career high for rebounds.

Too soon to know who this team is, but it seems obvious they've still got Milwaukee's number.

In other news, some guy named Christy is the new New Jersey governor. Repubs are looking good in all the major races out east, with the notable exception of that congressional race, where the asshole Republican who has bowed out has thrown her support to the Dem candidate rather than the conservative independent. With 77% of the vote in at this writing, Hoffman is behind like 49%-46% or thereabouts, but at least that fool Republican has no shot.

One more important contest is in Maine, where a vote to repeal the current law and allow homosexual phony marriages is, by a Yahoo article, too close to call with an even split. Apparently, if I have the info straight, Maine's legislature approved homosex phony marriage and this would be the first time a state has voted against such a situation. May God grant a victory for those in Maine who aren't fooled by the lies of the homosex agenda thereby allowing traditional marriage to prevail.

That's it for sports.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see the results last night, especially in Maine. Wow, sanity prevailed in a Liberal state, even though the opposition outspent them two-to-one and played the pathetic and shrill "lies and fear" card.

Edwin Drood said...

Does it make me a bad person if I enjoy watching gay people get angry and throw a fit?

Marshall Art said...

Only if you allow yourself to get carried away. They are people. They're just very wrong and very misled and very much in need of prayers and help. But their wailing and gnashing of the teeth does give one a bit of joy.

Mark said...

Now, let's hope and pray the new Republican Governors don't cave to Liberal pressure and become "moderates". Then we'll have to kick them out, too.

Marshall Art said...

"Then we'll have to kick them out, too."

Do you know what that's called, Mark? That's called "term limits". It's the only form of term limits that should be necessary. And it's the form I employ every election in which I am able to cast a vote. Knowledgable, well informed citizens are all the term limits we need. A politician's term can last as long as he remains an effective SERVANT of the people. When no longer is the case, it is our duty to replace him. Or her.

Marshall Art said...

Of course a politician can remove himself if he believes a limited time is proper for a politician.