Monday, April 06, 2009

Medal of Honor

Over at Mark's blog, Casting Pearls Before Swine, he had a post about a Medal of Honor winner. In the comments section, we were remarking how difficult it is to think of any others and came up with only two, Audie Murphy and Alvin York. He then directed me to a blog devoted to listing them called simply, Medal of Honor Recipients. I now present it here under Places of Interest. Everyone should have a link to it.


Tetvet68 said...

Remember Pearl Harbor -- Keep America Alert!

America's oldest living Medal of Honor recipient, living his 100th year is former enlisted Chief Petty Officer, Aviation Chief Ordnanceman (ACOM), later wartime commissioned Lieutenant John W. Finn, U. S. Navy (Ret.). He is also the last surviving Medal of Honor, "The Day of Infamy", Japanese Attack on the Hawaiian Islands, Naval Air Station, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Territory of Hawaii, 7 December 1941.

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Marty said...

My parents knew Audie Murphy well. My mom's youngest sister was in his class in elemtary school. She remembers him always having dried up snot on his jacket sleeve. HA!

The movie "To Hell and Back" begins with him living in Farmersville, Texas but prior to that he lived in Celeste, Texas.

My maternal grandfather kept the Murphy's supplied with corn meal so they wouldn't go hungry.

My paternal grandfather had a farm and a grocery store. He let the Murphy's live in a little house he had during the winter with the agreement that Mr. Murphy would do the planting in the spring in exchange for the warmth and shelter during the winter. But when spring game Mr. Murphy left town. That may have been when they went to Farmersville. I really don't know.

That ne'er do well Murphy man ended up leaving his wife and kids to fend for themselves.

Audie signed up to serve his country in Greenville, Texas.
The Audie Murphy American Cotton Museum.

After the war my parents saw Audie in the Celeste Post Office. He thank them for what their families had done for him.

My mom said that most of the people in that town wouldn't "piss on Audie's guts if they were on fire" and then when he became a war hero they were on him like "honey on a biscuit".

Marshall Art said...


Thanks for the story about Murphy. That was way cool. Considering how many medals the guy won, the movie about him, which I saw, doesn't do him justice. He must've been all over the battlefield. What an amazing story!

Marty said...

You're welcome Marshall.

Ron said...

Don't get me wrong, people that die for something they believe in or to save a partner is respectable and honorable to me...that said, when Chelly Bachmann the other day said(speaking about Americorp)

"I believe that there is a very strong chance that we will see that young people will be put into mandatory service," Bachmann stated, "And the real concerns is that there are provisions for what I would call re-education camps for young people, where young people have to go and get trained in a philosophy that the government puts forward and then they have to go to work in some of these politically-correct forums."

I immediately thought of the military. Sounds like a pretty accurate description to me, especially in the days of the draft, of just such an institution and we rever it. I'm sure you will argue this at the fringes but it you know in your heart in the big picture there is little difference.

Marshall Art said...


Don't be silly. The difference is stark. We need a military for national defense. Before Viet Nam, the draft wasn't considered such a horrible thing by most people. Not in the same manner as today. But to insist on fulfilling that obligation is a far cry from being obligated to join Barry's "service" to work on things that Barry and other extreme lefties think is good for us, no matter whether true or not. If he wants to start up another Peace Corp type group, which isn't necessary, where there is true volunteerism, and encourage kids to do so, that's fine. But this is not the man anyone should be allowing to set up any mandatory situations, considering what a complete boob he is.

Marty said...

"Don't get me wrong, people that die for something they believe in or to save a partner is respectable and honorable to me...that said, when Chelly Bachmann the other day said(speaking about Americorp)"

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