Friday, April 17, 2009

From Another Email I Received

Too late for this year, but the general theme is for all time. Just as we must not end our speaking out with the end of the last Tea Party, we must not wait for the next Day of Silence, or the next "Gay Pride" Parade, or the next state to fall prey to the wrong-headed beliefs of the few over the will of its people, we must stand firmly for righteousness and reason and speak truth in the face of the lies of the activist.

I present this video, perhaps a bit dramatic, perhaps not. Notice how it also rightly speaks to any who are caught up in any sexual temptation, for it's really all the same. And as I pointed out a couple of posts down, this vid also refers to the tactics of the activist and how this Day of Silence is just another one of them. It's just another promotional event disguised as something else, at the expense of our kids.


Ms.Green said...

I'm happy to report that the local school system in which my son attends does not participate in the Day of Silence. Not only that, but (don't tell the ACLU) they actually still have prayer and the Pledge in many of his classes.

There was a great quote in this video:

Traditions are not right because they are long-standing. However, many traditions are long-standing because they are right.

Mark said...

Excellent video, Art! These homo activist would be bristling in anger and doing their best to silence this free speech if they only knew it exists. Fortunately for us, we know they won't allow themselves to get anywhere near the truth. Some of it might wear off!

On a lighter note, I bet that bus driver was appreciative of the day of silence!

Marshall Art said...

If you look at this vid on YouTube, you'll see a counter there. I haven't viewed it, nor will I. I'm getting really sick of debating a group who so firmly cling to lies as if they were proven truths. I may have to take a bit of a break from this subject, though I just posted another article on the topic.