Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shut Up And Sing!

First off, I didn't see any of the films nominated for an Oscar, nor the films of the Best Actor category. A quick Google scan checking the odds shows most were picking Mickey Rourke for best actor, with Sean Penn the runner up. But I figured that any movie sympathetic to the homosexual cause would not go unrewarded by the Hollywood elite, and sure enough, Penn takes Best Actor. Fine. I think Penn is a really good actor, and I would even call him great. (Kudos to Deniro for his quip about Penn---he said he can't believe he got all those other parts playing straight guys---or words to that effect.) So congrats to Sean Penn.

However, I don't think we needed the lecture during his acceptance speech. Aren't they supposed to avoid such things? He thinks it is to the everlasting shame of folks like myself who oppose homosexual marriage, and that somehow my grandchildren will feel shame for me. Well, I don't have grandchildren yet, but I hope they will have the basic understanding of God's Will to know that there's nothing shameful in standing up for His Will and working to thwart the efforts of some to enable and sanction bad behavior. I certainly don't feel shame for doing so.

I do feel pity and sorrow, though. I feel pity and sorrow for all those people who are so twisted in their thinking and beliefs that their devotion to sexual gratification has provoked in them. The applause generated by Penn's comments would make this post equally apropriate for American Descent in that so many there would so eagerly support such comments. May God grant them the epiphany they so desperately need, by His Will and in Christ I pray. I fear, though, that He has given them over to their lusts. Pity and sorrow.

UPDATE: From this morning's paper on last night's awards show comes this speech from "Milk" director, Dustin Lance Black: "If Harvey had not been taken from us 30 years ago, I think he would want me to say to all the gay and lesbian kids out there tonight who have been told they are less than(sic)by the churches, by the government, by their families, that you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value, and that no matter what anyone tells you, God does love you and that very soon, I promise you, you will have equal rights, federally, across this great nation of ours."

Wow. That isn't quite as goofy as the teary Tom Hanks speech for accepting his award several years ago, the one about angels in heaven, but it comes close. Of course God loves the "gay and lesbian" kids. He also loves the gang-bangers and drug dealers. Not sure if all of them will see paradise without first repenting and walking the straight and narrow (pun intended). Black does confused kids no service with his wacky pronouncement, making a promise he isn't equipped to see through, and dishonestly suggesting that they lack equal rights now.


4simpsons said...

Excellent summary, Marshall. Nothing to add.

Feodor said...
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Marshall Art said...


Is there something substantive you'd like to say regarding this post?

Craig said...


Great stuff, I'm still ticked the Gran Torino got stiffed.

4simpsons said...

OK, one thing to add. Why aren't the libs upset that Lance Black is speaking on behalf of God? And why is he trying to force his religious views on us? And which God would that be, and how does Mr. Black know the mind of God? If it is from the Bible, then let's get into some more details with Mr. Black. Because the God of the Bible does love without condition but that isn't his only attribute. He certainly doesn't condone or even encourage sin.

Marshall Art said...


I haven't seen Gran Torino either. It's on my list for sure.

Marshall Art said...


Didn't even think of that. Good catch.

Hey! Is Feodor going around and deleting all of his comments? What's up with that?

Craig said...


The language is pretty rough, and PC it most definitely is not, but I thought the message was great. Eastwood was perfect. Be prepared for anything.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Feodor is having to "eat" his words. :-) mom2

Feodor said...

I'm doing Marshall's spade work for him, as usual. I post a comment and then delete it.

It's become a tradition and ethic for the American Descent crowd.

hashfanatic said...

i have a different idea

i believe the predominant gay position on marriage equality, etc., has been completely usurped and co-opted by the "freedom for religion"/evangelical atheist radical crowd, muscling their way in

this was an unwise move on their part

the fact is, many americans who were open to the idea of marriage equality, or at least were not rabidly opposed to the concept, have been scared off, and utterly alienated by the tactics of the extremists....also, many gays themselves are put off by the stridency of their message

i believe the gay community, therefore, should simply suspend activism on behalf of the marriage cause, because they are shooting their own cause in the foot and earning themselves a type of emnity that will not play itself out peacefully, in real life

also, most gays in my world happen to be overwhelmingly, small business owners, currently affected by the economic death it relevant, to fight for unprecendented "rights" that largely concern personal property, for what will, for them, end up being a symbolic victory, when they "act up" over this issue?

wasting time on this divisive issue will just take valuable time away from their efforts to save these very properties!

my advice to the gay community would be, drop this for now, and recognize the atheist agenda as the threat is poses, even to true-life atheists!

america is just not ready for all of this yet, so they should choose their battles more wisely, IMHO

Marshall Art said...


Eastwood never fails to entertain. Hoping to check it out soon.

Marshall Art said...


There might be something to what you say. Certainly the militant response since Prop 8 has been, to say the least, off putting. The percentage that passed it was less than the percentage that passed the last referendum, but with the over the top response, that could rise again if they were to take another vote.

Overall, I don't think that, despite the smaller percentage that passed Prop 8 (keep in mind, it's still California about which we speak), there's necessarily a growing acceptance of the thought of homosexual marriage. The activists and their enablers will certainly try to spin things that way, but all we can really go by is all the votes that have taken place. Even with the Prop 8 vote, we're still looking at over 60% opposed to H-M, in my opinion.

Thomas Sowell said it, and I agree, that the homosexual community were on their firmest ground when they were simply asking to be let alone. What incites people, especially the hardest core of Evangelicals, is the push to force it by way of enabling judges and uninformed legislators. Few, if any, really care to peep through windows. And all the whining about other rights can be dealt with through other means.