Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Couldn't Agree More

Another fine piece from the racist and poorly written AmericanThinker.


Mark said...

Me either. Uh...What did he say?

Too much scientific mumble jumble for my taste.

Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

I thought God created the Universe six thousand years ago. What's all this scientific stuff about the four forces and the Big Bang? It's all a Satanic plot to undermine our traditional values.

hashfanatic said...

"...american thinker..."

i get "poorly written", but why "racist"??

or, has another obot decided to claim pseudo-intellectual "progressive" privilege, and instinctively scream discrimination, where none exists?

i was an edwards and then a hillary supporter, you see...we get that a lot

Marshall Art said...


Geoffrey claims he's seen racism in many AT articles. The only time I can recall he actually attempted to point out such a case, there was no such thing. This in and of itself is not alarming, as Geoffrey has a real bad history as far as getting the point being made in an article, or responding as if he does.

But I can't think of any other time where he's provided any other evidence of racism in any other AT article.

As to poorly written articles, it seems to me that if I can understand what the author wants to say, the article is written well enough. This might be a problem for Geoffrey and his way of saying that he indeed DOES have a hard time getting the point. It's easier to blame the author than accept one's self as being thick.

In any case, "poorly written" is mostly a subjective thing and even if every instructor of English composition and/or journalism agrees that every AT article (there are a couple dozen people who contribute---not likely they can all be poor writers, nor are they)is poorly written, that is hardly reason to dismiss the point being made within it. In other words, both charges are poor dodges.

hashfanatic said...

well, you know, i practically never agree with anything i read there, either, but because of the conclusions the writers invariably reach, or presumptions the writers have, that i disagree with

is that considered "poor writing"?

i'm not sure...my GUESS would be, because geoffrey does write well, he lashes out at them, using "poor writing", because that's what he considers insulting

but, the racism thing, is totally out of bounds, imho, and i can attest to that wing of my political persuasion, ALWAYS using that slur for any possible imagined infraction, just because racism is the ultimate, politically incorrect crime, and to level it is supposed to end all debate in their favor, those of us who supported hillary experienced this time and time again, during the primaries

if you've ever seen his program, olbermann does this almost constantly, and they consider him the next edward murrow, because of it

it's frustrating, to be so summarily dismissed, when you're in the middle of making a valid point