Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stolen From Neil's Blog... present to my gentle readers here. This guy might very well be just another hack, like Thomas Sowell, but these same points have been presented by many, many others, and are legitimate concerns, except for those who insist on ignoring them in order to thwart right wingers at all costs. Brown's list seems a bit short, however, but as it stands, there is plenty that should provide a reason to absolutely anyone who is willing to vote based on objective review of reality. I tell ya, folks. This is likely the definitive "lesser of two evils" election that any of us old enough to vote has ever seen or will likely ever see. All other such elections will be compared to this one. This is the gold standard of "lesser of two evils" voting. And that Johnny Mac is indeed the lesser is without question for all of Brown's reasons and then some.

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