Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For Les

Bulls 108
Bucks 95

That's all I wanted to say.


Mark said...

Off topic, Art, but I think the reason people aren't concerned about Obama being a Marxist is because they really don't understand exactly how dangerous Marxism is to America.

For all readers, I don't usually visit other people's blogs to promote my own, but I have written a post that I feel is vitally important to help educate those who have yet to understand the dangerous implications of an Obama administration. If you don't know why you should be concerned about Obama's Marxist ideology please visit and be educated.

Ben said...

I'm sure Mark knows just why the Bulls won. With 6 players in double figures the Bulls clearly shared the wealth. Their distribution of points really makes them tough to beat.

Les said...


Marshall Art said...

I really thought the aquisition of Richards would be a big plus for the Bucks (as well as a major pain the the backsides for the Bulls---he killed us when he played for Jersey), but they haven't got things worked out just yet.

Mark said...

I don't know. I don't follow Pro Basketball. They get away with too much rule bending. Plus, my hometown never really had a franchise and that is important to building a fan base.

My hometown does have a baseball team, but it has been one of the worst teams in the Majors for over a decade now. Hard to be a baseball fan now, too.

I love Pro football, but since I moved to the east coast, I rarely get to watch my team on TV, plus, they are absolutely horrible this season. Although, I am becoming a fan of the Redskins.

I knew it was a mistake to hire Herm Edwards as Head Coach.