Monday, March 17, 2008

It Ain't Racism

In light of the flap surrounding the not-so-right Rev. Wright, I thought it necessary to re-iterate a very impotant point: Race has very little, if anything, to do with opposition to an Obama presidency. Well, OK, there are those Klan members and aryan(sp) brotherhood types who wouldn't ever vote for a black man. But those are hardly rank and file examples of the Republican Party or conservatism in general.

But it's true. That race means nothing to us in a president is as true as what actually provokes our opposition: He's a crappy choice for president. Equally true is that gender is also superfluous to the average right-winger. Hillary is also a crappy choice. It's as simple as that. In this dog race, McCain is the least crappy choice, and by quite a bit. He's around, I'd say, a 50%-45% crappy choice, while the Bobsey Twins hover at 97.7%-100.3% crappy. So logic would dictate that McCain has the edge.

But race? Geez, who cares about that stuff? We all just want the best president we can possibly get. Those of us on the right actually study what candidates want to do, have done, wish they could do, and can then easily see that the Dems are the most crappy choice. The lefties just follow along like their candidates are Pied Pipers, which they are, spewing nice sounding, but totally meaningless platitudes and pronouncements.

But race or gender? Neither enhances, nor do they detract from the true character of a good servant of the people. Why would we waste our time on it?

You want racism? Go to Obama's church.


Anonymous said...

re: Levels of crappiness.

that, my friend, is brilliance.

Marshall Art said...

Thank you so much. You are an astute observer. Thanks for stopping by and I welcome you.

blamin said...

Great points - and who can argue with clearly black and white results from the crap-o-meter!

Mark said...

I find it interesting that the only people concerned with the race of the candidates are the Democrats. They are the dividers, not Republicans.