Friday, February 22, 2008

More Barry

This piece by Kyle-Ann Shiver adds even more to consider when weighing the worthiness of Obama for president. It gives a little more insight into how he likely thinks given the manner and level of influence to which he exposed/exposes himself. Any doubting his socialist bent is truly in a state of denial.

Also from today we have this here. Give them both a good read.

From NewsMax, there's this. Right leaning writers all, but the points are solid, unless there's some way to refute them.

Another good one. I keep reading these and adding them here because they tell the tale so well. I can't understand the left leaning visitors to this bog that find Obama the perfect antidote for what ails us. How sick we will be should he rise to the presidency. And somehow ER finds a better way in this buffoon.


Dan Trabue said...

Always beware of anyone who doesn't like a particular group using excerpts of what they have said to TELL us what they believe, rather than listening to what the group says they believe.

As in, "They said, X, therefore, they believe in marxism..."

It's just slander and has no place in civic conversation and certainly not the church.

Having said that, her excerpts (discounting her spin) mostly make me think that Obama's church is a sister church of mine.

Erudite Redneck said...

Once again, MA, you put out something as if it's shocking, and it confirms my decision to support the man.

Doc said...

From the Middle:
It does seem a bit of a stretch to me that we come to the determination of Obama's "socialist bent" on the basis of these articles. We are assuming a Marxist dogma of Obama based on the influence of Rev. Wright, based on the influence of Rev. Cone. I would assume that if Kyle-Anne Shiver had limned a better example of such a Marxist connection from Obama's own writing, it would have been given. What appears to be there are vague statements, and what appears to be a small detraction of the other churches who appeal to the "hungry"- one could probably assume this to be a nod against the evangelicals and their flock. Do these articles prove that Obama is a socialist? Not sufficiently to me. Does this give me any reason to support him? Likewise, no.

Marshall Art said...

These are added to other descriptions and reports of Obama's background. He is a disciple of Sol Alinsky, a lefty radical and influence on Hillary as well. To read Alinsky and compare Obama's style to it, the effect of consultations with Wright, the actual record of his political activities, one must be in denial to suggest that Obama isn't a socialist at heart. Socialism is unAmerican.

Erudite Redneck said...

Ha! Socialism is anti-American? Perhaps, full-fledged socialism. Perhaps. But socialism informs and influences the American tradition. Always has. Where int he heck do you think the concept of public streets ... public works ... public transportation ... public ANYTHING comes from?

Dude, you have suckled at the teat of the Big Free Market Mama in the Sky for waaaaay tooo long.

Marshall Art said...

Public streets? You gotta be kiddin'! To cast such things as a form of socialism is really pushing things from YOUR end. To grasp at that straw requires two hands, but the straw ain't long enough.

Erudite Redneck said...

Then you don't understand what socialism is. You're probably confusing it with communism. Happens all the time over on yer side.

Marshall Art said...

Yeah, sure. You keep workin' dat.