Thursday, February 14, 2008

Can't Be Said Enough

Read this article, one of many to explain just why Obama is NOT presidential material. Try to calm yourselves if reading from a conservative source makes you anxious. It's just that they are the only places, besides searching governmental voting records of representatives, where one can find the details about the man who would take the country in the wrong direction, and likely do it faster than either Hillary or John McCain.


Mark said...

It may just be that we Conservatives need to support the nomination of Obama. By highlighting his inexperience, his policies, and his attitude, he might be much easier for a Republican candidate to beat in the general election than Hillary.

Right now, no one, not even his supporters, know anything about him. He certainly isn't shouting his views from the rooftops.

Marshall Art said...

I'm surprised Hillary hasn't used all this material (and there's a bunch) to distinguish herself from him. I guess that she sees her own beliefs mirrored too closely in his background. Can McCain use it effectively or will he sound like a negative campaigner? The idea of negative campaigning results in such true negatives being left out of the discussion. Not a very good thing for voters looking for the best candidate. As long as there is no lying, highlight the opponents downside and show how you are the better option

Erudite Redneck said...

On the other hand, it could be that the country IS ready to engage our enemies rather than just pissing them off; IS ready for universal health care; IS ready to end the war against homosexuals, in the name of freedom; and IS ready to see some semblance of fairness returned to the disparities between the rich and poor in this country; oh, and IS ready to see the government, so long disparaged by those pretending to run it, put in the hands of people ready to use for the common good rather than selfish ends.

I know I am.

The only thing I don't dig is the gun thing. I'll trade the goods for that possibility, though, because no government on this continent is capable of disarming the people of this continent.

Erudite Redneck said...

You know it's funny, and I don't mean funny ha-ha: The things that alarm you about Obama, the things that make you go, "See? See? He's terrible!" are the very things that give those of us who support him hope. We know what he's about. That's why we're for him.

Yes, we can.

Marshall Art said...


The enemy we now face is not motivated by our attitude or actions against them. The only rhetoric that makes any logical sense to believe is that which wishes for our and Israel's destruction. As we are engaging the enemy now in the only way destined to win the peace, the enemy must be found and pounded until they scream for mercy and bow in subservience to civility and true international brotherhood. What you call ready to engage the enemy is to allow them time to regroup and start anew their desire to control under their idea of law. No thanks. If people must die, and die they do under the thumb of these scumbags, it is better to die fighting than as sheep before wolves.

The only people looking for universal healthcare are politicians looking for votes and people unwilling to take responsibility for their own health. If they are in the majority, we're screwed.

I'm totally ready to end the war on homosexuals. Are they ready to surrender? Actually there is no such war except what they themselves have started. A good summary of what I mean is in a previous post. Give the link a read.

The disparity between rich and poor is more due to what the poor do and don't do than anything the rich is falsely accused of doing to them. How are you going to fix the attitude that leads to people getting pregnant before both marriage and the means to support children, the purchase of products and appliances and furniture for which one's income cannot cover, the falsifying of loan applications in order to purchase a house they simply cannot afford, the habit of f-ing off in school when most employers prefer to see some indication of discipline in those applying for jobs? These are but a few of the practices at the root of most who are struggling. The government can't fix that by throwing money their way. The government can only help by offering nothing which forces them to own up to their situations. Wisconsin found that to be true when they reformed their welfare policies.

I've yet to see any proof that the current administration is motivated by self-interest. Only accusations by those still not over 2000.

Erudite Redneck said...

Of course, I don't see any of it the way you do.

Marshall Art said...

Of course, I don't see any of it the way you do.

That's why we do this, my friend, that's why we do this.

Erudite Redneck said...

It's why we have elections, too. :-)