Monday, October 08, 2007

Was Just Chillin'

Been real busy doing very little lately. But deferring to Les's concerns, I've decided to begin with the announcement of the new NBA season pre-season opener between the beloved Chicago Bulls and the lowly Miwaukee Bucks. Though anything can happen in a pre-season game, as coaches try to check out their new players and the players themselves try to mesh with each other and run new plays, I anticipate a Bulls victory. This will cap a fine October in the never-ending battle for supremacy between Chicago and the land of Cheese. It began with the Cubs outlasting the Brewskies for division champs (only to be followed by the Cubs quick exit from post-season play, but what the heck), followed by the come from behind in Lambeau by the Bears. As everyone knows, the Super Bowl is great, but beating the Pack is a must.

Medical update: At about 2 1/2 months after surgery, I ask the doc about the average turn around time on the ACL deal. He said that they assume 6 months for the new ligament to totally graft properly. This means that ju jutsu is still out of the question for a few months more.

Bowling, however, is another story. After a shaky start in the first week, where I had my knee wrapped too much to really get into my shot, I've logged continual 600 series to steadily raise the average to it's current 208 level. I'm quite pleased, but I've still got some bugs to work out, particularly my continuing struggles with the 10 pin. All last year I dealt with a mental block regarding this easy spare and the summer hasn't diminished it whatsoever. But if I can get a game or two of nothing but shots at the 10 pin, I'm sure I can break the bad habit. Those opens'll kill ya. In any case, the concern for my knee has forced me to take it easy and this has helped my game considerably. You'd a thought the John Daniels and beer would have been enough...

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