Friday, March 18, 2016

Agenda Lies 10: Nothing to Worry About

There is an insane push by the activists of the agenda that does not exist to force laws that require opening women/s rest rooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms and the like to men who "self-identify" as women.  We are supposed to put aside the feelings of actual women on this matter and subordinate them to the demands of sexually perverse men.  We are told that there is nothing to worry about, women should just deal with it, because, after all, these men are women, too, and as such there is nothing about which any woman or girl should be alarmed. 

Oh, no.  There are separate stalls in restrooms and some locker rooms.  As there men are really women, they have no desire to do anything other than relieve themselves or change their clothes or try on clothes that won't look good on them no matter what because they aren't really women.  The real women will just have to accept that not all women look like women, and some really, really look like men, but if they say they're women, then by golly, they must be.  What could possibly go wrong?

Well...this link, and the video within it gives us examples of just what could go wrong.  They are EXACTLY examples of the very fears women, and their menfolk, have expressed, and what normal, honest people could easily foresee.  The link is an article by the incredible Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute, and outfit that gives hope that Illinois isn't totally the leftist hellhole it has been trying to become for most of its existence. 

One particular story in the video (and there might be another, as the vid is a bit long----watch it all anyway) concerns a creep who in the guise of a woman attacked a woman at a women's shelter, the very place women at risk go to escape creeps who have or wish to attack them.

Of all the insane items on the LGBT agenda, it is hard to argue against this demand being the most insane.  I pity the scumbag who comes out of a women's restroom before my wife or daughter does.  I would consider his having been in there at the same time as a sex crime, with my womenfolk being the victims.  They don't belong in there, and the rest of us normal people have no obligation to acquiesce to their mental instability.  They can find all the enabling they need in an institution under the care of a serious mental health care provider.


Eternity Matters said...

I've been blogging over 10 years and everything I predicted about the spread of the LGBTQX agenda has been right -- expect the trans thing. I naively thought that parents would have enough guts to say, "OK, you bullied me into pretending that "same-sex marriage" was a real thing, and I was too wimpy to protest you teaching pro-gay evils to my kids. But enough is enough! There is no way you are going to tell my 5 yr. old boy that he might not "really" be a boy or to let guys be in the bathroom with my daughter."

But here we are with this over-the-top wickedness - brought to you by the "Christian" Left.

Marshall Art said...

This one is especially galling. What is wrong with the minds of those who see allowing men into spaces designated women only as a good thing for anyone, including even the sick who think they are what they are not? How did so many lose their spines? How did so many come to dispose of their moral compasses? That is, the compass isn't broken and never was. It was ignored and then eventually thrown away as too inconvenient. Galling. And horribly sad for future generations.

Feodor said...

Oh, I see. You can't deal with the self-destruction of your "conservative coalition" due to an unstable mix of racist, misogynist God-deaf nihilism and verbal and physical brutality from your presumptive nominee. Soon to lose the Presidentisl election, the Supreme Court, and who knows what more.

So you turn, like bullies, toward the smallest minority snd most vulnerable and take out your hate on them.

You two are a pretty picture.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Feo the troll has struck again.

With all the sexual immorality promoted by the LEFT (including so-called Christian Left), liberals, progressives, or whatever other name they want to go by, is quickly leading this country into total depravity -- so much like Sodom and Gomorrah. The minority of people who are mentally deranged have become the most powerful people in the nation.

May God have mercy on us.

Feodor said...

We elected a highly educated faithful husband of a skilled, charming, beautiful wife and loving father of two wonderful daughters. The kind of family conservatives say they aspire to and want as a representation in the White House.

And who leads the conservative movement? An affair-ridden three-time married ugly demagogue.

And still you want to lecture from a blind and moribund moral bunker.

Marshall Art said...


"So you turn, like bullies, toward the smallest minority snd most vulnerable and take out your hate on them."

Yeah. I turn on the smallest minority, the deviant and perverted, in my defense of women and girls. But go ahead and defend the rights of predators and you go ahead and enable the mentally unstable who think they were born in the wrong body. I'd much prefer seeing the predators ability to prey mitigated to the extreme, if we can't eliminate their behavior entirely, and I'd much prefer the confused get actual, sincere psychological help, rather than the BS APA-style enabling we now have.

BTW, Trump isn't getting the lion's share of support from the right. The total of votes going to other GOP candidates outnumbers the 30 or so percent that goes to him. You are in no position to dare speak about morality. As to this:

"We elected a highly educated faithful husband of a skilled, charming, beautiful wife and loving father of two wonderful daughters." make a lot of assumptions, beginning with Barry being "highly educated". Why were we unable to see his grades if he's so brilliant? Likely because he didn't do well at all. And in what way is Michelle skilled? Besides lacking pride in her country? And there's no way we'll know how good a father he is until one of the girls writes her memoirs.

And we can't let the "demagogue" crap go without mentioning Obama's penchant for constantly stoking the flames of racism, as you yourself is so eager to do at every turn. But you'll continue to believe whatever fantasies help you sleep at night, while the country becomes an even worse cesspool thanks to those like yourself and the politicians you support.

Feodor said...

Yeah, your claim to values on your side has been destroyed. Trump wins the majority of each demographic you want to name. He wins the most evangelicals. He wins the most non-evangelicals. He wins the most men. He wins the most women. He wins in every age group over 30. He wins in the south, the midwest, the north. He wins the most votes of those who claim to be very conservative. He wins the most votes among those who are moderately conservative. He wins among those who don't think of themselves. Trump is on top among voters whose top issue was the economy, terrorism, and government spending.

So what do all these groupings of people have in common? White anger.

You claim your kind have religious values. You claim your kind knows what morality is.

And look how wanting to win back a white power majority makes you all drop your fake religion for a win.

Your arguments are lies. Proof has shown up. Deny it as much as your little well exercised denial muscle can.

Marshall Art said...

I can't deny what you refuse to present. All you do is accuse and assert without providing any evidence that your accusations and assertions are in any way legitimate.

But this is typical of the leftist loon. No real problem with the opposition other than the fact that the opposition isn't the problem. So you project this nonsense about "white" anger when what really is the common denominator is that those groups are all angry Americans...angry with a GOP that has failed them. Nothing more to it than that, false priest.

In the meantime, you revel in the lie of the Black Lives Matter anger that is as racist as it gets. You like to believe the evil white man responsible for all the ills of today's black man. It's as if the evil white man forced the black man to abandon the children he fathered, the women he impregnates and the opportunities available to all who put forth the effort to achieve and succeed. It's as if you believe the evil white man forced the black man to kill other black men on a daily basis in the inner cities of America.

But you're an inveterate liar and reprobate who desperately needs to believe your fantasies for reasons even you don't know. You're pathetic and unworthy of the time of day for your shameless ideology.

Feodor said...

I didn't bring up Black Lives Matter, but since you did, here's some things you should know: BLM doesn't really speak to your obsession with black people having sex. I'm thinking they would think it was normal. Nor does BLM speak to evil white men. They tend to distinguish men by good and bad and not inferring white/good and black/bad, as you do. Nor do they speak as I do about about specifically white anger.

Black Lives Matter speak most directly to the fact that black people are brutalized by the state and the systems of our society in a way that white people are not. Especially young black men as the many cases of the last two years demonstrate -- now that cameras are much more ubiquitous the documentation is there for white people to finally realize what black people have been saying for over a hundred years: white christian society ignores police and judicial brutality.

You say you can't deny what I don't present. But Marshall, every sane, conscious non-racist person has had all the evidence presented to them by all major media venues for the last few years. That you ask for it from me is evidence of your denial, your blindness to racial brutality. You've heard the numbers of what percentage of black men are incarcerated. You don't need me. You've heard that all of a sudden now, white Republican and Democrat senators and congressman and women are intent on joining forces to role back heavy handed drug sentencing guidelines that started here in NY with the Rockefeller Laws and continued unto Mr Clinton's Presidency. And you've heard why they are now so eager to be more compassionate with drug offenders: because of skyrocketing white teen drug use of meth and heroine and consequent long-term imprisonments. White kids are stirring compassion all of a sudden while decades of back kids' lost lives didn't merit any. You don't need me to tell you.

You don't need me to tell you that the only demographic where the death rate is rising is among under educated white men who are dying ever quicker of liver failure from alcohol and drug addiction or suicide. I already told you some weeks ago, but, again, it's all over the news.

You don't need me to tell you, it's all in the news all around you. The only way you can ignore and deny it (quite a feat of cognitive dissonance to try to be ignorant of, while also denying, facts) is that you participate in racist thinking. Blacks don't matter. And the only motivation in this day in age that could drive such racist thinking AND driving oneself to death? Anger.

There are your two points. Proven.

Now, you can delete it without the smarts to deal with it, thus showing your Trump affiliation. Or you can argue with facts and build a fantasy reality, thus showing your Cruz affiliation. Or you can come clean and join the human race and face, as Jesus would do, the sins of your side of the political culture before you address ours.

Marshall Art said...

You haven't proven anything with regard to the charges leveled against you. I'm leaving up this last comment because there are points that I want to address. But the charges against you dealt with YOUR accusations directly at ME. It had nothing to do with what you think the media has shown, or whether any of that is even accurate.

You have accused ME of being racist without proof of any kind that it is true. You have accused ME of being misogynistic without proof of any kind that it is true. And you have accused ME of being a misanthrope without proof of any kind that it is true. In short, you can't prove what isn't true, so you deflect and divert like a typical leftist liar. Prove these allegations or forever have your comments deleted.

BTW, I'm leaving the last one on the other thread for now as well. I've seen at least two I can easily rebut...and that's from a cursory review. Any other comments attempted that do not address your obligation to prove your allegations against ME will be deleted at my earliest convenience.

Anonymous said...

you make a lot of assumptions, beginning with Barry being "highly educated". Why were we unable to see his grades if he's so brilliant? Likely because he didn't do well at all.

Uh, "Barry" graduated Harvard Law School magna cum laude. Harvard doesn't give this honor away because a student is black. You can have all the wet dreams you want about Barack Obama not being born in Hawaii or having bad grades or whatever, but you can't deny what Harvard Law School says about its graduate.

And in what way is Michelle skilled?

Among other things, in the social graces, skills you clearly lack. Besides having a law degree from Harvard Law School, she worked for a private law firm and as an administrator at the University of Chicago, the city of Chicago, and several non-profit organizations.

Your suggestion that the Obamas are not highly educated or are unskilled in the face of very public evidence to the contrary is proof positive of the racism of which Feodor accuses you.

It's also clear that Feodor has a good grasp on the Black Lives Matter issue, another thing you lack.

Marshall Art said...

It's clear to you, anon, because you want it to be. Not because you've actually established that it is.

"Uh, "Barry" graduated Harvard Law School magna cum laude. Harvard doesn't give this honor away because a student is black."

Actually, during the period in which Barry was enrolled there, the standards were far more lax and yes, they were handing these honors out like candy.

"Your suggestion that the Obamas are not highly educated or are unskilled in the face of very public evidence to the contrary is proof positive of the racism of which Feodor accuses you."

Not at all. But it does prove how eager and willing people like you and feo are to demonize those that do not grovel at the feet of two very ordinary and average people like the Obumbles. I couldn't care less what color an idiot is, what race a fool is, or where they come from. I care about the fact that this dude has not demonstrated that he was ever worthy of the praise and adulation stupid people like you bestow upon him. I have no idea how bad his grades were. I only know that he is not proud enough of his grades to let anyone know what they were. Why is that, do you suppose? What purpose would there be to refuse to let anyone know what his grades were, if not because they weren't indicative of one of great brilliance as he needs to have everyone believe?

But frankly, I don't need to know his grades. His work thus far tells us all we need to know about just how stupid he is.

Anonymous said...

His work thus far tells us all we need to know about just how stupid he is.

A sentence that proves how stupid you are.

Marshall Art said...

Go ahead and prove your own intelligence by explaining how my statement about Obama stupidity proves that I'm stupid. I could use a laugh.

Feodor said...

Nothing can be proven to mad men. Too much shit covers up your reason. And all this is -- "Actually, during the period in which [Mr Obama] was enrolled there, the standards were far more lax and yes, they were handing these honors out like candy" -- is just bringing a snowball onto the Senate floor thinking it is an argument against climate change.

As for you claims that Mr Obama is stupid, here are the facts to the contrary -- facts I list again because you haven't and cannot deal with them without lying to you and us:

1. Didn't give up on finding bin Laden, which Mr Bush did.
2. Saved the US automobile industry - now leads the world in profits.
3. Created six times as many jobs as Mr Bush. Let me say that again. Mr Obama created six times as many jobs as Mr Bush.
4. 2014 was the best year of jobs creation in this century. And yet in 2014, new taxes on the wealthy and corporations kicked in to help 16 million Americans gain health insurance. Completely contradicting Republican arguments.
5. Now 19 million Americans have health insurance that didn't have it before.
6. While cutting 600 billion from long-term debt projections. Debt that will now never accrue because of what Mr. Obama has done.
7. Health spending is at a 50 year low after skyrocketing in the first decade of the century.
8. 2014 is the first year of economic growth where carbon emissions didn’t increase in 40 years.
9. Unemployment is now 2.7 percentage points lower than it was in January 2009, when the president first took office in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Historically, the jobless rate is now better than it has been most of the time since 1948. The historical median is 5.6 percent.
10. Long term unemployed is 600,000 lower than when Mr Obama took office.
11. The number of job openings has increased 106% since Mr Obama took office.
12. New businesses have been opening up at a 20% faster rate than under Mr Bush.
13. The average yearly rise of consumer prices under Obama of 1.9 percent is less than half the post-World War II average, according to BLS figures. Between 1946 and 2008 the average yearly rise in the CPI was 4 percent, measured from December to December. In the most recent 12 months, the CPI has gone up only a little over 0.2 percent.
14. 14.7 million people were added to the food-stamp rolls during George W. Bush’s time in office. The net gain under Obama now stands at 13.5 million — and it’s slowly declining as the economy improves.
15. The price of gas.

And the context for all this brilliant reclamation work is the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. And by many measures, the worst ever in our history. Brought to us by that other Harvard grad who actually had bad grades but got in because of his dad.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for saving me the effort, Feodor. And you've barely scratched the surface on foreign policy.

The proof of your stupidity is your suggesting that a man with such a life story and such accomplishments is a stupid man. Of course the alternative to you being stupid is being racist. So which is it?