Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ending Poverty...If We Really Care About Doing That

Over at John Barron's blog, Dan has continued to chastise those of us who insist that we are living the consequences of our choices and actions.  Dan is especially demonizing of those on the right who dare suggest such a thing about the poor in this country.  It doesn't matter how many others have experiences that support the proposition.  It only matters that Dan doesn't want to hear it, and prefers that everyone give away all their stuff to the poor.  At least that is the unstated expectation, because he thinks Christ came just to tell us to do that.

Unfortunately, helping the poor and alleviating poverty are two different things, and doing whatever is necessary to point out the importance of making the proper choices in life and following through on those choices constitute the beginning of helping the poor and eventually alleviating poverty.

To that end, I offer">this video that I stole from Wintery Knight.  It's around an hour and a half long, but worth the time spent.  More to the point, anyone who claims to care about the plight of the poor are merely posturing if they do not view it and ponder deeply the facts and evidence highlighted within it.  The speaker, Jay Richards, also wrote a book on the subject and his presentation is based upon it.  I can't wait to read it.  If this video is any proof, it'll present the conservative position in a nutshell, which actually produces results.


Craig said...

I haven't had time to watch, but I too will probably check out the book.

What's strange about Dan's position is that by helping folks make better choices in 3 areas of life we could reduce poverty significantly. Simply by helping people get an education, keep from having children young and out of wedlock, and helping reduce substance use we would likely see a significant reduction on poverty. At that point, it seems likely that it becomes possible to address the folks who are in poverty due to other reasons much more effectively.

This, goes against, the leftist narrative and therefore cannot even be discussed without accusations of demonizing the poor. It's quite sad that it seems to be almost impossible to even have the discussions without rejecting the conservative solutions out of hand.

Anonymous said...

Well, it would help if they got adequate sex education (not abstinence only) and easy access to birth control, and if all else fails, access to safe abortion.

The conservative "solutions" don't really work, do they?

Craig said...

If you mean adequate and accurate sex education, I don't necessarily have a problem. At this point birth control is pretty darn cheap, and covered under P-BO care, so that's taken care of. Of course the liberal solution of abortion on demand really hasn't been that effective, so I'm not sure I'd be jumping on that bandwagon. It's interesting that as we've seen the increased availability of these very solutions you propose, the poverty rate has continued to go up. Maybe free condoms and free abortions for all aren't the panacea some might imagine.

Nut hey, who's going to complain about some actions which could cause a noticeable drop in poverty, strengthen the minority family and communities and just happen to not cost much if anything? Oh, it's the American left.

Marshall Art said...

No "solution" works if it is not implemented. The question is which solutions are most effective if put into practice. The leftist solutions brought about the poverty we now seek to alleviate.

But the lefty will pretend conservative solutions will work all by themselves without anyone actually putting them into practice. And then when not implementing them fails to bring about any positive result, the lefty will claim that the solutions don't work. That's a pretty outlandish claim to make about an idea, that the idea alone produces results.

In the meantime, the lefty believes that sex education prevents or reduces pregnancies. But the conservative is smart enough to understand that even such education with abstinence fully explained will not accomplish that goal. Only abstaining from sexual intercourse can every guarantee pregnancy prevention. The lefty believes this is an impossible standard to expect of our youth. They have pretty much made that a reality as the refuse to place high expectations upon our youth. The set the table for failure and then dare to denigrate the proposals put forth by the more mature and reality-based conservatives. But if it is true that our youth are incapable, then it seems idiotic, to say the least, that our youth should ever be unsupervised. However, they doesn't sit well with the leftist, either. This indicates that the first thing that must be done to alleviate, not just poverty, but most problems of our culture is to deny leftists a seat at the table until they can demonstrate rational thought.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

So called "sex education" is nothing more than sexual how-to nowadays, and how also to choose whatever sexual experience you want - just be sure to use a condom. Every deviance is promoted as "good."

Sexual immorality is a big chunk of the cause of poverty. But the left doesn't want to admit it.

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