Thursday, November 28, 2013

Agenda Lies 7: So What's The Story?

It's been awhile since my last post.  I've had numerous ideas (including one or two for the "Agenda Lies" series), but not the time or energy to do one and do it properly.  But this jumped out at me whilst reading something else and I had to post on it. 

John Barron had not long ago posted on an article describing an incident wherein restaurant patrons allegedly wrote a note on a receipt stating they were not leaving a tip because the waiter is "gay".  Apparently, there was another story involving a waitress who received a similar note in lieu of a gratuity.  However, the link above is a story from the perspective of the patrons, saying that the story is a hoax.  Their copy of the bill shows a tip, and it seems, they've presented a copy of their credit card bill which shows the amount indicated on their copy of that bill.

Now we are left to wonder which version of the story is true.  Considering how lies, distortion and demonizing are so integral to the furthering of the Agenda-That-Doesn't-Exist, I'd find it hard to wager my money against the patrons. 

What's more, if it is indeed a hoax, what about the story John reported?  Is that a hoax as well?  Is this, perhaps, a new tactic of the activists to draw even more sympathy for their immoral cause as if they don't have enough enablers corrupted in their behalf?  Or did the waitress hear of the first story and thought it would be a good idea to concoct a version of her own?  Anything is possible with those who say wrong is right.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I sincerely doubt that anyone would write such a note as claimed by the lesbian. It's all part of the lies the homosexualists make up to "prove" they are victims.

They keep talking about equal rights, but if that is what they are truly after, then why is there such a thing as "gay rights"?

Marshall Art said...

Unless the patrons knew the waitress, or the waiter of John's post, how would they know his/her sexual preference in the first place?

john b said...

It has come out that the girl is a pathological liar in general. Her friends say she lies about everything. This hoaxing isn't new. The left buys into the ends justify the means. It doesn't matter what we have to do, we're doing it for your own good.

My fear is when anti gun liberals go on shooting sprees in an effort to create new gun laws.

Marshall Art said...


Have you heard anything more about the story YOU posted? Was that a hoax as well?