Sunday, September 01, 2013

Inspired By The Cornucopia

I read this brilliant article at the poorly written, where lefties believe only one guy writes anything that appears there.  This article stands as the perfect response to a few posts at Geoffrey's constipated blog wherein he believes himself a true champion of the weaker sex by chastising anyone who questions the intelligence of women who make choices as if the world is not the dangerous place it constantly shows itself to be.  Such nonsense comes up, for example, in discussions about rape and how women can avoid it or greatly reduce the possibility of experiencing it.  Geoffrey chooses to pretend such compassionate people are "blaming the victim".

One story to which Geoffrey referred dealt with some kids from a football team taking advantage of a girl who had succumbed to the effects of alcohol and/or drugs.  When the question of what an underage girl was doing at a party where alcohol and/or drugs were present in the first place, that's when Geoffrey took off. 

It is absolutely ludicrous for anyone to insist that a girl/woman can act or dress any way she wants, or go anywhere she wants and expect that she will always be treated as if she is a modest, Christian girl saving herself for marriage and therefor is untouchable.  While it would be great if our world was such that any girl/woman could walk freely into whatever shithole pub in whatever rundown part of town completely naked with a "Come hither" look and a tattoo saying, "Take me, I'm yours" and a simple "No" would put off whatever neanderthal becomes aroused, it's simply a fact that the world just doesn't work that way.  And Geoffrey's campaign to teach boys "Don't rape" won't change that, especially given the fact that I can't remember a time during my life when this wasn't taught (except perhaps in muslim households). 

In fact, if we could reverse the effects of liberalism as it applied to our culture, whereby traditional standards of virtue and character are taught and encouraged rather than mocked, there would still exist among us evil men of whom women should be wary.  To pretend that women do not have to take this fact into account when they go about their daily lives is the height of idiocy.  And even if the Geoffrey's of the world insist on pretending that the sight of attractive women dressed provocatively makes no difference to them, if they were the least bit honest, they'd have to admit that there exist men for whom such provokes in them erotic feelings.  They'd also have to admit that of those "unusual" men, some are complete assholes and because of that, women are at risk.  They must act and dress accordingly, whether it's fair or not.  "Fair" has nothing to do with it.  It's reality.  Ignore it at your own risk.


Neil said...

It takes a strong delusion to think that the following statements are contradictory.

1. Rape, murder, robbery, etc. are wrong.
2. If you do certain things (what you wear, how you act, where you go) then your odds of being raped, murdered, robbed, etc. increase.

The "slut-shaming" protests are a joke. Some things should be shamed, such as being sluts (male or female promiscuity).

And if being drunk automatically means the girl is a victim, then wouldn't the true egalitarians insist that if the guy is drunk then he's being taken advantage of -- or at least incapable of being guilty himself? The Leftists can't go three sentences without contradicting themselves.

The faux feminism of Geoffrey et al is nauseating. They are being wimpy in an attempt to look compassionate.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Well said, Marshall, well said.

Thanks for that article link also - that was another excellently-written piece pointing out the stupidity of liberal ideology.

WIth all the liberal teachings, it is no wonder this country is so screwed up.

Neil said...

These Leftists are the ones putting women in the position to be harmed, then they pretend to care about them. But they care about their popularity more than others. Real men protect the weak, but these males are pro-abortion.