Sunday, June 09, 2013

Cornucopia's Treasures of Irony

It was not my intention to do a post based on that treasure trove known as Geoffrey's blog, but I was wasting time on the computer and thought I'd take a look there, not having done so in a while. 

Now, it isn't really possible to visit his blog and not find something goofy.  It's almost like it's his purpose in life to provide fodder.  But this post has a special charm.  The great joy is in the title alone and the lone comment posted by one for whom the luster of Geoffrey's intellect is now diminished.

While we're at it, you'll also find the usual nonsensical understanding of right-wing sentiment regarding abortion.  First, that we have any confusion regarding what the laws say about it, and secondly, that it is our side that is confused about what abortion is and what a fetus is.  We have no problems understanding the moral bankruptcy of people like Geoffrey who try to pretend there is some line that separates the unborn from the rest of humanity.  The only real confusion on the right is whether positions like Geoffrey's should be cause for laughter or abject sorrow.


Neil said...

Wow, pro-abortion Geoffrey is really getting unhinged. It was funny reading him whine about the comment someone left that eviscerated his post.

And pro-abortion Geoffrey is extreme even for pro-abortionists. His "fetus huggers" is classic. I love when pro-aborts say things like that. It simultaneously exposes their anti-science foundations where they try to de-humanize the unborn (hey, it is a human fetus, pro-abortion Geoffrey). And the middle grounders are turned off by such ridiculous language. You can see moral freaks like Geoffrey cheering on the Gosnells of the world doing late term abortions. "Just a fetus . . . just a fetus . . . oh, that one -- well, hey, it was a fetus 30 seconds ago, so go ahead."

Neil said...

It is also interesting to see how pro-abortion / anti-science Geoffrey is so precise with his "just a fetus" reasoning (as if we didn't know what type of fetus it was) yet I've never seen him point out the deadly, anti-science "reproductive health/choice" misnomer. All abortions kill human beings who have already been reproduced.