Thursday, November 03, 2011

Had To Do It

I regret to inform all of you that I have activated comment moderation here at Marshall Art's. I fought the urge to do so for as long as I could, feeling that it was a bit of drag to post a comment and not see it published immediately. At least it is for me.

I'm sure you can all guess the reason, who it was that provoked this move. Yes. It was the sorry little troll-boy, Parklife, who has visited with the single purpose of exposing himself for the jackass he apparently is. His comments, for lack of a better word, have continued to be no more than a collection of baseless accusations, unsubstantiated opinions and horribly unfunny attempts at cleverness.

It was so sad to see and the worst part of it was his unjustified belief that he was somehow making any kind of point, together with how self-satisfied he seemed to be with making a fool of himself. This clinical idiot never gets the reality of his impotence, and his lame shots have all the impact of a bad smell, like a fading fart that lingers in a closed room. There's nothing really there, but that smell annoys.

His last published example of stupidity afforded me the opportunity to truly describe to him his vast shortcomings, which should give any person of average intelligence some guidance in what constitutes a comment of substance. I've no doubt my efforts were wasted, as I've offered this advice many times in the past. He is devoid of clues.

He submitted two attempts since I've activated comment moderation. Naturally, I've deleted them and he won't again have the satisfaction of having his drivel show up for even the brief time it has taken me to notice and then delete them. I have the feeling that he may never make another attempt as a result. Thus, moderation is unnecessary, but of course, deactivating it will likely draw him to comment again and back and forth I would go. Not going to happen.

What will happen however, though I'm certain he will not take full advantage of it, is that I will continue to welcome an actual serious, mature and thoughtful comment on whatever issue provokes one. I continue to be interested in what drives his nasty opinions if he would only have taken the risk we all do when expressing ourselves honestly and comprehensively. He was too cowardly for that.

Say a prayer for Parkie. He is among those who are truly in need of one. Or a hundred.


It's been over a week and there's been no sign of Parkie. This move to activate comment moderation has served to drive him off. It is now proven that he had no desire to engage in meaningful discussion, but to only mock. Too bad he sucked at it so badly. Can't imagine any legitimate comments would have been any better, but we'll never know. That is, unless he feels the urge, in which case his comment would be posted like any other. To hold one's breath is not advised.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world. I still submit that Job had the patience of Marshall. I'm amazed that you made it this long without moderating. You'll be glad you did it.

Feodor said...

Simp loves excluding people. Feeds his need to scold and judge.

FYEO, Marshall.

Marshall Art said...

Very much as you're doing now, feo? Don't be such a simpleton. We moderate when the moderated leave us no choice. We are not obliged to give a forum to those who abuse the invitation in order to leave low quality comments, such as those by Parkie.

Can't imagine why you'd relegate your comment.

Feodor said...

But he loves exclusion. You love a scrap. The difference between you and Simp always used to be that he is eternally afraid of losing control - thus revealing a basic emptiness of confidence and weakness of belief. That's never been your problem.

And pointing out scorn and judgment is far from hypocritical. It is the judging one who get the worst from God in scripture, not the sinner.

Mark said...

Feo, you're next.

Marshall Art said...

"But he loves exclusion."

Nonsense. But like most bloggers, he disdains rehashing the same ground over and over again as if the visitor doesn't remember ever having visited and being roundly rebuffed before. "Exclusion"? Pure, unadulterated nonsense. Neil is firmly convicted and his consistency evident in his posts is testament to that. If there's anyone who's guilty of "a basic emptiness of confidence and weakness of belief", it would be the lefties who run from this blog simply because they fail to win me over. Anyone confident and strong in their belief would hang around a bit longer. That's one thing that Danny T strives to show, regardless of how incredibly twisted his positions are.

Furthermore, you seem to fail in understanding Jesus' teachings about judgement, just as most lefties do.

As for me, I don't fear a scrap, but I don't scrap for the sake of scrapping.

Feodor said...

Be sure and tell Mark that he’s been stricken from the record more often than I have.