Saturday, February 26, 2011

Well, Call Me Pappy!!

Woke about fifteen minutes ago to the ringing phone, followed by giddy voices from down the hall. Turns out at 7:02AM, a six pound six ounce eighteen inch granddaughter arrived for the wife! She's still doing the granny dance as I type. The child's name is yet to be determined and remains a deep concern considering some that have been bandied about, but we have hopes that nothing Star Wars related will prevail.

So apparently the kid couldn't wait its appointed time, which was about two weeks hence. This only adds to Mom's joy. She was about ready to reach in and pull the child out herself. Only five hours of labor.

Happiness and joy abound as mother and child are healthy. God's blessings to them now and onward. Glorious day!


Mark said...

Congratulations! The first one is always special.

My youngest son is scheduled to have my 7th grandson in a couple of weeks. But for one grandson who died one day after birth, I'd have 8.

Marty said...

Wow! She's already here. Wonderful news for your family. Swing set in the back yard and toys filling the house once again. Congrats again Marshall.

Jim said...


I started a family later in life so although I look forward to grandchildren, I don't have any yet.

Marshall Art said...

Thanks all!


This is my wife's daughter, actually. My step-daughter. I also started late, my daughter with my wife being only 15. But as I was on the scene since this oldest step-daughter was three, and married her mother seven years later, it is very much like the real thing, if you know what I mean.

Jim said...

Of course it's the real thing. Congrats, Pappy!