Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Official!!!!

I got word today that all hurdles have been, uh, hurdled, and the full time gig of which I spoke has been officially offered and subsequently accepted by yours truly. I then walked into the office of my lovely boss (she really is lovely) and tendered my resignation from the woefully poor paying part-time position that only slowed the rate of retirement fund raiding that took place before I got the gig. My new job, which will begin on the 3rd of February, will provide an income beyond that of any previous job of my past.

Debt elimination (reduction isn't good enough) and savings replenishment is the order of the day. The car will last for now, especially since I can afford repairs that may arise. Will resist unnecessary projects of great expense and focus only on hole-in-the-roof type necessities. The one extravagance that will have any priority is a sparkler for the fetching Mrs. Marshall Art. At such time as I have confidence that I'm in like Flynn with the gig, hopefully within the first month, we shall retire to the nearest "Jewelries Are Us" store and pick out something suitable.

Once the fiduciary ship has been righted, I will be pleased to again contribute to causes near and dear on a more regular basis. This pleases to no end.

So, happy days are here again it seems and I can't wait to get started. It is my hope that this will be the last job I ever have before I retire.

God is good.

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Mark said...

Good for you, Art! Good luck!