Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Devil's in the Details

Randall Hoven once again dives into and explains just what hell is being foisted upon us with the Senate's passing of the BS Health Reform Bill. If anyone thought that there would be any problem getting holdouts like Nelson to get on board, they'll believe anything. (Of course, this isn't news as they are likely the same people who believed Obama was the better choice for president.)

Well, Nelson got a chunk o' change, like Landrieu did, as well as some concession or other on abortion funding, as if that's written in stone. I'm bettin' he voted for Obama, too.

What's worse is how the Constitution is totally ignored in all this. If these liars, frauds and posers can back this 2000 page abomination and pretend they have any right or mandate to do so, there's really nothing they won't try to do in the future. And, as if that isn't enough, they don't really care if this monstrous pile of waste will even do any of the things they say it will do as far as cost cutting, providing quality care or any of it. They are only concerned with being able to say that they "reformed" health care. The question is into what will it be formed? 2000 pages? Geez. I'll let people like Hoven figure it out.

Something else is being ignored. That would be the will of, as Dan likes to say, WE THE PEOPLE!!! I'm not one for polls, but when every poll imaginable (aside from those only polling Democrats in Congress) show the American people in stark opposition to this type of "reform", it's absolutely unconscionable that any politician would insist on supporting this travesty. All I can figure is that with all the bribery that is going on (it's easy to offer bribes when it's the people's money being offered), spurts of stimulus may result enough for the corrupt Dems to point to and claim success. Doubtless they'll ignore the downsides and/or cast blame elsewhere.

But there's some slim hope I suppose. If everyone keeps calling their reps and senators, perhaps enough of them will listen to reason or be too scared to be voted out next November. Chances are that when they resolve this crap with the crap the House excreted that some watered down form will be signed by the Butthead in Chief that will satisfy the aforementioned desire to say they've accomplished something. But the further it's pushed down the line, the more likely it will fail, and now is not the time to throw in the towel. Our future depends on it.

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Edwin Drood said...

If this bill passes I predict the insurance companies will start selling a special government type insurance plan. It won't pay out as much and doctors will stop accepting it. Then all the people bought these junk plans will be forced to go to getto med clinics and will get worse care then they do now, only this time they actually have to pay something for it.

I reserve the right to laugh at the poor people who thought they were going to get something for nothing under Obama.

I also reserve the to the right to laugh at the poor people who see their medicare tax go through the roof. Remember it's not an income tax, it's "reform"

I know laughing at poor people sounds cruel but they were exploited fair and square.