Friday, October 16, 2009

Now, About Rush...

This nonsense regarding Rush Limbaugh's inability to take part in NFL ownership is just about the lamest crap I've heard in awhile. The crap this guy takes is just incredible, and mostly from those who don't listen to the guy with any meaningful regularity. All his opponents think they know him and what he's all about and what he really thinks. Yet, when you hear their complaints, they're based on this liberal charicature rather than on reality.

Rush is often accused of being a racist, or making racially sensitive remarks. (About par for the course for most conservatives.) Funny that no one is able to come up with a decent example of such. Sure, they like to point to the Donovan McNab incident during Rush's short-lived term on Monday Night Football. As you may recall, Rush felt that McNab was over-rated as a quarterback, that the League and network wanted to see a black quarterback as a star out or their own PC sensibilities. Some might consider this opinion racially sensitive. That might be true if it was a shot at McNab.

But it wasn't, it was a shot at the league and the networks. You'll notice that Rush said the guy was over-rated. He didn't say he sucked. He didn't say he wasn't an above average quarterback. Truly, the same could be said of any quarterback or athlete. Many think Peyton Manning is the greatest, or Tom Brady. As great as they are, does the hype match the reality? Rather subjective I think.

But Rush's statement was merely an observation on the state of race relations within the NFL and networks. Not a shot at McNab. The fact is that in all the years in which I've listened to Rush, I've never heard ANYTHING a reasonable person would call racist or racially insensitive.

I know I might get some argument on this. But bring evidence or don't waste my time. Feodor will likely drool on about what we don't understand from the black point of view. Maybe even DJ Black Adam will finally jump on board with some insight. But I find all these arguments to be weak. I don't need to be black to understand being left out, being given no respect, being abused and oppressed. I just don't understand street slang.

Rush is not a racist. Rush is a conservative. Those who accuse him don't listen to him. Those who accuse him don't have a clue and couldn't defend their accusations if a gun was put to their heads. Rush is looking into legal action. I hope he goes for it and forces his accusers to prove their allegations. What happens then will be interesting. Mainly, once they've been exposed as rhetorical bullies and the liars they are, how will that affect political correctness and the unsupportable perception of conservatives held by liberals. I'm guessing not one iota.

UPDATE: I just heard on Special Report with Bret Baier that some dude from CNN who attached racist quotes to Rush has recanted saying words to the effect that he knows Rush, likes Rush but Rush's rhetoric is extremely divisive, but that he didn't do his due diligence and apologized. Rick Sanchez is the guy's name (the show's still on and they just spoke of him again). Speaking the truth, or even what is perceived to be the truth, isn't divisive. What's divisive is liberal reaction to comments by conservatives like Rush.


Feodor said...

Do you read yourself? In some half-considered defense of Rush, you have to go paragraphs long to ward off the existing charge of racism.

I think you've made it worse. Where there's smoke... and you are blowing a lot of it.

Feodor said...

Methinks thou doth protest too much.

(Shakespeare, Marshall.)

Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews of MSNBC fantasized about Rush Limbaugh being murdered. But Rush is the mean racist, of course.

Other media outlets smeared Rush with lies from Wikiquote and elsewhere. Great fact-checking, guys. But they are the real journalists, eh?

A good quote by Red State: "You know, it says something pathetic about the left that Rush Limbaugh has been on the air 3 hours a day, 49 weeks a year, for over 20 years and they have to resort to made up quotes to hurt him and his business endeavors."

We’ve got CNN fact-checking Saturday Night Live skits but not transparently false quotes attributed to Rush Limbaugh. It is a self-parody.

P.S. No, I don’t listen to Rush’s show. Never have, despite the assumptions of most Liberals I come across. But I know media bias when I see it. Rush is obviously part entertainer, but from everything I’ve read he is more of a journalist than anyone in the CNN / MSNBC / etc. crowd. For example, Rush knew about the ACORN scandal and publicized it before Charles Gibson and the rest of the MSM.

Feodor said...


Feodor said...

Wow, speaking of Hamlet, Claudius makes his appearance here in the form of Neil.

Marshall Art said...

Apparently I must have to go blogs long, as opposed to mere paragraphs, in order for Feodor to understand something so simple.

If you think you can identify the smoke, perhaps you can then show where there is any racism. I'll protest as long as idiots like yourself continue to spew lies and untruths. You speak of Shakespeare, but you have SpongeBob mentality.

Feodor said...

Hey, don't knock SpongeBob; always choosing self-sacrificial love, he always comes out on top. Every read Dostoevski's The Idiot? KosiƄski's Being There?

All about being Christlike.

So, thanks, Marshall.

Edwin Drood said...
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