Tuesday, September 08, 2009

For DJ Only

This is another dedicated thread for the benefit of one DJ Black Adam who is frequent visitor at Neil's blog. Just as with the thread for Dan only, which he seems to have abandoned, I would ask that no one comment here except for DJ and myself. At this writing, I don't know if he'll take me up on my invitation, and if he doesn't I would find that regrettable.

The point of this venture is a bit different in that we don't disagree on a basic point, which is, that racism is deplorable and we'd all be far better off if it didn't exist. But in this case, it seems that somehow I am lacking in my opposition or understanding of the nature, depth or total degree of it's existence. Naturally, I disagree and partly do because I don't see that it has permeated our modern era (in the USA)quite the way DJ believes it has and still does. Hopefully he will explain this thoroughly so that one of us, if not both of us, winds up more enlightened, at least to each other's POV.

I want to say lastly that I do not dislike DJ. While at first I thought he might be another looney-tune lefty, I've found he is more than that and generally expresses himself quite well. Unfortunately, we've neither of us explained ourselves to the other very well on this point and I truly hope he avails himself of this opportunity. We'll see.


DJ Black Adam said...

Hey Marshall. I will get to this later this morning, I look forward to this exchange.

DJ Black Adam said...

Hey Marshall, I apologize about not having this dialogue, a whole lotta things started changing in my life and I have had a lot going on over the last few weeks. I'd still like to have a root beer with you and talk about things one day soon, maybe we could meet downtown for coffee?