Saturday, December 13, 2008

What War?

I stumbled upon this today. Tell me there's no war on Christianity or religion. Of course it's not just Christian or religious words that have been removed from the Children's dictionary. A variety of fruits and veggies, common names of plants and words related to English history and culture have also been removed. Many of the words still have value and are descriptive, having a place in the common lexicon. Some of the words that have been put in their place are, first of all, not words but are phrases, but also not likely to need a dictionary for modern kids to know. They're computer related and most kids with a modest introduction to the technology has at least heard the words, if not used them themselves.

But to remove all those religious terms is really appalling, since there's little left around from which kids can get a sense of the all-permeating aspect of God. Nonsensical "scholars", who have yet to find anything that has adequately replaced the lack of Christianity in the schools and public square, have taken another step toward the descent of Western Culture by banishing these words from the lives of the next generation.


Vinny said...

OH MY GOD! They took out parsnip, gorse, and conker! How will our children survive!

Marshall Art said...

I was upset about "gorse" as well. The right bastards.

Jim said...

There is no indication in this article that the words God, lord, savior, redemption, forgive, sin, trinity, or holy have been removed.

I think your post is a bit of over reaction.

hashfanatic said...

the issue is somewhat aggravated by the recent, heightened, direct attacks against americans'constitutionally guaranteed right to religious freedom and organized religion itself, specifically by evangelical atheism and marriage equality radicals

the current threat emanates chiefly from the so-called "freedom from religion foundation", a cursory review of their fundraising literature and supporting documents indicate their latest offensive has been in the works since early spring

californians voted in prop eight, and the ffrf lunatics exploited the disappointment amongst gays, coupled with their traditional sense of disenfranchisement by mainstream western christianity

your garden-variety atheist with sanity will simply accept the rights of americans to be observant, whereas the evangelical atheist, seeks to eradicate christianity entirely, and eventually exterminate all christians in the name of "reason", much the way hitler went about exterminating Judaism, and Jews, in Europe

this is the final, demented horror that evangelical atheism and their accomplices have in store for christians worldwide

for that reason, the time has come for all admitted atheists, not just the evangelical variety, to be identified and ostracized in society, on the grounds of religious intolerance and national subversion, imho

it is not "hateful", to separate oneself from the one who hates you enough to destroy you

hashfanatic said...

i am utterly unsurprised to learn that sarah palin's church was torched last night

wake up from your slumber, before it is too late

Teresa said...

they took out "gorse"?!? It's a war on Winnie-the-Pooh!

Don't worry, I met a couple of your holy warriors in the lobby of our local grocery store the other day.

They tried to intimidate me into saying "Merry Christmas" to them.

I'd ust said it to the "Salvation Army bell ringer, but I'll be darned if I'm going to let a couple of para-millitary-garbed punks with a banner that says "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide" bully me into saying it.

But I'm sure that they have more success at the mandatory school assemblies that they run preaching Christ funded with my tax dollers.

If there's a war on religion, the secularists around here are AWOL.

Teresa said...


I have a hard time keeping them straight. Is that the one where she was prayed over by a witchunter famous for inciting mob violence against a woman in Kenya, or the other one?

Dan Trabue said...

this is the final, demented horror that evangelical atheism and their accomplices have in store for christians worldwide

Really? There's a secret sect of militant atheists that amount to something more than a handful? And they're out to put Christians in re-education camps and throw them in gas chambers?

While I believe that it is entirely possible there may be a handful of nuts out there that extreme - just as there are some extreme nuts calling themselves "Christians" (see Teresa's post) - but I'd suggest you put your mind at ease. No one is out to get you.

I'd suggest you probably statistically have more to fear from some militants calling themselves "Christian" who will take exception to your Christianity for whatever reason, than you do of militant atheists.

hashfanatic said...

it would have been interesting to note your responses, had trinity met the same fate, God Forbid

Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

Oh, the humanity . . .

Is it any wonder I find it difficult to take you seriously? As for hashfanatic, all I can say is the new prescription has been phoned in and is ready for pick-up.

Marty said...

I had to chuckle when I saw that "ass" was removed and "creep" added. Too funny.

Marshall Art said...

Yes, it's quite a stitch. And it's helpful to remember that it is a children's edition of a dictionary and as such is limited in scope. But the removal of the religious terms, as well as those related to English history and culture are a concern, and the laughable notion that it is in any way a negative to retain these particular words is telling.

Dan chides over the relative small numbers of atheists. This is pretty stupid considering both the small number of homsexuals and their nefarious impact on the culture, as well as atheists and separationists themselves and the impact they've already had. I refer once again to David Limbaugh's book Persecution which is chock full of case studies and examples of anti-Christian bias.

Teresa seems to run into all the extremists. Perhaps she lives in the wrong area. I've never seen anyone act in the manner she describes. People who try to intimidate a "Merry Christmas" out of anyone is just as much a jackass as those who try to eliminate the Christian references to this Christian holy day.

Teresa said...


They aren't hiding, they are being paid with public funds to do school assemblies in several states...
...and they are a favorite "cause' for our local nut, Michele Bachmann.

I've seen them on the news at least a couple of times, and I don't even watch the local news casts very often. (I read the papers online)

Maybe you aren't paying attention. :-)

Although, you DO have a point about the wrong area. We DO have the biggest publisher of Christian Identity literature just about fifteen miles down the road from us in Savage, Minnesota. (Weisman publications)