Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Like I Said, There's Football.

What's with this Desean Jackson idiot? If I were coaching the Eagles, I'd fine that jerk 10K for such a stupid, pathetic, self-promoting and egotistical jackass move. It's bad enough they feel the need to perform stupid end-zone celebrations, but shouldn't the children get into the end zone first? He cost the team 6. And no, it doesn't matter that Westbrook punched it in on the next play. The kid's still a jackass and he still deserves a fine.

So Blamin' gets braggin rights and I gets gaggin rights. Damn Bears. I gotta little advice for Lovie: how 'bout adjusting at half time? How about trying to figure how the opponent will adjust to you?! Damn Bears. I hope they don't waste that Matt Forte kid. He don't run like no rookie.

So who's this Brett guy they used to have in Green Bay? I think these guys are the youngest team in the NFL. A good nucleus of dudes up dare, ya hey.

Minnesota and Detroit. BWa ha ha ha ha. Same ole' same ole'. Damn Bears.

That's it for my division. How bout yours? Oh yeah. Cowboys suck!


Marshall Art said...


blamin said...

Go Panthers!

NCAA, Div1, has me a little perturbed. Georgia starts out ranked number 1, and finds themselves ranked three after winning there first 3 games?

I recall when the hated Trojans started out as #1, and remained there throughout their weak-ass schedule.

Georgia’s Coach Richt doesn’t believe in running up a blow-out score, he tends to put in 2nd and 3rd stringers much earlier than other coaches. For his philosophy his team drops to #2.

Then last week Georgia play’s a “rivalry” team, (S. Carolina, who most always plays Georgia close, even when SC has a “crappy” team) and wins by 7 points (spot on per Vegas), and drops again to 3rd.

Nothing against Oklahoma which has an excellent team.

The Trojans could never survive the schedule that Georgia faces, and has no business being ranked number !.

Mark said...

I missed it. What happened?

Marshall Art said...


If your question refers to the jackass I hightlighted, the incident in question featured the punk running a great pass into the end zone, but, before crossing the line, he releases the ball in a showboating display of total stupidity, perhaps as if to say that it's such a done deal, who cares about details, I smoked the guy. So I'm sure that if you had witnessed it, you would have been equally astounded, just for the sake of how the game should be played.

Mark said...

Yeah, since I asked I saw a clip on TV. What a moron! I bet he's going to vote for Obama. LOL!

Cameron said...

Uh, what was that about Georgia?

Two words: BYU Cougars