Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Additions

I've added two new additions to the blog rolls.

Under Right Ones is Perri Nelson's Website. I've only recently started reading his stuff, but his comments at other blogs I found well reasoned. Right now he has a good post regarding Garfield's take on the oil crisis.

Under Left Ones is Democracy Lover. I've never read his blog, but we've been nasty to each other at other places. Lately, for no apparent reason, we've been rather civil with each other and he's invited me to look over a post of his, on which I've yet to comment.

With both of the above, I've placed them under the heading I thought was most appropriate for each regardless of how they might in fact label themselves. I think I've put them each in the proper place. Please give them a look.

For all those who have not had a formal introduction to my readers (such as they may be), "Sorry!". I've only just taken to doing this recently.


Andrew Clarke said...

Thanks for another interesting comment, Marshall. I understand what you're saying. With maturing age it is easier to say things without self-consciousness. That could be because if one's peer group is also of older people they are less likely to make an erratic misinterpretation of what you say. There is definitely an UP side to being over 35. Best wishes.

John said...

Thanks for the hat tip on the blogs. I'll check them out.