Friday, May 23, 2008

From McCain's Own State

Geoffrey took up my challenge, but posted it at his own blog "What's Left in the Church". I've been working on my response, which I will post here. There's so much to mock, I mean, to refute, so it's taking some time to compose it without being incredibly long. I tend to glaze over when new threads are too long. I spend too much time visiting blogs as it is without reading book-length posts. (Sorry to all who write them---feel free to carry on as you see fit.)

In the meantime, with a stomach full of Japanese food and saki, I chose to simply relax, do a little light reading and came across this. I had heard of this before and it suggests that the cries that we can't deport all 12-20 million illegals are simply shrill whines. And, surprise, surprise, it's a matter of enforcing laws, as well as passing a few initiatives. Get on the horn with your reps and turn up the heat. If Arizona can have success with this, why not everyone else?


blamin said...

Good piece Marshall.

An excellent foray into history, accurate history.

Now prepare yourself for countless arguments as to weather Hamilton was correct in his beliefs. OK, that’s a fair debate, but his intent was clear, therefor not evil, as many would like us to believe. IMO evil requires intent.

What’s amazing/interesting is the fact that such barbaric practices continue to this day.

We grapple with the “sins of our ancestors” every day. At least we try to admit our wrongs and do better. On the other hand, countries run by the very same race as minorities wronged in our country perpetuate this age-old practice with seeming impunity.

This country is amazing. I don’t think there’s ever been an empire that’s grappled so with it’s own mistakes. Some will use every mistake to trash this country. Myself, I’ll use every mistake to point out our greatness.

Marshall Art said...

Well said, Blamin.