Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Blog To Peruse

I've added another blog to the list under "Right Ones" from a gent named Bob Weir. I first noticed Mr. Weir through essays he's written that appear in I've emailed him regarding some of his pieces I found particularly interesting to me, and he has now emailed me with the heads up regarding his blog. I like his insights and he writes well. I'll have to check out one of his novels one day soon. Give him a read.


Mark said...

Isn't Bob Weir the lead singer of The Grateful Dead? Just kidding. I read an entry on his blog. It looks very interesting. Only now, since I married, I find I have less time than before to blog. I certainly hope the load lightens a little. I am losing readers!

Marshall Art said...

I just noticed the notice of your nuptuals. Congrats once again!