Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lest We Forget...

Today will bring memorials and remembrances, recollections and retellings, of that day that will live in infamy, the day when horror and evil struck our nation and felled 3000 of our people. May they rest in peace.

And may their deaths not be forgotten, nor the threat of the enemy we face not be ignored. My sense is that the crafters of the Project for a New American Century were wrong and that even an episode more dastardly than the attack on Pearl Harbor has not been enough to truly wake many in this country, say nothing of the world, to the dangers that loom for all in the form of Islamic radicalism.

September 11, 2001 united this country and it with the world. Twenty minutes later, it was business as usual. Partisan politics, philosophical divisions, and the usual irrational fear and loathing of the United States of America by too many of it's foreign neighbors went into overdrive as President George W. Bush put the stopping of terrorism into it's proper placment on the national priority list. He boldly took steps to quash this evil that has elements worldwide and was and continues to be met with self-serving opposition and timidity. Like a true leader, he procedes despite the obstructive rhetoric of his political opponents within and outside his party.

Now, six years later, and with the current report by Gen. David Patraeus informing us of the reality in Iraq and the progress and prognosis there, we have yet to see half the nation on board with the fact that there is indeed a true threat to us and the world, nor any signs that they have clue one on what to do about it. Instead, it's the same old story of contradicting and obstructing of the administration, as if Bush is the cause of the evil and madness that resulted in the attacks on our nation, and the sole motivation for the anger against the West by religious luntics from the Middle East.

Perhaps it's not a matter of anyone forgetting 9/11. Perhaps it's simply that too many refuse to see it for what it was, is and will continue to be even after they will no longer have George W. Bush to kick around anymore.


Mark said...

There are many whose hatred for George W Bush is so profound, it supercedes even patriotism, and mutates into an unreasonable hatred for their own country, and what is the source of this hatred?

Nothing more than the fact that he won a close election in 2000, and they are simply sore losers. Nothing more. Pathetic.

Marshall Art said...

That's pretty much the way I see it as well. This guy had the great misfortune to be born of wealth in the family of a US president. He seemed to have lived his previous life as a regular guy, which, in many ways, was just the type of guy the founders had in mind to run for public office. Despite his origins, fairly much "of the people". But Gore was the vice-prez of the savior of all mankind, so for him to lose was certainly the work of villainy rather than the choice of a people no longer enthralled with the Clintonian mystique. The left couldn't get over it anymore than could Gore so even with an attack on our populace, they can't put that aside and throw in with those who are working to protect the nation. Sad. Pathetic. UnAmerican. Insulting to the memory of those lost on 9/11.

Mark said...

On a lighter note, Through painstaking research, I believe I've discovered what the heck Schmuckie Schumer was talking about when he said the violence in Iraq is lessening in spite of the surge. check it out at my place.

Am I the only one that thinks his statement makes no sense at all?

ELAshley said...

Try getting Democrats to accept 'a close 2000 election' as a reason, let alone that they suffer from a severe case of Blind Irrational Hatred! Or as someone else more aptly labeled it: Bush Derangement Syndrome!

But as to the 2000 election, it's not so much that he won the election as it is, in reality, he WAS "selected, not elected" in that the United States Supreme Court did put an end to the Florida re-Count Folderol. There were any number of problems on both sides during that election, not the least of which is the Democratic Party's penchant for election fraud, and their disdain for the Military vote. But their blind irrational hatred of George W. Bush may very well cost them the Election next year... that and their inability to do anything but whine about their inability to get anything done since LAST election. America suffers whiners even less than fools.

Personally, I believe Gore lost in 2000 the moment he requested recounts of only heavily democrat counties-- and those counties trying to discern the 'intent of the voter' based on pregnant and/or hanging chads; changing the standard when the desired result (a victory for Gore) wasn't achieved. There was reason enough to recount the whole state, but they didn't want MORE votes found for Bush, which is why they had the Military absentee ballots thrown out in the Panhandle (which largely votes Republican). On top of all this, the Media completely bungled it for Gore by calling a two-time zone state far too early.

And therein lies another big glaring problem in America. Far too many people believe it is the Media's job to call elections... but nothing could be further from the truth. Ms. Harris is vilified, but Media is held up as a paragon of virtue. And 'up' is down, and 'yes' means no!

The Democratic template since 2000 has been to destroy Bush's presidency, and brand him seven kinds of idiot. Call it, "Bush Derangement Syndrome" in action.

Let's all be thankful that without even trying Hillary continues to show the nation just WHY the Clinton years were so scandalous-filled AND criminally corrupt. Add to that the fact that Democrats are so eager to get back in the White House they started campaigning almost a year early, giving the entire nation a good and very long look under their chintz skirts. That alone makes their chances slimmer and slimmer and each week rolls by...... that and their complete and insane fear of FOX News sponsored debates. ESPECIALLY in light of the debates sponsored by CNN and MSNBC and others, which were complete jokes.

A Democratic President, ESPECIALLY Hillary or Obama would be a complete and utter disaster for this Nation. ESPECIALLY after eight years of suffering, and in utter denial of, Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Seriously! What piece of 'substantial' legislation have either house passed since Dems took over? What have they done, that they promised to do? There's not enough track record there to justify giving them the White House, ESPECIALLY when one considers what they PROMISED to do.

Can this nation survive another Clinton presidency? Think about it... 32 years of office held by only TWO families?

Personally, the more I hear from Ron Paul, the more I like him. I like Huckabee as well. Fred, in my book, is still an unknown quantity. But if I HAD to choose a democratic candidate... top-tier candidate it'd be Edwards-- better a sissy-sounding ambulance chaser, than jello-brained Hillary and that guy whose middle name is Hussein who, I might add, is one year YOUNGER than I am!!! Good Lord! I'm not even FIFTY!